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A character description about Princess Arabella.
Welcome to Princess Arabella's Kingdom. This is where you will meet the Princess who is half gypsy and became Queen at an early age of eighteen years. I hope that you will like her and her family. Let's get started.

Describe what the Princess looks like.
Princess Arabella is a petite, five foot three gypsy with long black hair, black eyes that look like they can set a soul on fire when she is mad. She is beautiful. Her skin is perfect. She wears navy blue, red and purple a lot. Her gypsy family gave her to King Edward, her bioilogical father after her mother's death. After the death of her father, Arabella's gypsy grandfather shows up with her twin sister Anna. Arabella didn't know about Anna. Anna was given to a peasant family to raise after birth. After the death of Raven their mother, Arabella's gypsy grandfather Jonnhy Rango gave Arabella to the King and he and his wife and sister took Anna back from the peasants and raised her.

Where was the Princess born?
In a gypsy caravan wagon in England.

List some character traits about Princess Arabella.
A. She forced the Friar to marry her to Prince Cameron behind's the King's back. She was to marry another but she loved Prince Cameron and didn't want her sister Athena to marry him. Athena wanted to marry Rowlin, the Ambassador's son, whom King Edward had promised to Arabella. The Friar had gotten two maids pregnant and was always drinking and Arabella knew this about him. She black mailed the Friar. King Edward died of an heart attack when he found out that he had been deceived. A drunken Friar let it slip at the Sham Wedding{Arabeela was to marry Rowlin at the Sham Wedding} planned by the Royal family. Arabella had married Cameron in secret as her sister Athena married Rowlin in secret.

B. Arabella delivered a breached colt and her sister Athena's baby who was also breached. She also delivered her sister Anna's baby who belonged to her husband King Cameron. Anna deceived Cameron with a gypsy potion to make Cameron think that she was Arabella when he slept with her. Arabella had Anna thrown in the dungeon.

C. Arabella rules the Kingdom and her husband. She tells Cameron what they are going to do about every situation.

D. Arabella loves her family but hates Anna and her step mother Gwen. She grows to love them in time when she sees that the women aren't the evil people that she thought they were. Some think Arabella has her ice in her veins.

E. Feels that she is better then the peasants and her gypsy family but does mellow towards them.

F. Gets jealous when her sisters Athena and Anna get pregnant and she doesn't conceive until later. She was afraid that she would be barren.

Things Princess Arabella hates.
A. Peasants, pirates and her gypsy family at times especially Anna.
B. Her step mother.
C. Her father trying to force her to marry Rowlin.
D. She hates fox hunting and she and Cameron put an end to it.
E.She loved being Princess and wasn't ready to be a Queen.

King Cameron loves Arabella but is afraid to cross her. Arabella loves him as well. She tries to appear to be an ice Princess but when she finds out that her mother had an twin sister who is the Princess of the Pirates and meets her Aunt Lavina who is so much like her mother, she has a different attitude towards gypsies. Arabella is happy when she gives birth to a baby boy and Aunt Lavina helps Arabella and Anna to be close sisters and forgive her. Arabella and Athena were always close and she loves Athena best outside Cameron. Arabella is sad when Anna marries a knight and leaves hers and Cameron's baby with Arabella and Cameron to raise. Arabella bonds with her step mother after she and Gwen deliver Athena's baby.

What do others think of the Princess/Queen Arabella?
The peasants are afraid of her and go to Cameron with their problems. Cameron doesn't like to arrest people but Arabella does even though they can't execute anyone. Everyone learns that Arabella has a heart inspite of the fact that her father is a ruthless King and her gypsy mother was a sweet, gentle person. Arabella is a Queen of Scruples but values family and others has well and is capable of love. Arabella loves dragons and she is a friend to them and visits them quite often at the cave by the sea.
Beautiful Poser of me by best friend Angel.
Beautiful poser of a Princess, Prince and unicorn by Angel.

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