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by Ekka
Rated: XGC · Article · Adult · #336364
My first shrinking story. Let me know what you think
Shrunk by Ebony Call-Girls

“Hello, is the Tamika?”

“Mmm-Hmm, Whose this?”

“Hi, my name is Eric. I saw your ad in the LA-Date paper, and I was wondering if I could talk to you about meeting you?”

“Sure baby” she cooed, “Tell me a little a about yourself.”

“Well, I’m 28, I work full-time, I’m about 5’11’, 170lbs., Caucasian, and I have a trim average build.” I paused thinking. “...and I’ve never dated a black women before.” I stammered out, instantly wishing I hadn’t, knowing how stupid I must have sounded.

She chuckled, then said, “Well sugar you know what they say about goin’ black.” and chuckled again. “First of all, are a policeman or affiliated with the police or other branch
of law enforcement?”

“Er, no.” I replied

“Good. Now baby, what exactly would you be interested in on our date”

“Umm, I’ve never really called one of these numbers before, I know what the technical
terms n’ stuff, but I’m kind of afraid about saying them, because they’re a little kinky and
unusual.” I said. My heart was beating fast and I was glad we were talking on the phone because I could feel my face beginning to flush.

“Oooh, a freak eh?” she said, “I love to get freaky honey. Just relax and tell Tamika what
you want baby, I won’t laugh at you.”

I took a deep breath and decided to blurt it all out in one line of filthy shame. “Um, role-play, being tied up, face sitting, smothering, and uh toilet training.” I said it so fast that it must have sounded like one breathless word. “If it’s too disgusting I understand.” I added, feeling ashamed.

“Hmm, you really are freaky baby. I’m still here, so did you have anythin’ specific in mind? Like an exact fantasy or somethin’?” She had a deep, sexy, throaty kind of voice and I found myself growing hard just listening to her.

“Well, first of all there are three of you....I picked out two other ebony goddesses from the
L.A. Date paper/”

She laughed, “Never even dated one of us, an’ your goin’ for three first shot? I like your
style sugah’, keep goin’”

“Okay, it would start out with me knocking on your door. When you answered, I’d pretend to have a broken down car and ask if I could use your phone, explaining that I was late for a meeting with my boss. I would have a grocery bag full of snacks and wine, and an envelope with $1,800.00 in it. I tell you that I have these because my boss sent me out on an errand for his big meeting he was having later. Then I’d tell you that I really had to get ahold of him because noone knew where I was and it looks like I was going to be a little bit late. Then you would somehow get me to lay on the bed so the three of you could tie me up.” I paused here to see if there were any objections so far.

“OK, keep goin’” she said.

Not the least bit relieved I continued, “The three of you would be really nice to me until
you managed to trick me into being tied up, then you would get mean and take my envelope and help yourselves to the wine and snacks.”

I paused again, and when she said nothing I continued, “When I protest that those are for
the boss, you’ll then tell me that he will never be getting them because you were never going to let me go.” Gathering up my courage I finished with the humiliating part. “You’d tell me that you were only staying in the hotel because you were having a special sound-proof room installed in your house with a special chair in it. It’s a toilet chair that keeps a man trapped in it so that you could use him as your toilet.”


“You’d then tell me that the three of you were about to go out to lure some victim back here, have some face sitting fun with him, then smother him unconscious so that when he woke up he would already be locked up in the chair. Then you’d tell me that I saved them the effort of going out and that I was now going to be the three of ours’ toilet...forever.”

“Is that too weird for you?” I asked. “I know how disgusting I must sound to you.”

Then she moaned most sensuously and said, “Oh no sweety, That actually sounds kinda’ fun. What would you do if you wake up when we’re done an’ found yourself locked up in my basement?” she laughed. “Thinkin’ about havin’ you tied up an’ being my own personal lil’ toilet sounds fun. You best watch out that I don’t end up keepin’ you honey.” she giggled. “When do you wanna’ do this, an’ who are the two other girls?”

I was ecstatic! She was going to do it! “Umm, I’ve already booked the hotel room for tomorrow at a very high class place. I was hoping that I could give you the two other girls’ names and numbers and that you might call them for me. I’m really embarrassed about talking about it.”

“No problem sugar, go ahead.” she said.

I gave her their names and numbers, told her I had the room for all day tomorrow and told
her that I would knock at 10 p.m.

“All right my lil’ toilet man, I’ll call em’, and see you at 10. What if the other two can’t make it, or somethin’, what you want me to do?” She asked. I love the way that African American women talk, I was sorry the conversation was almost over.

“Well, if you know any other women, I’d appreciate it. But please make sure they’re
ebony beauties like yourself, with perky round butts like the one you have in your picture,
okay?” I asked.

“Sure thing my lil’ human toilet. I’ll take care of everything. Bye baby!” she said.

“Wait!” I quickly shouted.

“Yeah sugah?”

“Um, one more thing, and if you don’t want to do it you don’t have to.” I said.

“Mmm Hmm.” she said.

“Well, I found this story on the Internet...and well... it’s about shrinking.” I told her, “And
I was kind of wondering that...if you could...well...somehow work it in when I’m tied up
that the three of you would tell me what you would do to me if you could shrink me down
to 2” tall.”

“Come again honey? Did you say shrink you? Like all of you?”

“Umm, yeah, you know. There’s only three places you could put me, so each of you
would tell me what you would do, and tease me about what would happen.” I said.

“You mean one of us would stick you in our kootchie, the other one in her booty, and
what about the third one?” she asked

“She would swallow me whole” I added meekly.

There was a long pause and I wondered if I hadn’t gone too far. I was just about to tell
her to forget it when she spoke.

“Damn baby, that’s nasty! Up the booty?! In my kootchie?? Digested alive??? Well it’s
your fantasy, an’ I tell the other girls. Anything else?” She asked

“Umm no, are you sure that’s okay? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“No baby, it’s cool, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye little man.” she said.

I listened as she chuckled and hung up.

‘Wow!’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m finally going through with it! And what a beauty she is!
I can’t believe that I’m going to be the play toy of all three of those beautiful black
women.....and what a butt on all three of them! Black women were blessed with those
perky round big butts that stick out so sensuously...’

I ended up masturbating several times just thinking about the following night to come.
Exhausted, I drifted off into pleasant dreams and a good nights sleep.


‘This is it!’ I thought to myself, ‘Okay, equipment check. Grocery bag full of snacks,
check! Two bottles of white and two bottles of red wine, check! Envelope with money
tucked into breast pocket of my shirt, check! Good, let’s do it!’

I stood in front of the room 1500, the penthouse suite of a very nice hotel. The room had
cost me a bundle but I’d been saving up for this for quite awhile now. I was wearing
designer slacks, expensive loafers, and a crisp white cotton shirt smartly pressed, and fresh
from the dry cleaners. I also wore my favorite paisley tie to give me assistant executive
look. I heard music coming from the room so I knew they were already there. After a
few moments to gather up my courage I knocked.

A few seconds later the door opened, and a beautiful dark complexioned woman, with
long black hair stood in the door. She had large brown eyes, a soft broad nose, and full
voluptuous lips. She stood in open door with one hand high up on the door frame and the
other low holding onto the knob. She was wearing a red, full body, skin tight rubber suit
that fit like a glove. She crossed her legs and stood with her hips canted in seductive way.
To say she was voluptuous would not do her credit. She had large round breasts that
tapered down to a very narrow waist which flared out drastically into a large round
bottom. From there her body narrowed again to long nice legs and lovely small ankles.
Her feet were encased in red high heeled shoes to match her outfit. It was Tamika

“Ooooh!” she cooed, “Who are you cutie, and better yet, what can I do for you?” She
asked, canting her head to side and smiling, revealing a full set of perfectly white teeth.

‘She’s doing it!’ I thought to myself, ‘and damn is she beautiful!’ I felt my shoulders sink
a bit as I finally felt myself relax. All day long I had been worried that I would do
something stupid, or that they would not show up, or any of a million things that could
have gone wrong. But looking at her standing there, and seeing her play along with my
fantasy sent all of those horrible thoughts flying out of my head.

“Hi, my name is Eric, and my car broke down about a mile up the road. I’m supposed to
be bringing these supplies to an important meeting and I was wondering if I may use your
phone to tell them to send someone to pick me up.”

“You bet you can sugah! Come on in an’ my girlfriens” She said turning leaving the door
open for me to enter, and sauntering into the room.

I followed her into the room noticing how spacious and decadent the room was. I secretly
congratulated myself on choosing such lavish surroundings.

She walked through the front room and turned right through a pair of double doors that led
to the bedroom, passing the phone along the way. I tore my gaze away from her
hypnotizing hips and looked up to see two other bodacious ebony goddesses in the bed
room. One was sitting in a chair with her leg draped over the arm of the chair, and the
other was laying seductively on her side on the bed with an arm propped under her head.
Both smiled at me when I entered the room behind the lovely Tamika.

“Hey girlfriens, look here what I found” Tamika said, “Eric here had his car break down
on him, an’ noone knows where he is.” She told them with a pouty exaggerated
expression on her face, “He tol’ me he needed a massage and then to use our phone to call
for some help.” she said looking at me with a wry grin on her face.

“Uhh, actually, I just said that I only needed to use the pho..” I started.

Tamika interrupted me, pointing to the girl sitting in the chair and said, “Eric, meet Chanti.
Chanti meet Eric!” she announced, still smiling.

Chanti was beautiful. She had the same chocolate complexion as Tamica, and I
recognized her as one of the other girls I had chosen from the paper. She had short spiky
hair, wore blue eye shadow, had beautiful hazel eyes, and slightly puffier lips than
Tamika. She was wearing a sleeveless black leather top with shiny zippers and buttons
covering it. It did wonders to accentuate her round curvy breasts, which I could see the
beginnings of thanks to low position of the zipper. Her creamy chocolate cleavage
beckoned invitingly to all who saw it. Below that she wore a skin tight leather mini skirt
that shined and accentuated just like her top. From the way she was sitting, with one foot
on the floor and the other draped over the arm of the chair, I was free to follow her fishnet
stocking legs right up into the darkness of her crotch. I could make out that she was
wearing some kind of black thong but the rest was hidden in teasing darkness.

She dissappointingly removed her leg from the chair and stood up. “Hey Eric, you poor
baby, your car broke down an’ you need us to fix it do ya’?” She said grinning. “Well
you just come on over to the bed an’ let us make it all better for ya’” she said, sitting on
the edge of the bed and patting it temptingly.

Then Tamika spoke up again. “An’ Eric meet Lucinda, Lucinda meet Eric” she said
gesturing like a game show hostess to Lucinda.

Lucinda was darker than the other two. She had very long dreadlocks that draped all
around her. She was also slightly plumper than the other two but not fat by all means.
She was naked except for a white bra and white thong bikini panties. Her skin was very
dark and looked incredibly soft. I did not recognize her though. Tamika must of called
her when she couldn’t get ahold of my third choice. By the looks of her, I would
definately not be sorry though.

She sat up into a sitting position crossing her legs Indian style and said “Lo’ now pretty
mon. Be wantin’ a massage do ya’?” She said smiling to me.

‘Oh god,’ I thought to myself, ‘listen to that sexy deep voice! Oh, and that accent.
Jamaican maybe? I don’t know, but I love it!’

“Um no ma’am, I’m late for a meeting and I just need to use the phone. Thank you for the
pleasant offer, but I really must be going.” I said, playing along. It’s funny but I didn’t
feel the least bit foolish as I thought I might. These ladies were playing along
marvelously! I was instantly into the role.

Lucinda frowned patting the bed and leaning forward saying, “Come now mon’, you be
offendin’ Lucinda, an’ ya’ don’ want ta be doin’ that now do ya’?” she said.

“Yeah, come on baby, you come here askin’ to use our phone but you aint even gonna’ be
sociable?” Chanti piped in.

“It’s not that I..” I started to say but then Tamika broke in.

“Maybe he don’t like black women. Is that what you tryin’ to say?”

“No, no please listen...” I began, then looking at the expressions on their faces decided to
relent. “Okay, listen, how about if I make my call, deliver the stuff to the office then
come back?” I asked.

“Uh uh baby, that ain’t the way it works. You wanna’ use our phone, you gotta’ play
first.” Tamika said.

I pretended to be deliberating for a moment. As far as the role-playing part was concerned
this was pretty much the end of it. Once they tied me up it was all improv and allot of
face-sitting. Plus the little shrinking tid-bit I’d thrown in for good measure. Enough! I
was ready to be squished by these three beautifull bottoms.

“Okay, but please make it short, I really have to call work by 10:45 in order for them to be
able to get this stuff before the 11:00 party/meeting. These are important clients. Okay?”
I asked.

“Sure Baby.” said Tamika
“Anything you want sugah.” said Chanti
“O course! We’ll be bein’ quick about it then” finished Mistress Ebony. All three
brandishing mischievous grins.

“Come on over here an’ lay down now,” Tamika instructed me, “Yeah, like that, now put
your arms out..Uh huh...good, now close your eyes an’ relax baby, let the three of us take
care of everything.

Mistress Ebony and Chanti suddenly sat on either side of my head facing away from me
while Mistress Ebony sat on my knees facing my feet. I suddenly felt them put their full
weight upon me effectively pinning me to the bed. Then the set about to tying my wrists
an ankles, and in no time had me tied face-up to the bed.

As suddenly as they had mounted, as soon as they had secured me, they all three
dismounted, standing up.

“Hey!” I said, “What’s going on? You didn’t say anything about tying me up?”

“Shut yo’ mouth fool!” Mistress Ebony shot at me with an evil glance, “You belong to us
now, so jus’ shut up an’ do as we tell you...or else!”

“Hey! You can’t talk to me like that! I’m an important person! Look I’ve had enough of
this! Untie me right now and there won’t be any trouble!” I told them.

“I warned you white boy!” Tamika hissed, “If you ain’t gonna’ shut up then I’ll shut you

With that Tamika climbed up onto the bed, straddled my chest facing my head, grinned
down at me and said “This outta’ shut you up.” she grinned evilly then scooted up until
her butt was directly over my head. She paused for a moment, the I saw her rubber clad
ass descend, then I saw nothing as she she relaxed, engulfing my head in her cheeks.
When she sat I first felt the warm rubber of her pants, then I could see nothing, then I felt
extreme pressure on my face as she sat on me.

I heard (and felt) her laugh when she was fully seated. I could barely hear her, but I could
make out some of what she was saying. “....sorry he ever...smush his face....all the damn
day....till he finds out about...” then I stopped listening because I was starting to panic.
The breath I took before she sat down suddenly seemed totally inadequate. My chest
began heaving as I struggled for air, my body started convulsing as I clawed at my
restraints. ‘AIR!’ I thought ‘I NEED AIR NOW!’ Then things started to go black.
Suddenly I heard “Shit!” and she lifted her butt off of me. As soon as she had I gulped air
as fast as I could panting and grateful just to breathe.

“Listen girlfriends, I forgot to tell you somethin’, come into the other room real quick.”
Tamika said grinning at me as she climbed off my face then the bed. “Don’t go anywhere
white boy.” she teased as she followed the other two out of the room, closing the door
behind them.

I could hear muffled whispers from the next room and was wondering what was going on.
Ten minutes later I began to worry what was taking them so long. It was another 15
minutes, and some arguing, I think before they reentered the room. I was only able to hear
snatches of their conversation, but I was unable to figure them out. “Huh!” was the first
word I could understand, then the rest that I was able to pick up was, “No way
girl......well I don’t believe you.....it was me who found him!..... (laughter)....

The doors opened and all three of them entered the room. Tamika was grinning at me in a
way that made me feel very uncomfortable. Chanti was smiling, but shaking her head.
Lucinda was expressionless, walking in like she was here to take care of business. They
stopped in front of the bed, looking down at me.

“Listen up slave boy!” Tamika growled, still grinning, “Change of plans. Ever since I
hung up the phone after talkin’ to you, I been thinkin’ about what you said about shrinkin’.
In fact I aint been able to stop thinkin’ about it. For some reason your nasty lil’ fantasy
stuck in my head and ended up bein’ my own fantasy. I thought about the different ways
you said we could kill you, and I ended up doin’ you in the same way every time...and
had some damn good orgasms thinkin’ about it.”

“What’s going on Tamika? is everything ok”

“SHUT UP” Tamika screeched, cutting me off, “You don’t talk until we tell you to! You
hear me you little piece of shit!?”

I nodded

“Your fantasy is over now. We decided to take you up on your perverted little shrinkin’
fantasy because Lucinda here says she can shrink you down for real. Now, when I point
to you the only words I want to hear comin’ outta your mouth are ‘I wish I was 2 inches
tall.’ and nothin’ else! You got it!?” Tamika demanded.

I nodded again.

“Good!” she finished. The whole time she had been talking to me, Lucinda has been
doing some sort of weird dance around me and chanting some kind of mumbo-jumbo.
After several minutes of this she stopped her chanting and dancing and stood there looking
strait into my eyes with an extremely uncomfortable intensity. She nodded to Tamika
without breaking eye contact with me. Then Tamika pointed at me, with a look that said I
had better do exactly as she told me.

“I wish I was 2 inches tall” I said, following her instructions. Then everything went
haywire. My body wracked in pain, my vision blurred then finally faded to black as I fell
into merciful unconsciousness.

I awoke very disoriented. ‘Where am I?’ I thought, and ‘why am I covered in this giant
tarp? What the hells happened? Hey, my arms and legs are loose.’

Just as I started to get up the huge tarp was wisked away from me so fast that I thought I
was going to get caught up with it. What it revealed when it was gone made my mind
reel, and I immediately wished for the comfort of the tarp (my shirt?) again.

Looking up, I saw my three captors, but instantly cringed because all three of them were
enormous! They had to be 300 feet tall at least! What was going on here?

Tamika laughed down at me and said “Damn girlfriend! You weren’t lyin’. I can’t
believe you actually shrank this dude down to 2 inches! I owe you big time Lucinda.
Nobody’s ever done nothin’ like this for me. There aint no way I can ever pay you back
for this!”

The whole time she’d been thanking Lucinda her eyes never left me. I got the
uncomfortable feeling that I was some kind of gift.

“Damn girlfriends!” Chanti said looking at me, “Shit Tamika you aint gonna have any
problem fittin’ him in at this size!”

Fitting me in? Oh no!! my shrinking fantasy! No way! This is Imposs..

“Oooh Eric baby! You gonna’ be sorry you ever told me about shrinkin’ you up” Tamika
said interrupting my train of thought, “You see, I aint been able to think about nothin’ else
since you told me about it. Well guess what lil’ man, you are about to live out your
fantasy for real!”

‘This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening’ I kept repeating to myself wondering
which of the three ways I was going to end up inside of this titanic giantess. Fantasy is
one thing, but reality is another. I was terrified!

“You about to die baby!” Tamika said grinning down at me, “Wanna’ know which way
your gonna go? I tried fantasizing about the other two ways, but neither of ‘em made me
come as hard as the way your about to go!” she laughed.

I stood paralyzed, looking up at my captors unable to speak, my mind still rejecting the

“No guesses?” she teased, “Well let me give you a hint!” With that said, she began
unbuttoning her tight red rubber pants. Then she pulled down the zipper and began
wiggling her hips as she peeled the tight rubber material down to her knees. Then she
raised one leg lifting it out of the pants, then the other leaving them inside out on the floor.
She then grasped her panties by the waist, bent over at the waist and stepped out of them.

“See if you can figure it out baby! And remember, all three of your perverted little
fantasies can’t come true because unfortunately you can only die once. I’m the lucky one
who gets to have you. You aint so lucky though. I think you’re gonna’ wish one of the
other girls got ya’, because I know your not gonna’ be smilin’ when you go!” Tamika

Tamika was completely naked from the waist down now. “Here’s your hint baby!” she
said. Then she turned around facing away from me. I looked up as she positioned her
gigantic black ass above me. Her butt descended and was right above me as she bent over
at the waist and bent her knees. I was in total shadow of her massive ass and could see
nothing else as she reached her hands around placing one on each cheek. Then she slowly
pulled her hands apart, spreading her gigantic round globes apart.

My knees became rubber and I sank down to a kneeling position unable to tear my gaze
away from the spectacle above me. She had spread her perfect mocha cheeks apart and I
was left looking up at the wrinkly, rubbery, dark butthole. It was so incredibly big! I
could see that it was much bigger than me and my tiny body. It was so close that I could
have simply reached up and touched it if I had any inclination to do so. A wave of heat
emanated from all around me, one large butt cheek on either side of me acting as a wall,
and the horrible puckering orifice directly above me acting as a ceiling. Along with the
heat of her crack came the pungent smell of crap. She was very good at giving hints. I
had no doubts that she intended to forcibly shove me up into that massive sphincter until it
swallowed me up and I disappeared into her rectum and bowels for the rest of my very
short life.

Her voice boomed from above breaking my horrified trance, “Figure it out yet sugah?”
Then my surrounding began to shake around me as her laughter descended upon me.

My intimate surroundings quickly left my, rising, as she stood up and turned around. I
looked at the other two women, hoping to see some glint of sorrow or pity for me, but
they were both looking down at me in excited anticipation. No help there.

Tamika reached down for me and suddenly I was looking at the palm of her hand. I felt
intense pressure on my body as her fingers curled around me leaving only my head
sticking out of her hand. I rose up towards her face at a sickening pace. being so tiny
seemed to magnify the simplest moves into earth shuddering, surreal catastrophes.

One moment I was on the bed, and now the next moment I am held securely in front of
Tamikas two huge voluptuous lips. The massive flesh parted revealing two rows of
perfect white teeth. Unable to help myself I gazed past the teeth, directly into the back of
her pink wet maw. All I could do is stare at shiny pink flesh at the back of her throat, as
her hot breath washed over me while she began speaking to me.

“You gonna’ go where no man has gone before.” Her words terrified me but I was
already unable to move, in a state of disbelief. I definitely knew I was in shock. “I’m
gonna’ bend over an’ stick your tiny little body up my ass.” she told me, “What do you
think about that, preparation Eric?” Hot air blasted me as she laughed while still holding
me in front of her beautiful, but now nightmarish, mouth.

“Pl..pl..please...” I stammered, amazed that I was able to speak at all, “I...I...I don’t want
to do this anymore. Please, I’ll do anything you want, but please just let me go. I promise
I wont tell anyone what happened here, and I’ll do whatever you say.....just..please...don’t
do what I think your going to do. I really want to live, and I’ll do anything to stay alive.”

“Anything?” the giant lips in front of me asked.

“Anything at all.” I replied, my voice cracking like a teenage kid.

“Okay, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to sit there, unable to move, while I stick
your feet up into my butt. Then I want you to scream and struggle while I finished
shoving the rest of you all up in there. Then I want you to panic and struggle and move
around inside my ass, until I orgasm. Then I want you stay in there while I put on my
panties and pull up my pants. Okay so far? Good, then I want you to slowly smother to
death, breathin’ in my farts, and die up inside my bootie. Okay still? Then I want your
little corps to just sit there, trapped in my ass, while I go out and laugh and have a good
time. That’s what I want you to do baby. Sound good to you? Sounds good to me.” I
numbly absorbed what she was saying and just sat there, mute, staring at her perfect teeth
as she smiled.

I said nothing. I can’t believe that I used to fantasize about what was actually happening
to me now. I used to be turned on thinking about the cruelty of the various giantesses.
Now I had one REAL giantess in front of me, and her cruelty did not turn me on at all. I
smelled where I was going when she gave me her “hint”, and I knew it was going to be
allot worse when she was done with me. This isn’t real...this isn’t real...this is...

“HEY!” she yelled, snapping out of my downward spiral to insanity, “Answer me when
I’m talkin’ to you butt boy!”

What? Answer? ..........

“I axed you if you were ready to be a living piece of my poop. Well??” She teased.

no....no....not happening....

“I’ll take that to mean yes my little suppository” she giggled.

out of nowhere her other hand came up and I was suddenly covered in a thick goo. Her
titanic hands rubbed this stuff on me until I was completely covered. I just sat there
listlessly, helpless to do anything to stop her. Somehow I had managed to let myself
become the plaything of this ebony goddess, and it’s too late now to do anything about it.

‘Vaseline!’ my mind echoed, ‘It’s Vaseline! This bitch just lubed me up so that I would
slide into her smelly ass easier!’

This realization did nothing to help me, it only served to increase my terror as I was
suddenly whisked into motion away from her face as she set her fist, with me in it on the
bed. She was using the fist, still with me in it, to support herself as I watched her step
back, bend her knees, and squat down with her smooth coa-coa legs spread wide apart.
Her other hand came dashing towards me and turned into her index finger. She scooped
up a huge blob of Vaseline that was sitting on her hand next to my head. Then her hand
dissapeared down below her. I couldn’t see her other hand because I was blocked by the
bed spread, but I watched as her head tilted and her eyes looked towards the ceiling. I
could see her shoulder moving, and I knew that she was applying that blob to her anus,
and she was gazing at the ceiling because she was concentrating on applying the lubricant
by feel, and that look on her face was just casual concentration.

‘Is that the look she’ll have on her face when she’s sticking me in there?’ I thought with
morbid fascination. ‘How can she do this? I’m a living breathing human being. I’ve
begged her to let me live, but I can see that she just gets some kind of sick pleasure from
listening to me beg.’ ‘this can’t be happening...this isn’t happening...this isn’t...”

..Oh, I’m back in front of the huge mouth again. Does she have to hold me so close to it?
I used to find it attractive once, didn’t I? What’s she saying? Wait, tune it out, I don’t
want to hear’

“Okay little man, I got it all lubed up for you. Are you ready for me to smush you up
against my butthole and shove you in?” she asked.

‘Yech! Don’t answer her. she wants to hear you cry and beg. It doesn’t matter anyways,
this isn’t happening...this is impossible...this can’t..’

“I’ll take that to mean Yes, and that you can’t wait!” She laughed.

I’m suddenly whisked downward, still trapped within her fist. Whoa! I’m jostled...fingers
move...I’m being held upside down...I’m being held be only her thumb and index finger
now...sob...I recognize where I am again...her meaty buns are my walls again...curious...
now that I’m upside down, the horrible ceiling is now the floor...

“Take a good look around baby. It’s gonna’ be your last.” she laughs, “You might want
to take a nice deep breath too, heh heh, because I’m shoving you up my butt now, and you
gonna’ be smellin’ my gas now so you can stay alive. You know, it’s gonna’ be fun
walkin’ around laughing and havin’ fun, and all the time you’ll be trapped inside of my
bottom, and noone will even know!”

No response

“Nothin’ to say? No last requests? Good baby I’m glad your anxious to be shoved all up
into your new home......Bye bye baby” she laughs.

‘shoved? bye bye?’ “Ahhh!” you shout as you see and feel your feet press up against the
rubbery pucker of her hole, “Please!!! Noooo!” you shout.

You hear laughter from all three women. “I was wonderin’, well I mean hopin’ he was
gonna’ come alive.” Tamika says, as all three laugh again.

‘Ungh!...Thumb and finger are squeezing too tight....hurting me.....already hot just from
body heat emanating from her crack....Ech!..Her crack?!?.....no, no, I’m up to my knees
inside of her.....yech! I hate that wet squishing noise....that noise is the vasoline and me
and her anus as I’m being inserted.....INSERTED!

“Please Tamika!” you shout sobbing, “I don’t want to go into that horrible dark hole!
Please don’t do this to me...I’ll do anything! ANYTHING!”

‘Laughter? my last desperate plea, and it causes laughter? I knew I should have stayed
silent!...I’ve only added to their cruel glee!...Ugh! more pressure...My entire lower body is
gone!....How strange how dark black women’s buttcracks and holes are...White women’s
are...are...beige? I guess....Tamikas’ is almost black....PRESSURE....I look down...only
my upper chest and shoulders are left now...wow, so many little crinkles and lines....there
is a pool of Vaseline around me now....hey! she’s removed her fingers and thumb from
me...ugh! the crinkles and line bunch up as her sphincter contracts....I can feel the hot wet
mass below me, squeeze me....sphincter relaxes, but my feet are held firmly in a muscular
embrace from..inside...as the sphincter relaxes I am sucked deeper inside...gag...the
rubbery muscles surround my neck now....the excess Vaseline that scraped off of me as I
was inserted is now pooling around my head...no....no..please...her index finger is
approaching...hmm, her fingernails are painted black and she has little sparkly stars
decorating them...ung!...her finger is pressing against my face....I feel myself pass through
the ring of muscle....her colon muscles squeeze me trying to excrete me...they are unused
to little shrunken men entering I guess...The finger still pressing me as I’m sliding
deeper...The finger is removed, and as soon as it is gone the muscles switch
tactics...instead of trying to excrete they succumb to their mistresses wishes...she wants me
inside...the muscles contract again....I am sucked deep inside now...I feel her colon relax,
but it is not enough...there is no room to move in here...I am completely enveloped and
locked in place....it’s so hot in here...ugh!...I had to breathe..couldn’t hold my breath any
longer...Horrible smell.....terrible....I try to struggle which causes my surroundings to
shudder...contract...shudder...struggle...finally the shuddering subsides...can’t
breathe...need air....jostling again....I can tell she is putting on her pants...I can hear the
muffled sound of her zipper...need air!...I’m blacking out now...I can hear her
laughing...ANGER...FURY...I hear what she says....it is the last thing I hear...I use all my
reserves for one last desperate struggle....humiliated by what she says...as darkness engulfs

“Damn girl! You gotta’ teach me that shrinkin’ trick” Tamika says, pulling up her pants,
“He felt so good all up in my ass, wrigglin’ around....heh heh....but he didn’t last long
enough. Please you gotta’ teach me. I want another one! This one’s gone, and I’m
already forgetting him, he’s just one my turds now....Oooh!” she laughs, “guess he had
one last little bit of fight in him, heh heh. Anyways, forget him, who we gonna’ shrink
next” she smiles.
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