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This is an article that talks about stress management.
De-stress Yourself
Are you so worked up that you are frightened? Does the task at hand seem so large that it cannot be finished? Would you rather sit at home by giving it all up? Do you feel de-motivated or that your salary is too low? Have you given up the struggle? Is everything around you collapsing? Do you have no-one to narrate your woes to?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes you may just be suffering from stress. Organizational behavior studies show that an important cause for work pattern disturbances is stress. If you want to make it in life you have to unwind and enjoy the ride. It may seem that you do not have the resources but if you trust your intelligence you are well on your way to accomplishing all you want. Let us look at a few practical tricks to get you life in order again.
1. Don’t give a damn
You have to fend for yourself and your dear ones. Don’t give a damn as to what others say or think. No one is going to give you a million to feed your family for nothing. So wake up and stop carrying a senseless bundle of sentiments with you. Focus on your work and to hell with everybody else in your way. Nothing should disturb your peace of mind. Care for those who care for you. But make sure you give others a chance.
2. Don’t be obsessed with the past – learn from it.
If you observe the past you will see yourself occupied in various manners. You may see yourself working peacefully at your school desk or you may be making a mistake like getting angry over a non-issue. Use that memory now – in either case you know what the right thing to do is. If you were at peace continue that peace now. If not don’t make the same mistake again. Soon enough you will be back to your best.
3. Never stop your efforts
Intelligent efforts always lead to success. This is provided the efforts are well planned from a realistic angle. It is easy to say that you do not have the cash or the support – you have to surmount the obstacles you have created yourself. Be regular and don’t waste your time. The results are sure to follow. These results can be emotional, financial, social or even spiritual. You have to make it in every way.
4. Don’t be subservient to anyone
A person may have a great designation or a few million – it does not make that person better than you. If you want you should be able to get those things yourself. Each person is different and has an individual set of strengths. Instead of idolizing some human it is better you explore yourself and do what you want. Trust your own intelligence. You should live up to your own standards. Go ahead and set them and be better than the guy in front of you, in your chosen expertise.
5. The long race
You may wonder – how will I ever make it. Things will appear simpler with a long term perspective. Looking at a career perspective you may see that you have 10 years or 5 years to make it to the director. The earlier you decide your goals the better your chances are. You can then set the pace for your career progression. You will be able to focus your efforts by making a 5 year plan and a long-term plan all the way up to retirement. Make sure you do all you want to do. Life is short and you must accomplish all you want within your priorities.
6. Relax
Stay relaxed. Don’t get jittery and unnerved. Instead look at the task ahead of you and do that in a peaceful manner. Stick to a time-frame if possible. A regular work pattern is a sure fire peace maker. Plan your work with a high margin of safety in terms of time. That will ensure you don’t fall behind schedule and will hence be completely in control. That will keep you serene. If you are behind target no amount of thinking can de-stress you. Give yourself time. A relaxed person is a successful person.
7. Make good relationships
Meet like minded people. People that think in a similar manner. That will keep you in high spirits. However make sure that your relationships don’t infringe on a professional association. Stay in touch with close friends. Maintain peer relationships and that will tell you where you stand in a social setting. You will also understand that others also face the same issues you do. Over time you will develop the art of maintaining relationships.
8. Swear to win
Every person needs some self respect. That does not come till you excel. If you meet your targets you will be relaxed. Don’t give up. The work you do must be the work you like. You will easily be able to do your best. If you have genuinely done your best there is no need to blame yourself. A critical self analysis will help you do better next time. Winning is important and you will feel better when the battle is won.
Relaxed effort in the action of your choice is the key to a fulfilled life. Completing your responsibilities let you look back at a well lived life. Peace comes from within and all you need to do is think your way out of stress. Identify the problems you face and their solutions. Soon enough you will have managed it all. A great future is waiting for you. Cheers!
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