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The Great Pyramids of Giza fact or fiction?
Great Pyramids of Giza

Our world, isn’t it just an amazing, wondrous, and mysterious place. We just can’t help but wonder about the mysteries of our own planet. For instance, take the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle, when ships go in they never come back out? Or for example, is the loch ness monster real? But perhaps most mysterious and intriguing are the Great Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramids are the only surviving and intact structures, of the original Seven wonder of the World. We have all been told that the Great Pyramids were built by Egyptians, but what if it wasn’t true, what if they just lied about building the Great Pyramids and took credit for building them. There are many factors that make the building of the Great Pyramids by the Egyptians very unlikely if not impossible.

We all know that our technology is far more advanced then say 4,000 years ago. For we have an organized government, we built skyscrapers; we can fly and so on. On the other hand, people 4,000 years ago lived in huts and ran around wearing nothing but loin cloths. In the 1990’s a group of Japanese tried to construct a ¼ replica of the Great Pyramid to scale using our modern technology but failed. It seems like the Pyramids are refusing to be rebuilt even with our modern technology and tools. So if we have tried to build an exact replica of the pyramids, without much success, what makes people think that the pyramids were made by someone who didn’t even comprehend that the earth is round?

The Great Pyramids are of incredible size with a height of approximately 481 feet or 50 stories high. They still stand out as one of the tallest structures in the world. Each block weighs approximately 2.5 metric tons, with some bricks weighing up to 15 metric tons. So if we can’t construct these magnificent wonders, how could the Egyptians? Some people argue that the Egyptians were the founders of mathematics and therefore should be able to construct the pyramids. It’s not the mathematics that are doubtful but the actual ability to move these colossal blocks. So if we can’t move these blocks and arrange them in perfect angles how could the Egyptians?

The second main factor are the Egyptians themselves. The Egyptians claim that they built the pyramids strictly as a burial tomb but the interior and the location of the Great Pyramids say otherwise. The three Great Pyramids match the exact form of the stars in Orion’s belt and it is thought by historians that the Egyptians could have built the pyramids after them, but going back in the year 10,500B.C. Orion’s belt matched perfectly in aliment with its mimic copy, the Great Pyramids in Giza, could it just be coincidence? “Of course it is!” some Egyptologists argue “because if it wasn’t that would mean that the Great Pyramids would date back to 10,500B.C.long before the Egyptian civilization existed and that’s impossible,” but not only is it possible it’s probable.

So far scientists have dated the Great Pyramids with Carbon-14 dating to have been built around the year 2,500B.C. But carbon dating is extremely difficult and unreliable and can be of as much as 6,000 years or more. And if that’s true then could the Egyptians have lied about building the Great Pyramids? Yes, the Egyptians could have very well lied about building the Great Pyramids. Since these great wonders were located on the Egyptian territory why shouldn’t they take credit for building them, after all it would make the Egyptians the envy of the world.

Another factor is, that there really are no pictures or hieroglyphics that show or talk about the Egyptians building the Great Pyramids. For example, The Great Pyramid has no pharaoh’s body or secret treasures inside and is still a controversy between historians and scientists as to what purpose the Great Pyramid served. The only way that historians can really date the Great Pyramid’s is by the objects in side it. Which really serves to be inaccurate since the Egyptians could have put the objects inside the Pyramid when ever they wanted and just because they put tools and other object inside it doesn’t mean that they built it. So, maybe just as we only know about ten percent of the living organisms in the ocean maybe we don’t know as much about history as we claim we know.

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