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In this trilogy Damon face hardships with Anna while a rift comes between him and Haley.
(Damon knocks on Haley's door)
Haley- come in! (Damon walks in)
Damon- hey. (looking at her)
Haley- Byron told me you talked to him. Thanks for not chasing him away.
Damon- I don't like that you're dating one of my closests friends. But if it had to be anyone I'm glad it's Byron.
Haley- good because he's coming to my birthday party tommorrow.
Damon- I thought so Hales.(sitting on her bed she looks at him)
Haley- so what's going on with you? Byron told me you're dating Kelly. Is that true?
Damon- yeah it's true.
Haley- I thought you liked Anna?
Damon- no. not anymore. She lied to me.
Haley- that sucks. You seemed like she meant a lot to you.
Damon- people can trick you like that sometimes.
(Damon kisses her forehead)
Damon- goodnight.
Haley- it's only eight.(looking at her alarm clock) Where are you going?
Damon- I'm gonna go to Tyler's I'll be home around ten.
Haley- okay. I'll let mom know if she asks.
Damon- thanks Hales.
(he leaves the room and goes downstairs he grabs his jacket his dad sees him from the kitchen)
Dad- going out? (Damon looks at him)
Damon- I know it's a school night I'll be home by curfew.
Dad- that's not what I meant.(Damon walks into the kitchen) I know you're stressed with the game coming up. I want you to get enough rest and fun.
Damon- trust me I'm having a ball. (Scarastically)
(his dad looks at him)
Dad- something you want to talk about?
Damon- no. I'll be home at ten. (he leaves)
(Anna on the bed with tears steaming from her eyes someone knocks on her door)
Anna- just leave me alone. (softly)(Trinity walks in)
Trinity- I know I'm not your favorite person right now.(closing the door behind her)
Anna- I don't feel like talking right now.
Trinity- fine I'll leave you alone then. (she turns to go the door)
Anna- wait. (Trinity stops and looks at her) why did you come here?
Trinity- you didn't come to school yesterday and I thought you should know that Damon and Kelly are dating.
(Anna's face goes to shock her tears stop and she looks at Trinity)
Anna- what? why would he do that?
Trinity- he's mad and hurt. He's not thinking straight.
Anna- I apologized to him.
Trinity- Anna? the state championships are on Friday. Right now hopefully Damon's focus is on that. Are you coming to school tomorrow?
Anna- I can't. I can't face him.
Trinity- Anna come on. (hugging her in a friend hug)(Damon sitting on Tyler's couch playing video games with Tyler)
Damon- oh I'm gonna win this.
Tyler- no man. (Game beeps) Game over.
(Damon sighs)
Tyler- I can't believe I win. That's the first time I ever beat you at NBA shootout.
Damon- I know no one's more excited than me. (laying on the couch)(Tyler's doorbell rings Tyler opens it and sees Kelly and another girl standing there in mini skirts and mini shirts)
Tyler- hey Kelly, hey Layla.(Kelly walks in and sits next to Damon on the couch)
Kelly- your mom isn't home right?(looking at Tyler)
Tyler- she's working a double shift tonight.
Kelly- she's not the only one who's gonna be working.(she starts kissing Damon)
(Layla pulls Tyler on the couch and they start making out too)(The next day at school Trinity sees Damon at his locker she walks up to him mad)
Trinity- that's a low thing for you to do Damon.
Damon- what are you talking about? (shoots her a confused look before looking back into his locker)Trinity- hooking up with Kelly and just forgetting about Anna.
Damon- aren't you Kelly's best friend? (putting books in his locker)
Trinity- yeah but I'm also Anna's. You could have at least considered her feelings. (Damon gives her an uncaring look)(Tyler walks up behind Damon)
Damon- the last thing I care about is Anna's feelings. (Trinity slaps him hard and everyone in the hall looks at him)
Trinity- I can't believe you. This isn't the Damon I know. He doesn't treat people like dirt.
Damon- kind of like what she did to me. (in a mad voice) You don't know her Trinity.
Trinity- I know that she's hurting because of you. (she turns and disappears down the hall)
Tyler- you okay?
Damon- yeah. peachy. (rubbing his cheek looking in Trinity's departure direction)
(At lunch Anna sits with Trinity)
Anna- you're not sitting with Damon or Kelly?
Trinity- me and Damon aren't exactly on speaking terms. (she looking at her plate) (Anna looks at her) I slapped him in the hall today.
Anna- (her answer kind of surpises her) why?
Trinity- because of the way he's treating you. It's wrong.
Anna- not when I deserve it. (looking at her apple)
Trinity- I also hate it that he's dating Kelly.
Anna- but she's your best friend.(looking at Trinity)
Trinity- not by choice. I mean I love Kelly like a sister. But sometimes being friends with her is just too much. (eating a carrot) I didn't ask to be popular. It's just comes with just being myself I guess.
Anna- thanks for taking me in this year at least I have one true friend.
Trinity- Damon's not being his self. That usually happens when he's dating Kelly.
Anna- yeah. (looking at Damon and Kelly laughing at a table on the other side on the room) wait (looking at Trinity) when he's dating Kelly. He's dated her before?
Trinity- yeah of course. On and off during middle school. Freshman year. A little last year.(looking at Anna) I thought you knew.
(Anna looks at Damon)
Anna- no I didn't know.
(At Haley's party lots of Haley's friend are there so is Damon, Kelly, Tyler, Layla, Trinity, and Byron who's dancing with Haley)
(Kelly sits next to Trinity on the couch)
Kelly- so I don't know what I'm mad at the most. The fact that you're friends with the new girl or the fact that you slapped my boyfriend.
Trinity- first of all. Anna is my friend. second of all your boyfriend is being a creep.(looking at Kelly)
Kelly- look Trinity you're my best friend and I would never let Damon get between us. But you've known him longer than me I can't believe you two are being so immature towards each other.
Trinity- I didn't expect you to understand. (saying it in a smart voice) But Damon isn't acting like the guy I grew up with. The one I've known all these years. (Kelly looks at her) I got to get some air.
(Trinity gets up and heads outside)(Damon sees her leaving from the kitchen window he follows her)(Trinity heads out the door Damon follows her)
Damon- Trinity? wait.
Trinity- not now Damon. (Damon grabs her hand and puts an enevelope in his hand she looks at it) what's this?
Damon- I'm sorry okay. (ignoring her question) I never meant for any of this to come between us.(Trinity looks up at him)
Trinity- I believe you... just talk to Anna.
Damon- I can't. Cause part of me still hurts. I trusted her. I know she made that list before she met me but to think that I was being judge at those standards.
Trinity- what standards? You two are friends.
Damon- we were on the verge to something more than just friends.
(Trinity shakes her head in disbelief)
Damon- I can't just up and forgive her. I'm not ready to face her.
Trinity- so why date Kelly? why hide from Anna? Hell (she pauses) why play games? (growing frustrated)
Damon- I'm not hiding but even when I do forgive her we'll only just be friends.
Trinity- Damon? (looking at him)
Damon- I thought long and hard about it that's all I can ever be with Anna. I know you're still mad at me but could you make sure Anna gets that enevelope? (pointing to the enevelope in Trinity's hand) It's one of the questions I can answer of hers. (looking at her)
Trinity- sure. Just tell Kelly I'm taking off okay?
(Damon nods)(Trinity gets in her car as Damon heads back into the party)(Music playing Haley dancing with Byron, Damon and Kelly dancing,and Tyler and Layla dancing with everyone else)(Flash to Anna's house where Anna hears the doorbell ringing)(she opens the door no one is there she looks around she's about to close the door when she sees a letter taped to her door she pulls it off)(Flash to the party where everyone singing happy birthday to Haley. Byron kisses her cheek and she blows out the candles everyone cheers)(Flash back to Anna who is opening the enevelope she sees an "A+" on a piece of paper saying Damon Carr. She sees a little note inside it saying thank you. She smiles a little she takes it inside and hangs it on her bulletin board)
(At school the next day it's Friday the championship game Trinity and Anna are walking through the school)
Trinity- since we have to go to Portland in Oregon it's gonna be a three hour ride we leave in about an hour that means we skip like four classes. (Anna smiling)
Anna- lucky you. I didn't even know you were a cheerleader. (pushing her playfully with her hip)
Trinity- Kelly's right hand woman.
Anna- must be fun. (pulling her bookbag up on her shoulder)
(Kelly runs up in panic)
Kelly- Trinity we have a huge problem. Carla's gotten sick we need a replacement cheerleader. Trinity- how did she get sick?
Kelly- you know how she loves to eat tacos. well this time she ate a bad one. We need a replacement now! (Anna begins to walk off)
Trinity- why not Anna?
(Anna turns and looks at her then Kelly)
Kelly- Anna? We need a cheerleader not a stunt dummy. (Anna smiles a little)
Trinity- who else are you gonna get?
Kelly- fine. But you're gonna do her makeup and her hair. (handing her a permission form) get your teachers to sign this. (to Anna)
Trinity- done. (Kelly walks off)
Anna- don't I get a say in this?
Trinity- Damon is gonna be on the same bus as you and since we get to stop at the mall to shop and eat you'll be able to talk to him. Get your whole friendship thing back. (putting her hand on Anna's head)(Damon at his locker when Tyler and Byron runs up)
Tyler- ready captain?
Damon- let's go out there and tear Everwood High up! (Byron and Tyler slap hands with Damon as they all run to class)(In the bathroom Kelly and Trinity waiting outside the stall for Anna)
Kelly- let's see it New Girl.
Anna- I can't (from inside the stall)
Trinity- Anna we got fifteen minutes before the bus loads up. We got to see if the uniform fits.
Anna- trust me it fits a little too good.
(she comes out and they look at her)
Kelly- damn new girl you look almost as hot as me.
(Anna looks at the uniform)
Kelly- I got to get the rest of the pom poms on the bus just put the uniform in your bag and I'll see you both on the bus.
(Anna looks at Kelly as she leaves)
Trinity- see once she gets to know you she's not so bad.
Anna- yeah. (heading back into the stall)(Everyone loading up things under the bus Damon sees Anna putting her bag under)
Damon- Anna? (Anna turns to look at him)
(Anna looks at him with a shy smile)
Anna- I'm replacing Carla.
Damon- oh. (feeling awkward)
Anna- yeah I know me as a cheerleader how funny?
Damon- not that funny. I got a thing for cheerleaders.(flirting with her)(Anna smile soon disappears)
Anna- yeah I know you're dating one.
Damon- okay I deserved that.(rubbing his head)
Anna- I thought you weren't talking to me anyway.
Damon- if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be in the game.
Anna- yeah I got the "A+". Thanks for sending it to me. (smiles at him)
Damon- no problem.
(she looks at him he looks at the player loading water and equipment on the bus)
Anna- look Damon I really am sorry for hurting you. I know it doesn't excuse things but-
Damon- I believe you. (Tyler calls his Damon's name. Damon and Anna both look at him for a glance then back to each other). see you on the bus (she shoots him a "thank you for forgiving me look" as he runs off to Tyler and the team)(On the bus Anna sitting in the back next to Trinity)
Anna- he talked to me.
Trinity- see and now all you have to do is just seduce him to fall in love with you. (Trinity closing her eyes resting her head against the head rest)
Anna- Trinity?
Trinity- what? (with her eyes still closed)
Anna- one step at a time.
(Anna sighs and looks out the window she sees Kelly and Damon talking they hug Anna sinks in her seat she falls asleep later she feels she's being pushed she awakes by Trinity)
Anna- where are we?
Trinity- the mall.
(Anna straightens her hair she finds that the bus is empty as everyone is exiting)(Trinity and her go inside the mall and sees cheerleaders talking to football players and players taking to coaches)
Coach- okay everyone listen up you get two hours. You can shop, eat, or just hang out. I hope you have a way to figure out what time it is because at 5:30 we're leaving. You need to be back here counted for don't make us come looking for you. Go on. (everyone races to the food court Damon, Tyler, and Byron in line for some subway. Anna sees Kelly with other cheerleaders at the starbucks Anna and Trinity gets some frappiccinos then they sit a table over from the other cheerleaders they talk and finish they frappiccinos)
Anna- I'm gonna head to the bathroom then I'm gonna head off to do a little window shopping.
Trinity- I'll catch up with you later then.
Anna- okay. (she heads to the bathroom she goes in and Trinity moves to the table with Kelly and the rest of the cheerleaders while everyone begins to venture off to stores)(Anna walks out of the bathroom putting her hair up when an arm grabs her pulling her toward a empty corner she looks up and sees Damon)
Damon- wanna get away?
(Anna nods as he takes her hand and they go into a secluded restaurant they eating looking at each other talking)
Anna- I'm glad you're talking to me again.
Damon- hey I can't stay mad forever. (he pays the bill they walk out the restaurant and they go walking into a store. Anna looks at the clothes she then looks at Damon)
Anna- I'm a tease aren't I?
Damon- where did that come from? (looking at her)
Anna- it's just I realize how much I've been pushing you. During the play and studying.
Damon- and if you hadn't pushed me then I wouldn't have pasted that test or given that performance. So I do think you push me but for the right reasons.
(Anna smiles)
Damon- I just don’t want to do anything to drive you away. Even though sometimes I can’t help it.
Anna- I don't scare easily (shooting him a nice smile) So are we friends again?
Damon- yeah.
(Anna smiles)
(At the game Damon shooting the basketball Anna cheering with the other cheerleaders the game ends Damon cheers so does the coach and players. Bulldogs- 101 Hornets- 96)(On the bus)(Trinity and Anna talking)
Trinity- so you two are friends again?
Anna- yep.
Trinity- so you still haven't told him how you feel about him yet?
Anna- I can't. It's just not the right time. I'll tell him when the time is right.
(Trinity nods as she closes her eyes)(Anna closes her eyes too with a smile on her face)(Damon walks into his house Haley and this parents waiting for him they cheer as he walks in Haley hugs him first then his parents)
Mom- we saw the news.
Dad- you played good.
Haley- yeah we caught the highlights you were awsome.
Damon- thanks. If you guys don't mind I'm gonna head to bed. (they say goodnight)
Mom- me and your father are gonna watch some more of Jay Leno before we dooze off.
Dad- I love that guy.(they head into the living room)
Haley- I'm gonna make me a sandwitch. (Damon heads upstairs he puts his bag by the door he grabs his cd player he notices the headphone aren't there)
Damon- Haley. (he goes into Haley's room and sees his headphone hooked into her computer he pulls it out he notices she wrote I love Byron at least thirty times he smiles)(he turns to leave when he sees a condom on the trash pile in her room he gets close to make sure it is a condom wrapper he grows mad then he sees her underwear drawer open he sees thongs in it Haley walks in and sees him in shocked and mad as looks at her underwear drawer then he looks at her)
Damon- oh this is great Hales are you having sex with him?!(loud but not so loud his parents can hear him)
Haley- shh! (closing the door) mom and dad will hear you and it's not what you think.
Damon- not what I think. Haley that's a condom wrapper!
Haley- I know. (she pauses) Damon I love him and he loves me.
Damon- I get you're dating him but the thought of you having sex with him. I'm telling mom and dad.
Haley- Damon don't.(blocking him from leaving)
Damon- and since when do you wear thongs?
Haley- Byron likes them and they're comfortable for me. Please don't tell mom and dad they'll forbid me to see him.
Damon- you're fourteen and you're having sex with him!
Haley- because I love him? (looking at Damon madly) why can't you accept that? He has. (Damon looks at her mad then he leaves abrutly Haley has tears in her eyes she chases Damon down the hall she grabs his arm but he just shakes her off his arm)
Haley- Damon don't do this.(standing in front of his parents who are both looking at them concerned)
Mom- is there something wrong?
Damon- Haley had sex with Byron!
Dad- what?(standing up mad)
Damon- I found a condom wrapper in her room!
Mom- Haley is this true?
(Haley looks at them)
Haley- yeah it's true. (looking down)
Mom- Haley I get that you're in love with Byron but you're way too young to be having sex with him.
Dad- first of all you're grounded and we'll talk about this after school tommorrow.
Haley- mom? dad?
Dad- go to your room Haley.
(Damon heads upstairs Haley follows behind him she follows him into his room)
Haley- what are you going to do to Byron?
Damon- give him a pat on the back and thank him for sleeping with my sister.(Scarcasically)(looking at her)
Haley- Damon please I love him.(looking at him)
Damon- then you wouldn't have gone and done this.
You and Byron are done. If he comes near you then he will be sorry. I can't believe he slept with you.
Haley- it was a birthday present to me. I told him I wanted him to be my first.
Damon- well then you messed it up.
Haley- I'll never forgive you for this Damon if you do anything to hurt Byron.
Damon- as long as he stays away from you he's fine. You brought this on yourself Haley. Now your little boy toy fun is over. (Haley leaves the room hurt and mad Damon looks worried and mad)(At school the next day Damon walks up to Byron who doesn't even look at him)
Byron- Haley called me last night.
Damon- I figured she would. (Damon doesn't change his expression Byron closes his locker and looks at Damon)
Byron- look I know you're mad with me but.
Damon- you slept with my sister am I suppose to reward you for that?
Byron- she loves me Damon. I didn't do anything she didn't want done.
Damon- do you love her?
Byron- of course I do. Why would I do that to her if not? You said treat her right. I did.
Damon- she's fourteen. What if she gets pregant?
Byron- we used protection.
Damon- you're not to see her anymore Byron I mean it.
Byron- and what if I do see her. I mean come on Damon you're not her father.
Damon- you're right I'm her brother and I could do more damage to you than my dad would. Right now my dad wants to kill you. I think I might do him the honors.
(Tyler walks up looking at them)
Tyler- is something wrong?
Damon- no. Byron was just leaving. (Byron walks off)
Tyler- okay so on the real what's up with you and Byron?
Damon- he's having sex with Haley. (making sure no one else is listening)
Tyler- oh wow. But it's okay because they're in love right?
Damon- it's not okay. I don't want them having sex it's bad enough they're dating.
Tyler- what's so bad about it?
Damon- Haley's fourteen. Byron seventeen. He's more experienced.
Tyler- (laughs) at what volleyball? Byron hasn't ever been with a girl unless she was a stripper. Haley loves him. It seems you're having a harder time accepting that.
(Damon looks at him Tyler touches his shoulder before walking off Kelly walks up and kisses him)
Kelly- hey boyfriend?
Damon- hey.
Kelly- you okay? (looking concerned)
Damon- no Haley problems. (walking with Kelly down the steps)
Kelly- what happened?
Damon- last night I found a condom wrapper in the trash and I found out that she and Byron had been having sex.
Kelly- that sucks.
Damon- tell me about it.(they walk to classroom door and stops, they lean up against the lockers looking at each other) did we just have a normal conversation without the whole drama thing?
Kelly- ha ha very funny (sacastically) well if there's anything I can do to help let me know.
Damon- okay.(smiling at her he kisses her before she spins and heads off to class Damon walks in he sits next to Anna in front)
Anna- you're gonna attempt to sit in front? You know this where the most learning is right? (smiling)
Damon- I got a lot on my mind. (sitting next to her he shoots her a grin) I could deal with some learning about now.
Anna- anything you want to talk about?
Damon- just sister problems I just don't want to exactly face right now.
Anna- well (touching his arm) I think you're really brave for doing this. You know sitting in the front like this. (smiling at him before he looks down at his desk she removes her hand and looks at her notebook)
Damon- Anna?(looking at her)
Anna- hmm (looking at him)
Damon- you trust your sister don't you?
Anna- of course.
Damon- so what if she slept with your best friend?
Anna- my best friend is a girl. so that'd be awkward. (smiling)
Damon- come on I'm serious.
Anna- well it probably would hurt at first but if they trully love each other why would it matter? Their happiness would over cancel mine.(Damon looks down at his desk) What I'm trying to say is why fight it? If it's true love and if it's meant to be. You can't stop it from happening. No matter if you're just trying to protect your sister. (Damon looks at her) that's what you were trying to do right?
Damon- yeah where I failed horribly.
Anna- it's never too late to fix it.
(Damon looks forward)(After school he walks into his house)
Damon- Haley? Get down here!
(Haley walks down)
Haley- what now Damon?
Damon- I love you and I'm sorry.
Haley- what difference does it make? I'm grounded when mom and dad get home.
Damon- no you're not. I told mom and dad I lied about the condom because I was mad you were dating Byron. They brought it but you can't have sex with him anymore. Deal?
(Haley sighs)
Haley- deal. you're the best.(hugs him Damon hugs her back)
Damon- you really love him don't you? (backing away from her)
Haley- A lot. Our age doesn't matter to me or to him.
(Damon smiles)
Haley- I'm gonna go call him right now.
Damon- no need to.(As Haley prepares to go upstairs)
Haley- why not?
Damon- Byron?!
(Byron walks in the front door with flowers)
Byron- hey?
Haley- hey. (getting the flowers) I missed you.
Byron- missed you too. (he hugs her and they kiss)
(Doorbell Damon goes to open it and sees Trinity standing there)
Damon- hey?
Trinity- I wanted to apologize. (Damon looks at Byron and Haley kissing then he looks at Trinity)
Damon- let's take a walk. (closing the door behind him they head down the driveway)
Trinity- I'm sorry.
Damon- me too.
Trinity- acting the way I did was just childish.
Damon- me too. You were right I shouldn't have treated Anna like that.
Trinity- Damon tell me the truth (facing him he faces her) I won't tell Anna this but how do you feel about her?
(Damon looks at Trinity)
(Anna in her room when her mother knocks on the door)
Mom- hey busy?
Anna- not at all.
Mom- this whole week just flew by.
Anna- you're leaving tommorrow aren't you?
Mom- my next movie starts fliming tommorrow I'm sorry.
Anna- how many months this time?
Mom- six or more.
(Anna sighs)
Mom- I'm really sorry Anna.
(Anna hugs her mom hard)
Mom- so how's that guy thing working out?
Anna- it's better one day he'll know how I feel about him.
Mom- I hope so because you deserve to find that right guy to love you like you love him.
Anna- I'm gonna miss you mom.
Mom- oh baby I'm gonna miss you too. (hugs her)

The End

Love Actually Takes On Pt. 4

*Damon has a new rival.
*Trinity reveals a shocking sercet to Anna that may destory their friendship.
*Byron pressures Haley to meet his parents.

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