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The Next Morning
Back to the story, anyway after she woke up, he was eating in their house. She said, "Mom, what is he doing here." "Oh, he came to say hello, we heard his stomach growl and he told this amazing story. He said he got into a skateboarding accident and needed a huge amount of food to get his self-esteem higher" the mom said, what a far-fetched story. "Hi" said Tom. She said nothing to him, she just walked upstairs."Oh, shes always is like that, nothing personal, well, I don't know" said the mom. "Especially after that accident" she said. "What accident" Tom said. "Oh its nothing, nothing at all, but she is hiding something from her father and me, I'm still trying to figure it out" said her mom. "Well you better go now, we have to go to the dentist later." "Alright", said Tom while leaving. He walks outside still wondering what was the accident all about, he thought long and hard but still no results. 5:00PM passed around and he came back to the house, he figured she was in her room so he threw a rock like before to get her attention. She answers, "What do you want, go home already!" she yelled. "I want to take you on a date, it will be fun, and I'll show you around and stuff, we can go see a movie, if you want, so what do you say?" said Tom very daringly. She thought about it and said yes. "Alright, around five seems good" said Tom. Jane agreed. He just asked a girl out that he new nothing about at all, absolutely nothing about, still he was looking forward to it. The next day around five he was getting ready. After taking a nice warm shower and washing everything that needed to be washed and wore an outfit that was as stylish as she was. He was nervous like most, but he thought, "why should I be nervous, I mean this isn't my first date or anything" Tom said, followed by a sigh. It was time to go to get her and he walked proudly out his house to Jane's house to pick her up. Its funny because he didn't even have a car, but he thought, walking 2 miles required no car. He got to their front porch, there was a light on so he rang the doorbell and it opened and guess who it was.(End of episode 2)
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