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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2073028
Justin and Blake make the decision to move in together, but it's not without some bumps.
"Are you sure about this?" Laura asked as she handed Blake the sweater she'd been strangling.

“Am I sure I want to move in with my boyfriend?” Blake questioned. He smoothed the wrinkles out of the sweater. "This is cashmere. Could you try not to ruin it?"

Laura rolled her eyes. "Because the sweater is the important part of this conversation. You and your clothes. Everything has to be perfect." She tossed a rolled up pair of socks at him. "I just cannot believe you're moving in with Justin."

"I don't see why not," Blake replied. "We've been together almost four years. Both sets of parents know. I spend more time at his place than I do at my own. We might as well move in together."

“It’s just a big step.” Laura flopped down onto the bed, disturbing the piles of clothes that Blake had carefully laid out and causing him to huff in annoyance.

“I know it’s a big step, but I think we’re ready. We’ve been discussing it the last few months. And…” Blake sat more carefully on the bed, after moving the clothes to the side. “You can’t tell me that you don’t want more space to yourself.”

Laura tilted her head, her short brown hair falling artfully to the side as she considered his comment. “No. I can’t. But it also means I doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned about you.”

“I never said you couldn’t be concerned. Just that I wasn’t taking this lightly.”

Laura threw her hands into the air. "Hallelujah!"

Blake rolled his eyes. "So are you going to help me finish packing or are you going to malign my choices?"

"I can't do both?"

Justin opened the door with a smile, peering around the box to see his boyfriend. "Hey. I was beginning to think that Laura was going to keep you hostage after you told her.”

“I can’t say she didn’t think about it.” Blake hefted the box he held. “She only allowed me to take this one box today. Although I think we got almost everything packed up. I figured she could keep the furniture and all since you and I talked about you having all that stuff. There were a couple of things I wanted. And my shelves for the books I have.”

Taking the box from Blake, Justin grunted under the weight of the box. “What did you two pack in here? Rocks?” he questioned, accepting the kiss Blake pressed to his lips as the other man entered the house.

“It’s just some clothes. The things I absolutely had to have tonight.”

“You and your clothes.” Justin became to carry the box towards the bedroom. “Are you sure you don’t have your entire closet in here?”

Blake looked offended. “Of course not. That would wrinkle them beyond recovery.”

It took a few days for Blake to move everything he wanted into Justin’s apartment. Finally though everything was arranged to Blake’s satisfaction. Justin just went ahead with all of Blake’s plans, knowing that his boyfriend was happier with making the arrangements and not really caring about that. He would wait and make the arguments about things that were more important.

Like the fact that even though Blake cooked dinner every night, he left the kitchen a mess; using almost every pot and pan they owned (at least that was how it seemed). Justin didn’t exactly mind cleaning up; Blake was a better cook than him, but he’d like it if Blake didn’t just assume that he would clean up. Or Blake’s habit of going grocery shopping every. Single. Day. Justin had always shopped once or twice a month, watching the sales and getting the bargains. Since Blake worked from home, it was no big deal for him to run out and buy what they needed for dinner every day. That didn’t mean it didn’t drive Justin nuts.

Still Justin tried. He told Blake how much he appreciated the other man cooking and tried to make a list, asking him about planning out meals ahead of time. Blake agreed, but then would often change the meals that day and go shopping again.

It wasn’t that bad though. Or at least Justin tried to tell himself it wasn’t. He enjoyed having Blake in the house, coming home to
him and having the cheeriness of another person in the house. So he tried to ignore the annoyance.

Shutting the door, Justin called out, “Blake? Where are you?”

“Kitchen!” the other man called back.

Sighing as he entered the room, Justin looked around at the disaster that was the normally pristine room. Blake turned from the stove, smiling over his shoulder as he continued to stir whatever was in the pot.

“How was work?” Blake asked.

“Work was fine.” Justin winced as Blake dropped the spoon on the counter. “We…” He ran a hand through his dark hair. “I’m going to go change. How long until dinner?”

Blake considered the pot, staring at the bubbling… something…, then glanced at the clock. “Maybe ten minutes?”

“Okay.” Justin leaned in, pressing a kiss to Blake’s lips, before making a face at the mess.

“What?” Blake asked.


Blake crossed his arms. “No. Something is obviously bothering you.”

“How about we eat your dinner and then discuss it?” Justin asked.

“I don’t think I can eat knowing you’re mad at me,” Blake told him.

“I’m not mad at you,” Justin said. “I’m… annoyed. Aggravated. Frustrated. But not mad.”

“Nice thesaurus.”



Justin rolled his eyes. “All right. You want to know why I’m annoyed?”

“That would be appreciated,” Blake said.

Justin crossed his arms. “Fine. Your cooking is great. I love that you cook, but you make a fucking mess every time. And then you leave it. I end up cleaning it up every time. Then you have to go shopping every day. I just. There’s no reason we can’t shop once or twice a month. I’m not asking you to completely change, Blake, just think or ask. The shopping at least. The cleaning. I can deal with the cleaning, but geez the shopping.”

Blake stared at him for a minute, before a hissing from the stove startled them both. Turning, he flipped it off before facing Justin again. “Why didn’t you tell me this? Why… Justin. This. I thought… I was under the impression...” He pulled on his hair. “Okay. I can. There’s no way I can not make a mess when I’m cooking, that’s just… but the shopping.”

“I’m not asking you to change completely, Blake. Just. Think. Okay?”

Blake sighed. “Yeah. Okay. I can do that.”

Stepping forward, Justin wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “Hey. I’m sorry, okay? I do appreciate you cooking. I just…”

“I got it.” Blake pressed a kiss to Justin’s lips. “Why don’t you go change? We can discuss it more over dinner.”

Justin breathed a sigh of relief as he finished the last of the dishes. The last few weeks since his small blowup at Blake had been better. Blake had made lists and they’d shopped together every couple of weeks instead of daily. He’d even made an effort to use less pans when he’d cooked. Justin had asked over dinner what the other man had found annoying that he did and Blake had admitted that he really hated that Justin didn’t treat his clothes the right way. They were each washing their own clothes now.

Entering the living room, he found Blake reading a book as he waited for Justin to start the movie they’d planned on watching. Justin scooped up the remote and dropped onto the couch next to his boyfriend, lifting his arm as Blake shifted to lean against him. “Are you going to keep reading?” Justin asked as he flipped the movie on.

“Nope.” Blake shut the book, tossing it onto the coffee table. “Thanks for cleaning up.”

“Welcome.” Justin kissed the top of his head, settling in to watch the movie. It was good to have a quiet night in; one of the perks of living together. It had been a good decision to move in together, even with the bumps they’d had.

Word Count: 1429
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