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    My main portfolio contains 11 items.
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Neighborhood MILFs    (18+)    # 2003046:
        How will young James fare alone with his mature, womanly neighbors?
Short Stuff    (XGC)    # 1911840:
        See little 14 year old Bobby get shrunken, eaten, transformed, laid or many other things
[RP Logs]    (XGC)    # 1492383:
        A few role playing logs I've done with fellow writers. Extra naughty style
Comic Vore, GTS/GT, Shrinking, Unbirth    (XGC)    # 1455029:
        Comic characters eat, grow, shrink or unbirth each other in this crazy new interactive.
Tiny Way to Die    (18+)    # 1381651:
        You shrink until you disappear forever, what will happen? Now with Harry Potter!
AnimeVore,GTS,GT,Shrink,Unbirth,AnalVore    (XGC)    # 1249098:
        The first was good. This one, it's going to be great!
The Ravénous Café    (18+)    # 1173023:
        A café where anybody could be eating and anybody could be eaten.
What Wrath Wants    (XGC)    # 1155913:
        A Full Metal alchemist story about revenge and betrayal. Anal Vore, Vore, Sex
Cat Food    (18+)    # 1148941:
        A vore Outlaw Star story, with Jim being Aisha's main course.
Tiny Way Of Life    (XGC)    # 1125410:
        Born only three-inches tall, go through different periods in your tiny life.
Anime Vore, GTS, GT, Shrinking, Unbirth    (XGC)    # 1057534:
        Anime characters have never been so wild before

#1492383:   RP Logs    (XGC)     [Top]
A few role playing logs I've done with fellow writers. Extra naughty style    (7 items)

XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! Katnappe Victory RP    (XGC)    # 1492644:
        Katnappe beats Kimiko in a battle of digestion
XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN! Kimiko Victory RP    (XGC)    # 1492642:
        Kimiko beats Katnappe in a battle of digestion
Totally Drama Digestion RP    (XGC)    # 1492396:
        Leshawna and Heather end their rivalry once and for all
Ahsoka Star Wars RP Part IV    (XGC)    # 1492389:
        The final chapter and final meal for Padme
Ahsoka Star Wars RP Part III    (XGC)    # 1492386:
        Ahsoka gets really kinky with her master
Ahsoka Star Wars RP Part II    (XGC)    # 1492385:
        Ahsoka wants Anakin, luckily her last meal has changed her into a new woman
Ahsoka Star Wars RP Part I    (XGC)    # 1492384:
        Ahsoka Tano uses a special technique to rid the universe of the vile Ventress

Table Of Contents   (TOC)  
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