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by Medie
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A snowball fight in scroll.
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A few months ago, I started a snowball fight on scroll with the intention that I would clean it up and post it. I finally got around to it. Here, in its entirety is the snowball fight we had on November 16, 2005. It started about eight pm.

(There are a couple of players that have since left the site, but since they were members at the time and participated in the game...I am not removing them from the game.)

Medie : susan. now. *sprinkles snow all over scroll*

nextmrsgoins: Sounds like fun, Purp! Count me in! *giggles*

nextmrsgoins: Hey Medie!

SueBear : *starts gathering snow into small balls*

SueBear : *hides behind the corner*

terryjroo: Hey guys - did I see snow in here?

SueBear : SPLAT


terryjroo: ahhh, ducks behind a tree

PatDaniels : Gosh Terry. Thanks for the ticket. lol.


kittiara: WW Sis! *dives in and hugs*

terryjroo: pelts Mr.Wizard with a snowball!

SueBear : though, it was Medie's idea...so get her, not me! LOL

PatDaniels : Ow. That was my face. Lol.

terryjroo: (((Kitt)))!! have some snow!

terryjroo: have to learn to duck Wiz!

kittiara: *huggggs Terry* snow? I love snow!

terryjroo: puts snow down the back of Kitt's shirt! **

PatDaniels : Well excuse me. got to go. Bye.

Medie : *grins* oh i've been here, ww. just waiting for the right moment! *starts throwing snowballs around, then ducks*

terryjroo: *builds a snow fort to hide behind*

kittiara: Eeeeeeeeep! *dives under the invisi-couch*

SueBear : Hey SM *SPLAT* gotcha!!

kittiara: Bye Wizard!

terryjroo: *throws random snowballs hoping to pelt the lurkers!*

SueBear : SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Got Diane, Kathleen, and Moo...that's what you get for lurking on scroll!!!! *tosses more snowballs*

Medie : *ducks down behind the snow fort with terry to gather ammunition* i was waiting a little longer but no idea where silver is. oh well.

terryjroo: *splats a snowball on Medie's head* hee hee

Medie : *throws one at susan and dumps snow down terry's back* i never said i was hiding here to be safe! *Bigsmile*

SueBear : *gracefully ducks out of the way, does a little pirouette, and fires one off at....*

kittiara: *gathers some snow, creates a nice, fluffy snowball and launches it at Terry from underneath the invisi-couch*.

terryjroo: *I see Mari and Jax* snowball attack!!

Medie : *ducks out of the way of susan's last snowball and fires one back*

Mariposa : hey!!

SueBear : Crouching Susan, Hidden Snowball

terryjroo: hee hee, care to join in the fun Mari *hands her a snowball*

SueBear : *hands snowballs to Mari* Have at it girlfriend.

Mariposa : whitewashes Terry

Mariposa : @ Susan!

terryjroo: *glad she has her snowsuit on* lol

kittiara: *giggles at Susan*

Medie : *pause in the fight* tech difficulties here. okay fixed.

terryjroo: *sneaks up behind Susan and drops some snow down her back*

SueBear : *runs across treetops sprinkling snow onto everyone*

Medie : *sneaks up behind terry and stuffs snow in her face*

The Kafkaesque Poltergeist : *fades into view*

cerianwen : helooo

kittiara: *sings* ♪♫ Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...♪♫

The Kafkaesque Poltergeist : 'ello Belle *is getting cold just watching y'all*

Medie : *pelts belle and kaf with snowballs* join the fun!

terryjroo: Medie!! Brrrr!!

kittiara; Hiya Kaf! Hiya Belle! *waves from underneath the invisi-couch*

terryjroo: *watches snowball go right through Kaf*

cerianwen : hiya Kit... Christmas songs... woo already

The Kafkaesque Poltergeist : *shivers as snowball passes through*

Medie : getting a little cold, terry? we can stop and have cocoa.

cerianwen : Has got her christmas tree up already lol

terryjroo: *gets a bull dozer and dumps snow all over the invisicouch and Kitt*

The Kafkaesque Poltergeist : we were thinking the same thing, Ter!

terryjroo: mmmm, cocoa would be great!

kittiara: *is snowed in* ooops

cerianwen : snowballs... yay I love snow

SueBear : *pauses midflight*

Medie : *rolls in the snow lauging at poor kitt burried!*

terryjroo: Kaf, let's dig her out!

SueBear : bedtime issues w/munchkin, bbs for cocoa

leann: ww has mail

kittiara: *starts digging my way out*

The Kafkaesque Poltergeist : 'ello Kitt

terryjroo: *pelts Purp with a snowball* You're it!!

Mariposa : mmm, with marshmallows

cerianwen : gets a gardening trowel to dig a cave through the snow and passes Kitt a scarf and mittens.. here ya go you will be cold under all that lot

nextmrsgoins: Hey Sis! *huggles* Sorry, I was checking email.

Medie : *snaps fingers and cleans up the snow--easiest snow removal ever and serves cocoa and cookies to the group*

terryjroo: definitely marshmallows!!

leann: hey belle how many more gp's do you need

kittiara: Thankies Belle! *wraps the scarf around my neck and puts the mittens on*

cerianwen : makes snow angels

leann: hey man...*chases terry*

terryjroo: *makes snow devils!*

cerianwen : I think it is just under 100k now lol I'm reviewing like mad though and it is slowly creeping up

Medie : thanks for participating in the snowball fight, everyone. i'll let you know as soon as i have it posted. hopefully it will bring a smile to AFdaughter 's face.
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