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This was written in response to a friends posting...
Don't take this personally it was written as a warning to a friend who had asked the question "Where did he get that book anyway,you know, "What to say to get laid"? Now that you've read an exerpt...DON'T FALL FOR IT ANYMORE.

What to say to get laid:

Immediately tell her how pretty she is. Try not to make it sound too phony by personalizing it a little bit EXAMPLE: You look great I love that outfit your wearing". Or compliment her on her shoes...women like that...NEVER make any statements about weight loss unless it's a dramatic loss, it's risky and you don't want to imply that you thought she was fat to begin with. If she looks a little down ask her "what's wrong" and look deeply into her eyes as she let's it all out...it's important to look concerned so try thinking about how to beat a 3-2 zone while she is blabbering away about how so and so did this or that...remember STAY FOCUSED she WILL occasionally stop for input to make sure that you are paying attention. If you get busted thinking too much about last nights game and not enough about how you're going to bag this chick remember...DON'T PANIC women sense fear like dog's and bee's they can smell it on you...just pause take a breath and give her your best "I'm so sorry" smile and say something to the affect of "It sounds like this is bringing you down...let's order a drink and talk about something else...whose your favorite Muppet?" It’s important to smile a lot and not make any big moves too soon…touch her arm occasionally, this allows her to become more comfortable around you. After a few drinks conversation will flow a lot easier…let her talk. She probably has had a lot of boyfriends that she couldn’t ‘relate to’ let her think that she can tell you anything and she will tell you everything…it’s important to bring up sex at some point (she has to be thinking about it to want to have it). Now bringing it up is a trickier point…you don’t want to just start laying “what’s your favorite sexual position?” questions on her…that’s tacky and all bets are probably off at that point…A good way to ease into the subject is bringing up a silly story about a high school dance that you were at, maybe throw in a bit about that girl you had a crush on dancing with someone else. This will draw some sympathy but remember to play it off as nothing; you don’t want to look like that silly self-conscious high school dweeb right now. You should slip in a question like “What’s the name of the first boy you ever kissed?” From there you can easily segue into the ‘sexy talk’. It’ll be smooth sailing from now on. Remember these last two lessons: Always let them think that sex was there idea…it’ll get you out of trouble later and seem a little bit surprised when they bring it up…you don’t want them to think that you were expecting it all along. Now go get ‘em tiger.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/294336