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Reflecting on a speeding ticket I got in July.
July's heat and dazzling sun
penetrates car visor,
and dime-store sunglasses.
Sear the last bit of moisture
from my eyes.
I still have 517 miles to go
to be in my baby's arms.

Speedometer creeps up,
gas gauge creeps down.
Flashing blue lights.
I missed the
Texas State Trooper
parked at the top
of an on ramp.

Million dollar smile.
Smokey Bear Hat.
Mirror shades.
Mini-cannon at his hip.
I am meek, scared, submissive.
A puppy dog, belly low.

No emergency sir,
just trying to get to New Orleans
before it gets too late.
Please sir,
I won't speed anymore.

Here is your ticket,
mail it in.
Any questions?

What kind of question
could I have,
a thousand miles from home,
daughter in the back seat,
that wouldn't end
with a vision of
the vultures that
circled in the desert sky.
July's heat and dazzling sun.
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