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ridinghhood--p. boutilier
    My main portfolio contains 63 items.
Folder links are in Red   *   Other Item links are in Blue

Balance    (E)    # 2115845:
        finding balance
11th Sunday after Pentecost    (E)    # 1946081:
        learning to speak a new language
For Beltane    (E)    # 1930947:
        a haibun? for Beltane, for the Writer's Cramp
Cave to Cosmos    (ASR)    # 1930920:
        when my father died
Noon-Tide Petals    (E)    # 1929614:
        for the Writer's Cramp
MoonRise    (E)    # 1927136:
        written for the writer's cramp
Picture Day    (E)    # 1893753:
        old photographs
Alliteration with Mcferrin    (E)    # 1892401:
        a paen to McFerrin
Wordle    (18+)    # 1888932:
        poems inspired from the prompts from the blog "The Sunday Whirl".
Venus Transit    (ASR)    # 1874227:
        for short shots contest, Venus Transit 2012
Wesak Moon    (ASR)    # 1865912:
        a bit of foolishness for the Writer's Cramp and tonight's Wesak Moon
Sliding Down the Air    (E)    # 1854371:
        sometims we must rewrite our life
Jase and the Djinn    (E)    # 1854224:
        for Short Shots, for Jase Anthony Schmeider, can a djinn help the soccer team?
Try, Try Again    (ASR)    # 1820729:
        learning to ride for the first time
Sukkah    (NPL)    # 1819019:
        for the Writer's Camp
The Entelechy of Zuun    (E)    # 1809265:
        for the Writer's Camp, if I created a scent, Zuun
10 Years After    (E)    # 1808344:
        to commemorate 9/11
First Snow    (E)    # 1753121:
        written for a little bit of poetry contest
black cello    (13+)    # 1724296:
        For A Little Bit of Poetry contest--prompt:musical instrument
Lady Liberty    (E)    # 1706854:
        Lady Liberty still stands
Saint Also    (E)    # 1691289:
        written for "a Little Bit of Poetry" contest----prompt: use the word "also" in the title
La Paloma Blanca    (13+)    # 1689671:
        written for "A Little Bit of Poetry" contest----
I leave    (E)    # 1685966:
        entry for "A Little Bit of Poetry" contest.....when I tremble at night
I Still Do    (E)    # 1681008:
        written for the Writer's Cramp prompt: an old ring
Apogalacteum    (E)    # 1679474:
        a poem for the Writer's Cramp---prompt--lost in the sunrise
full moon in libra    (E)    # 1659802:
        full moon in libra
Sweet Freebie    (E)    # 1647926:
        a poem for Ash Wednesday--written for the Defining Poetry contest
Anti-Valentine    (13+)    # 1645766:
        an anti-valentine for CG Jung to celebrate publication of The Red Book
Assumption    (E)    # 1645460:
        written for the Defining Poetry contest---a stairway to heaven
Wetland    (E)    # 1643413:
        for the Defining Poetry contest, the Everglades
The Reader    (E)    # 1641055:
        for the Defining Poetry contest, the tarot reader
A Man Who Loves the Moon    (E)    # 1639828:
        written for the Defining Poetry contest---you can tell a man by what he loves
Defining Poetry    (13+)    # 1618590:
        entries for the contest Defining Poetry
The Color Orange    (E)    # 1605918:
        the color orange, not for bankers
[Tarot Images]    (E)    # 1605862:
        tarot images
Aging    (E)    # 1582434:
        7 lines, 7 syllables --for Writer's Cramp. How do you know you are old?
Prejudice    (E)    # 1532476:
        written for Poetry Spalsharama---are we all racists?
Aftermath    (13+)    # 1469906:
        after the Amish school shootings, written in Gaines verse long form
15 for 15    (18+)    # 1438237:
        15 days 15 minutes---flash fiction, flash poetry
The Strand    (E)    # 1353938:
        a double rondelet, the Fakahatchee Strand is magic at the edge of the Everglades
Bonanza on Sundays    (E)    # 1345975:
        a quatern written for "Stretch Your Style"---family, memories, TV land
EarthRise    (E)    # 1342949:
        an ottavo rima written in response to the photo of Earth taken from the moon 12/24/68
[ridinghhood's 21 days of poetry]    (18+)    # 1290082:
        a folder to hold entrys for the 21 days of poetry challenge
[Local Color]    (18+)    # 1219526:
        items written for the News Desk contest, local and global related news
Wheel of Fortune    (18+)    # 1211684:
        My blog--I pull a card--if it doesn't speak to me...perhaps it is for you?
[as my hand crampeth]    (E)    # 1209211:
        items written for the Writer's Cramp
[QUANTUM GARAGE]    (E)    # 1150701:
        to hold all vaguely, quasi-scientific writing
Advice to Young Poets    (ASR)    # 1149643:
        a triad of advice on writing poetry
[Moon, Spoon, Mermaids and Weather]    (E)    # 1117870:
        if it has the moon, a mermaid, or a hurricane in it...this is the folder...
[The Mother Lode]    (E)    # 1117851:
        a folder to contain poetry relating to motherhood and family
[THE GREAT BANQUET]    (E)    # 1091218:
        folder containing all my poetry with a spiritual theme
[CONTEST FOLDER]    (E)    # 1089879:
        a place to hold all my contests
[Images...I figured it out!]    (E)    # 1087211:
        a folder to hold images and signatures
[Happy Holidays]    (E)    # 1082569:
        for all those special holidays--even ones I've just created!
[Short and Sweet--Haiku Folder]    (E)    # 1068856:
        A place to keep the hopefully growing collection of haiku, senryu, tanka, etc.
[Oddfellow's Hall]    (E)    # 1010767:
        for all those items that have no folder home
[Stories...We Want Stories!]    (E)    # 1010754:
        short stories go here
[Purely Personal]    (E)    # 1010745:
        all the nitty-gritty dirty details of my life---well, almost
[Keep Your Day Job!]    (E)    # 1010739:
        poems and stories inspired by my work as a nurse, massage-therapist, and Reiki Master
[Pin Doll Chronicles]    (ASR)    # 1004640:
        the further adventures of an antique pin-doll
[Never lose friends over...Politics!]    (E)    # 996899:
        folder for one the two things you're never supposed to talk about--not sex--politics!
[In My Heart I'm Six-Years Old...]    (E)    # 989049:
        poems written for my grandchildren, the world's children, and all the young at heart
[What's Love got to do with it...]    (E)    # 987767:
        a place for love poetry

#987767:   What's Love got to do with it...    (E)     [Top]
a place for love poetry    (18 items)

Cinderella's Story    (E)    # 1427527:
        how it was, according to Cinderella--the power of scent
Quarrel    (E)    # 1277942:
        a lover's quarrel---a shadorma---prompt:shadow
Halloween Delight    (XGC)    # 1172824:
        an erotic Halloween sonnet
No Roses    (13+)    # 1156565:
        for my husband, watermelon, no roses
Rapunzel Revisited    (ASR)    # 1106424:
        Rapunzel and The Prince on their 30th wedding anniversary
Dancin' in the Kitchen    (ASR)    # 1082547:
        a kyrielle sonnet for my dancing impaired husband
My Valentine    (E)    # 1070023:
        a Valentine haiku for my husband
Pas de Deux    (18+)    # 1061392:
        Inspired by Edward Hopper's "Two Comedians"--an ephrastic poem
Old Paramour    (ASR)    # 1052857:
        We all have letters from old lovers. Don't we?
Start With My Toes    (GC)    # 1004948:
        for sugar-cube's poetry mini-slam--an erotic poem--for my husband
Wedding Blessing    (E)    # 1003576:
        for alphabet contest--"L"--a wedding prayer for my niece
Down Beat    (18+)    # 993338:
        for contest--starting lines with "d"--for my jazz-loving darling
Midnight Lotus    (ASR)    # 988017:
        Oops! Maybe not a pantoum--still a nice poem about the Amazon Water Lily.
Freefalling    (E)    # 986489:
        A love poem for my husband--a counterpoem to "killing with kindness"
Holy Tears    (18+)    # 979807:
        Sometimes love and romance happens in the personal ads.
His Rainbow Tattoo    (18+)    # 975250:
        a response to domestic violence; a twisted kind of love
Saturday Night    (E)    # 971640:
        a memory of a Saturday night when my son was small with thanks to Garrison Keillor
Two of Hearts    (18+)    # 971619:
        A love poem for my husband and best-friend.

#989049:   In My Heart I'm Six-Years Old...    (E)     [Top]
poems written for my grandchildren, the world's children, and all the young at heart    (14 items)

What's in a Name?    (E)    # 1753086:
        a short story for my granddaughter Annabella Elizabeth Schmeider
Sonnet for Jase    (E)    # 1255251:
        a sonnet for Jase Anthony Schmeider, my grandson
Sea Change    (E)    # 1186061:
        for my newest grandbaby Chadrick Wilson River Schmeider
Dragonette Birthday    (E)    # 1158181:
        Harry Potter sends a gift to a special friend
Stalking Oz    (E)    # 1086598:
        A Seussical for my granddaughter Annabella Elizabeth Schmeider
Tree Frog    (E)    # 1068410:
        children's poem starring Ms. Leelee Lorelei McTreeFrog
DRAGONFLY    (E)    # 1022760:
        children's poem--a girl picks an unusual Halloween costume
A Spell for Starlynn    (E)    # 1008829:
        a spell, a sestina, inspired by Harry Potter written for a fictional character
Dogs at the Mall    (E)    # 1007390:
        a day at the mall with Grandma is not what you might expect
Giggle Moon    (E)    # 1007036:
        For my granddaughter Annabella Elizabeth Schmeider's 3rd birthday
Mud Angels in Quick Time    (E)    # 1002052:
        grandbabies--just grandbabies
Sea Salad    (E)    # 989060:
        a poem for my grandson Kyler A. Schmeider who likes mermaids but doesn't like vegetables
Summer Daze    (E)    # 978176:
        How I spent my summer vacation--written for preliminary contest round for mini-slam
Dinosaurs for Sale    (E)    # 973480:
        children's poem inspired by my grandson Kyler A. Schmeider and his passion for dinosaurs

#996899:   Never lose friends over...Politics!    (E)     [Top]
folder for one the two things you're never supposed to talk about--not sex--politics!    (9 items)

Terror    (E)    # 1282401:
        a sedoka, these wars of terror
INCANTATION    (E)    # 1150688:
        an autumn incantation, autumn 2006
Moving Day: April 15, 1986    (ASR)    # 1106243:
        freeform entry for SLAM prompt--history is personal
HOME    (E)    # 1097689:
        they paved paradise, put up a parking lot...
End-Game    (E)    # 1048391:
        a political diamante poem
Hiroshima Day 2005    (13+)    # 999014:
        A peace poem for Hiroshima Day--with a bow to John Lennon.
Heaven is Green    (E)    # 977081:
        a tribute to Wangari Maathai--first African black woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize
Memorial Day 2005    (13+)    # 976738:
        inspired by the placing of 700 crosses on the beach in Naples,FL. Arlington South
Atomic Fire    (E)    # 971236:
        a description of what the scientists at the first A-bomb detonation discovered

#1004640:   Pin Doll Chronicles    (ASR)     [Top]
the further adventures of an antique pin-doll    (4 items)

Blood Moon    (13+)    # 1165751:
        more with Carlotta, it's Samhain
Pin Doll Talks    (ASR)    # 1102771:
        Carlotta reveals herself
Pin Doll Returns    (13+)    # 1013276:
        Jill returns the pin doll.
Pin doll---Two    (13+)    # 1004643:
        poem written by my friend Jill in response to the gift of a pin-doll

#1010739:   Keep Your Day Job!    (E)     [Top]
poems and stories inspired by my work as a nurse, massage-therapist, and Reiki Master    (8 items)

The World's Need    (E)    # 1349532:
        hope is the thing with feathers, a trois-par-huit
Mary said...    (13+)    # 1180591:
        a pantoum written for one of my patients with Pick's disease
Gently    (E)    # 1156887:
        written for a resident at the dementia assisted-living where I work
Stripping Down    (E)    # 1068786:
        end-of-shift 2/07/06
Alva's Prayer    (E)    # 997688:
        My favorite patient turns 100.
Elegy for Weedee    (ASR)    # 987295:
        a lilibonelle written for the writing.com pageant--about one of my patients
A Basket of Sweetgrass    (E)    # 978078:
        The Miccosukee tribe lives in the Florida Everglades, near Miami.
A Long Walk    (E)    # 970250:
        poem about Alzheimer's

#1010745:   Purely Personal    (E)     [Top]
all the nitty-gritty dirty details of my life---well, almost    (18 items)

Epiphanies    (E)    # 1377291:
        epiphanies aren't always earth shattering
Holy Tea    (E)    # 1373335:
        a puzzle-piece poem, using random words, and a few of my own, for drop-in poetry workshop
Body Talk    (E)    # 1372900:
        a collage poem created of random words...for Katya's drop-in poetry workshop
Lady Sings the Blues    (E)    # 1277863:
        a Shakespearean sonnet, a journey of Spirit
Celestial Deli    (ASR)    # 1271416:
        a sonnet for the Writer's Cramp, life is a banquet....
Scatter My Ashes    (E)    # 1197743:
        a friend asked...where do you want your ashes scattered...a sonnet
ShapeShifter    (E)    # 1163351:
        a poem for my 55th birthday--10/31/06--Happy B'day to me!
TIME    (E)    # 1143614:
        a pleiades poem of time
Murray's Laughter    (E)    # 1121135:
        a poem for my father-in-law--a victim of Alzheimer's--simplified ghazal form
I Remember Myself (a Monchielle)    (ASR)    # 1112703:
        a monchielle form poem--looking at old photos--healing old pain
Gypsy    (ASR)    # 1000472:
        I created a doll as an alter-ego.
Pin Doll    (18+)    # 996974:
        A poem inspired by finding an old pin doll in an antique store.
It's All in the Cards    (13+)    # 994859:
        For writing.com pageant. An interview with myself.
Ridinghood at Fifty    (13+)    # 989353:
        entry for writing.com pageant--the prompt is "confidence"
Killing with Kindness    (18+)    # 985479:
        contest entry for prompt "killing with kindness"--a memory of my first marriage
To Be.....or Therapy?    (E)    # 977185:
        the first day of therapy
Remembered    (18+)    # 975880:
        physicists believe time is fluid: past, present and future all merge.
On Turning Fifty    (18+)    # 973202:
        the dreaded 50

#1010754:   Stories...We Want Stories!    (E)     [Top]
short stories go here    (9 items)

Old Mermaids    (18+)    # 1289154:
        a modern day mermaid tale
Special Delivery    (13+)    # 1186082:
        for the exactly 100-words contest, a Christmas fantasy
Sanctuary    (E)    # 1178072:
        what happens to little red ridinghood when dementia sets in...
Dumb Supper    (ASR)    # 1173406:
        the dumb supper--be careful whom you call...
Quaballah 101    (XGC)    # 1140987:
        a bored housewife finds an interesting, new teacher
Shall We Dance?    (E)    # 1132025:
        just another Sunday evening at the retirement home...
He Came With the Book    (13+)    # 998398:
        a fantasy written for the ABC story contest--received an Honorable Mention
Bluebird    (13+)    # 991972:
        written for Writing.Com pageant--there is no love without proof of love
It only comes out at night    (18+)    # 983114:
        a short story about a predatory female Internet demon--it's comedy!

#1010767:   Oddfellow's Hall    (E)     [Top]
for all those items that have no folder home    (18 items)

Branford    (E)    # 1372354:
        a dorsimbra, Branford Marsalis and his quartet, post modern jazz extraordinaire
Concierto de Arunjuez    (E)    # 1356160:
        Rodrigo's Concierto de Arunjuez, played by Miles Davis, healing for the heart.
witchcraft    (E)    # 1327121:
        the secret of witchcraft
Summer Slumber    (E)    # 1309831:
        8 lines, 8 syllables, 8 prompt words----summer's end----for StormyLady's contest.
Beauty Sleeps    (ASR)    # 1188889:
        a retelling of Beauty and the Beast...even fairytale characters grow old...a sonnet
Cry Wolf    (E)    # 1169525:
        a sonnet about monsters, the internal ones
South Beach    (ASR)    # 1109348:
        poem for prelim round 2 of SLAM!--the pace of the city
The Skunk Ape's Tale    (18+)    # 1009352:
        a tall tale of the Florida Skunk Ape--tall, but true.
Fame? No Thanks    (E)    # 1001296:
        A triolet--would you rather be famous or rich? I'd choose money and anonymity.
The Mirror    (E)    # 1000805:
        a triolet written for the prompt "through the looking glass"
Queen of Cherries    (E)    # 994100:
        --published in WATERWAYS Nov./Dec. '05.--a lillibonelle
Brain Violation    (E)    # 992627:
        be careful with your brain--a mind is a terrible thing to waste!
Still Life with Teapots    (ASR)    # 990313:
        For prompt--" I have always been afraid of"--so many choices, so little time
The Noon-Day Witch    (E)    # 980811:
        My muse is the noon-day witch and she always pops-up unexpectedly.
The Lord-God Bird    (E)    # 975823:
        A sonnet of the ivory-billed woodpecket, thought extinct and recently sighted.
Jazz Sugar    (E)    # 974331:
        a memory of a springtime jazz concert under the stars
Never Too Late    (E)    # 972717:
        written for contest, the prompt was: It is never too late to be what you might have been.
Bugs    (18+)    # 971598:
        A slightly naughty limerick

#1068856:   Short and Sweet--Haiku Folder    (E)     [Top]
A place to keep the hopefully growing collection of haiku, senryu, tanka, etc.    (22 items)

Coffee-ku    (18+)    # 1290264:
        a linked haiku about coffee
dandelion greens    (E)    # 1266326:
        a haiku for spring
april concert    (E)    # 1248500:
        a haiku-chain for spring, rebirth, renewal
Starry Night    (E)    # 1191634:
        a Christmas senryu
Nuit de Noel    (E)    # 1188838:
        Christmas senryu
Christmas Lights    (E)    # 1188666:
        a Christmas haiku
summer haiku    (E)    # 1119556:
        a summer haiku
Magnolia Honey    (E)    # 1105708:
        haiku, simply haiku
prayer    (E)    # 1105542:
        haiku based on picture prompt
communion    (E)    # 1102288:
        holy communion haiku
KOAN    (E)    # 1102283:
        a haiku, a koan, a picture prompt, description longer than the poem
4/30/06    (E)    # 1100324:
        haiku, senryu, nature
Shabbat    (E)    # 1099946:
        a tanka for Friday 4/28/06--new moon in Taurus
Beginnings    (E)    # 1096548:
        a senryu for spring
Floridian Spring    (E)    # 1089817:
        spring in South Florida
Blood Moon    (ASR)    # 1071687:
        haiku for a picture prompt
waterfall gods    (E)    # 1069583:
        haiku for a picture prompt
Climb!    (E)    # 1069166:
        haiku inspired by a picture prompt
BELLFLOWER    (E)    # 1068857:
Sweat    (E)    # 1068449:
        haiku from a picture prompt
Sunflowers: A Haiku Sequence    (E)    # 1022643:
        an autumn haiku inspired by sunflower fields
Word Ticket Haiku    (E)    # 1000700:
        experimenting with haiku

#1082569:   Happy Holidays    (E)     [Top]
for all those special holidays--even ones I've just created!    (14 items)

For Christmas    (E)    # 1362603:
        an eintou, West African poetry form, a Christmas wish
Pathway to Eden    (ASR)    # 1328676:
        pop-song parody for Halloween
Father's Day 2007    (E)    # 1278509:
        for my father-in-law, our first Father's Day without him
Sun Shower    (E)    # 1253309:
        springtime is different in southwest Florida, for Beltane and May Day
Candlemas    (E)    # 1206009:
        Candlemas/Imbolc poem---pagan, Christian, ancient, modern--the Eternal Return
Peace on Earth (2007)    (ASR)    # 1195836:
        Happy New Year, Peace on Earth 2007, an acrostic
Winter Apples    (E)    # 1191269:
        a Chanukah poem written for the Writer's Cramp
Kittiara    (E)    # 1186261:
        an acrostic for Kittiara on St. Nicholas Day
BREEZY-E    (E)    # 1186132:
        written for Breezy-E---for St. Nicholas Day
Floridian Mabon    (E)    # 1146606:
        the autumn equinox in sub-tropical Florida--a subtle turn in the Wheel-of-the-Year
Thanksgiving    (E)    # 1038421:
        a pleiades for Thanksgiving
Bethlehem    (E)    # 1033785:
        a Christmas acrostic--also in the form of a nine-square
ALL HALLOW'S EVE    (E)    # 1019478:
        Reclaiming Halloween/Samhain--it's good for our souls. An acrostic poem.
Mother's Day Wine    (13+)    # 970268:
        poem for mother's day

#1087211:   Images...I figured it out!    (E)     [Top]
a folder to hold images and signatures    (50 items)

sunday whirl    (E)    # 1888946:
        sunday whirl
sukkah    (E)    # 1819021:
        sukkah--a tent for Sukkot
sotto vento    (E)    # 1743406:
        sotto vento
blue grey sandstone    (E)    # 1724050:
        blue grey sandstone
gaiantarot    (E)    # 1671553:
gaian tarot circle    (E)    # 1671547:
        gaiantarot circle
new moon in pisces    (E)    # 1655145:
        new moon in Pisces
the golden mean    (E)    # 1615848:
        the golden mean
mer-stone    (E)    # 1600447:
        mermaid stone
madonna oriflamma    (E)    # 1523315:
        Nicholas Roehrich's Madonna Oriflamma
full cold moon    (E)    # 1504770:
        the full cold moon
goddess doll    (E)    # 1485827:
        my goddess doll
mindful blog    (E)    # 1312347:
        mindful blog image
mermaid in a jar    (E)    # 1301323:
        mermaid in a jar
illuminated P    (E)    # 1298977:
        an illuminated P
regina di anfore    (E)    # 1278302:
        queen of cups from the sola busca tarot
9 of Pentacles    (E)    # 1264361:
        9 of Pentacles, fulfillment, a private world of pleasure
floating ridinghhood    (E)    # 1255108:
        floating flowers signature
imbolc certificate    (E)    # 1221750:
        a certificate gor honorable mention!
candle image    (E)    # 1209222:
        candle signature
old ridinghhood    (E)    # 1199990:
        ridinghood is croning!
florida sliver    (E)    # 1194747:
        a Florida sliver flag
Christmas Star-Fairy    (E)    # 1186551:
        a Christmas star-fairy
ridinghhood mandala    (E)    # 1186174:
        a celtic knot-work image
wolf    (E)    # 1182877:
        wolf image
monster    (E)    # 1174265:
        visual of interior monsters
RidingHood Xmas    (E)    # 1174262:
        a winter siggie
Legba Veve    (E)    # 1165754:
        legba veve
certificate of merit    (E)    # 1164173:
        certificate of merit JPEG
scorpio    (E)    # 1146227:
        scorpio signature
angel    (E)    # 1137159:
        angel statue
ridinghood butterfly    (E)    # 1136718:
        butterfly image
Freda Erzulie    (E)    # 1132560:
        sigil for Maman Freda Erzulie
ridinghhooddaisy    (E)    # 1131337:
        a daisy image
ridinghhooddaisy    (E)    # 1131335:
        a daisy image
Leger's ice cream cone sig    (E)    # 1120540:
        ice cream cone sig for Leger's RAOK group
My Brain is Tired!    (E)    # 1112679:
        tired brain signature
all hallow's eve fairy    (E)    # 1110598:
        all hallow's eve fairy--my birthday fairy!
Juan the Dinosaur    (E)    # 1110569:
        here's Juan!
ace of cups    (E)    # 1102289:
        ace of cups
Whimsical Notes    (E)    # 1101702:
        rainbow colored whimsical notes
Queen of Cups    (E)    # 1101329:
        Queen of Cups image
EARTH    (E)    # 1097707:
        Earth from space
little ridinghood    (E)    # 1092591:
        little ridinghood by Aunt SunKiss
jazz note 1    (E)    # 1092270:
        jazz note 1
floating rose    (E)    # 1092216:
        signature by crumbled cookie
lilies    (E)    # 1092215:
        signature created by Jem
ridinghhood    (E)    # 1092213:
        signature made by Jem
herb goddess    (E)    # 1089590:
        Gaia and cat
sleepy moon    (E)    # 1087209:
        personal signature

#1089879:   CONTEST FOLDER    (E)     [Top]
a place to hold all my contests    (3 items)

        a poetry contest to celebrate my 2nd year on writing.com
Celebrate April--Jazz and Poetry Month    (E)    # 1089869:
        jazz poetry contest
SHORT, SWEET & HOT: contest closed!    (18+)    # 1073134:
        an erotic haiku contest

#1091218:   THE GREAT BANQUET    (E)     [Top]
folder containing all my poetry with a spiritual theme    (17 items)

Song of Bernadette    (E)    # 1356272:
        a pantoum inspired by Leonard Cohen's song, "Song of Bernadette".....the Divine Feminine
Prayer    (E)    # 1336202:
        learning to hear that small still inner voice--a garland cinquain--for Melinda Schmeider
ZAZEN    (E)    # 1139432:
        sitting meditation--not for the faint-hearted--we run in circles
The Woman at the Tomb    (ASR)    # 1124663:
        looking at Mary Magdalene---
DEvolving Theology    (E)    # 1112833:
        personal spiritual development--I am an unlicensed quantum mechanic
Making Maps    (E)    # 1090825:
        plotting a mid-life path--written in Lune form
After the Fall    (E)    # 1048389:
        in the post-modern Garden of Eden
Advent    (ASR)    # 1043078:
        an Advent cinquain
Hurricane Wilma    (E)    # 1027930:
        a terzanelle dedicated to my co-workers who stood strong through the storm
Matthew 13: 31--My Ironic Faith    (E)    # 1019078:
        written for slam contest--prompt: irony. All life is ironic--we follow outdated maps.
Alphabet Theology    (ASR)    # 1002949:
        An ABCDarius poem of my theological beliefs
First Fruit ( a poem for LammasDay)    (13+)    # 996903:
        Lammas is a pagan celebration--of harvest and first fruit--celebrated August 1.
Sleep is a Sacrament    (E)    # 982389:
        a monotetra about the healing power of dreams
MayDay on Pike's Peak    (E)    # 978909:
        quantum physics tells us all we need to know: we are all one, made of stars and mud.
Christ's Invitation: A Ghazal    (E)    # 973123:
        a ghazal--I believe that Christ is the ultimate expression of wholeness and integration
Stories    (13+)    # 972471:
        A poem condensing my theologocal beliefs
Passover    (E)    # 970262:
        poem for full moon Passover 2005

#1117851:   The Mother Lode    (E)     [Top]
a folder to contain poetry relating to motherhood and family    (9 items)

Storyteller    (E)    # 1407998:
        a prose poem ---the storyteller doll
Confessions    (E)    # 1386764:
        confession--good for the soul?
Tres Leches    (13+)    # 1263158:
        Mother's Day 2007---the milk of human kindness
for Rita Dove    (E)    # 1224826:
        a poem for poet laureate Rita Dove
Honeyed Midsummer (a Monchielle)    (E)    # 1117738:
        images of growing up--a monchielle poem for my mother
Go Down    (E)    # 1045812:
        Why I am a middle-aged poet.
Fuzzy Dice    (E)    # 1035361:
        a pair of dice, angst, motherhood
Stillbirth    (13+)    # 1022978:
        stillbirth, miscarriage
Sunrise    (13+)    # 972078:
        how I remember my mother's mental illness

#1117870:   Moon, Spoon, Mermaids and Weather    (E)     [Top]
if it has the moon, a mermaid, or a hurricane in it...this is the folder...    (8 items)

The Girl with Silver Bracelets    (E)    # 1307052:
        the girl with the silver bracelets--one of a series of old mermaid poems
Shell Cottages    (ASR)    # 1296739:
        if old mermaids created a world, what would it look like?
to wannabe mermaids...    (ASR)    # 1080338:
        If you're thinking of becoming a mermaid...
Balsamic Moon    (E)    # 1073096:
        an etheree, for a contest--a poet's prayer
Storm Circles    (13+)    # 1016854:
        entry for mini-slam--prompt "circles"--inspired by Huricane Katrina
The Moon in Nine    (13+)    # 1011844:
        nine lines, nine syllables, for the void-of-course moon
Hurricane Charlie    (13+)    # 995759:
        Hurricane Charlie and his aftermath
Flowers for the Urban Fae    (13+)    # 979247:
        How do you call the urban fairies to visit?

#1150701:   QUANTUM GARAGE    (E)     [Top]
to hold all vaguely, quasi-scientific writing    (4 items)

For Selam    (E)    # 1161722:
        written for Selam, the 3-million year old skeleton of a 3-year old humanid
Bounce!    (E)    # 1132855:
        in the beginning was the word, and the word was bounce...
Postcards from Venus    (E)    # 1093396:
        do you ever feel you're an alien?
The Great Divide    (13+)    # 982512:
        how we reach out and touch someone across the great divide of the Internet

#1209211:   as my hand crampeth    (E)     [Top]
items written for the Writer's Cramp    (17 items)

We (for Mary Oliver)    (E)    # 1427541:
        for the Writer's Cramp
roses    (E)    # 1271168:
        a pleiades poem for the Writer's Cramp...stop and smell the roses
Joanie's Blue Crab Cafe    (13+)    # 1258674:
        a haibun for the Writer's Cramp---prompt:the South
Freedom    (E)    # 1258482:
        personal freedom, collective freedom---written for the Writer's Cramp
Lady Day    (E)    # 1257856:
        a double acrostic for the Writer's Cramp...for Billie Holiday
Hestia    (E)    # 1257365:
        an Archimedes pi for the Writer's Cramp---prompt: a greek temple
Half-Mast    (E)    # 1256900:
        a haiku chain about rain for the Writer's Cramp--for Virginia Tech
Daffodils    (E)    # 1256414:
        A Chronos~w form poem for the Writer's Cramp about daffodils and NYC
Koninginnedag    (E)    # 1255827:
        a Dutch Tanka for the Writer's Cramp
No Fences    (E)    # 1219586:
        I couldn't build a fence if I tried
palabras y preguntas(words & questions)    (E)    # 1209202:
        the pregunta form for Writer's Cramp
Fatherless    (E)    # 1189896:
        a dodoitsu for "The Writer's Cramp"
Funeral Pyre    (E)    # 1175997:
        for the Writer's Cramp--form:fibonacci--prompt:justice
SCAT    (E)    # 1175390:
        written for the Writer's Cramp--a hendecasyllabic poem--about a local jazz singer
Widow's Walk    (E)    # 1175178:
        a sedoka written for the Writer's Cramp--prompt:the moon
Sugar Donuts on a Sleepy Sunday    (E)    # 1168335:
        Sting and I turn 55 this year
Light Bodies    (E)    # 1087002:
        written for Writer's Cramp prompt: light

#1219526:   Local Color    (18+)     [Top]
items written for the News Desk contest, local and global related news    (10 items)

Saturday Soccer    (E)    # 1480601:
        are the kids stressed and overscheduled---or is it their parents?
The First Lady Fist-Bumps    (E)    # 1477425:
        despite our inherent racism Obama is elected
Obituary    (E)    # 1475350:
        an imagined obituary for Sarah Palin
Bindweed    (ASR)    # 1472211:
        written for poetry splasharama--prompt:child pornography and the Internet
Encaustic    (E)    # 1223216:
        hoping for spring and a tree frog in amber
Why I Love to Read    (13+)    # 1220081:
        written for Anthony, a winner in the local "I Love to Read" contest
Storm Moon    (E)    # 1219517:
        haiku in the aftermath of a tornado at LadyLake, Florida
Empty Bowls    (E)    # 1208131:
        a poem for the Empty Bowls fundraiser for the local Harry Chapin foodbank
A Question of Charity    (E)    # 1207380:
        the Naples Winter Wine Festival 2007
Love in Blue    (E)    # 1205307:
        children's poem---a rare blue tree frog was found in Corkscrew Swamp

#1290082:   ridinghhood's 21 days of poetry    (18+)     [Top]
a folder to hold entrys for the 21 days of poetry challenge    (20 items)

Beyond the fields I know...    (E)    # 1300504:
        poem 21 of the 21-day poetry challenge...what's next?
Scent of a Woman    (18+)    # 1300250:
        movie titles and a bit of poetic whimsy
Happily Left Behind    (13+)    # 1299794:
        when the rapture comes, I'm stayin' on the bus
Albedo    (E)    # 1299371:
        The fraction of incident sunlight reflected from an object
Reiki    (E)    # 1298968:
        all I have to offer is in my hands
Book of Esther II    (ASR)    # 1298279:
        a quilt stitched to remember the Holocaust
Book of Esther    (13+)    # 1297835:
        the biblical Esther
Prism    (E)    # 1297568:
        a lune----when the soul shatters
Mango Moon    (E)    # 1297144:
        they say it's not the heat but the humidity
Ramble    (E)    # 1296256:
        a ramble in the rain
Sliding    (E)    # 1295816:
        when I look out my window
July 2, 1961    (13+)    # 1295096:
        the day Ernest Hemmingay died, what went bump in the night
Tapestry    (E)    # 1294663:
        life's tapestry
Manatee    (E)    # 1294498:
        a plea from the manatee
The DQ on the Avenue    (E)    # 1293937:
        the Dairy Queen in downtown Naples, FL--the hottest spot in town!
passion    (18+)    # 1293374:
        a pleiades poem for the 21-day poetry challenge----for my husband
Flow    (13+)    # 1292783:
        day four in the 21-day poetry challenge----see what you can do with a cliche?
Orange River    (E)    # 1292180:
        3rd day of the 21-day poem challenge----the Orange River, Fort Myers, FL
Bizarre    (E)    # 1291535:
        an acrostic poem for my husband, prompt:bizarre
Last Rosary    (E)    # 1290718:
        1st entry for the 21-days of poetry challenge---my epitath

#1605862:   Tarot Images    (E)     [Top]
tarot images    (12 items)

Death    (E)    # 1679477:
        death from the GaianTarot
nativity    (E)    # 1629699:
        from the Christmas tarot---www.christmastarot.com
elder of fire    (E)    # 1616736:
        elder of fire
goddess nut    (13+)    # 1615846:
        goddess nut
four of fire    (E)    # 1614855:
        four of fire
ace of cups II    (E)    # 1609871:
        ace of cups
ace of cups    (E)    # 1609856:
        ace of cups
hanged man    (E)    # 1607990:
        the hanged man
hanged man    (E)    # 1607989:
        the hanged man
elder of earth    (E)    # 1605853:
        elder of earth
Six of Cups    (E)    # 1433117:
        six of cups
ten of cups    (E)    # 1261522:
        tarot ten of cups

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