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Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #1121469
Just a list of characters in my soon to be released epic Buck Tooth
?=Alliances are Questionable

Crassus (Corrupted Emporer) V
Hood (Shady Advisor) V
Marcus (General) V
Snig (Archery Instructor) V
Bash (Military Sergeant) V
Walcott (Judge) V?
Aldrech (Torturer/Executioner) V
Nuren (Cult Leader) V
Blascott (Cult's Idol) V
Lich (Overseer of the Plague) V
Abigail (Nurse to Lich) V
Guy (Head Knight) H
Leonard (Knight) H
Mandar (Knight) H
Lir (Knight) H
Mirg (Crazed Scientist) V
Brunneg (Respected Aristocrat) H?
Wargohul (Bloodcraven Warior) V
Girig (Cult Escapist) H
Baloff (Rebel Leader) H?
Lord Brea (Long Dead Aristocrat) H
Gret (Fortune Teller) H
Ankahr (Possesed Corpse) V
Wendugo (Witch Doctor) V
Baron Blood (Voodoo Master) V
Assassin Bug (Long Dead Would-Be Assassin) H
Scarg (Son of Long Dead Would-Be Assassin) H
Puncture (Hulking Pirate) H
Epee (Pirate) H
Skullman (Living Dead Pirate) H
Fargus (Pirate Captain) H
Teedles (Ex-Knight) H
Nilm (Haunted Would-Be Aristocrat) H
Zarel (Rebel Without a Cause) H
Chill (Hulking Warlord of Ice) V?
Inferno (1st Twin of Fire) V
Mary (2nd Twin of Fire) V
Crake (Brother of Ice) V
Drake (Brother of Fire) V
Norl (Fire's Assassin) V
Surg (2nd Twin's Guardian) V
Urk (Gremlin Commander) V
Makile (Ice Beast) V
Shadon (Ice Spirit) V
Tino (Bar Owner) H
Lucar (One of the Head of the UAP) H
Muddy (UAP Guard) H
Poopsie (Hero) H
Sam (Son of A Hero) H
Erin (Wealthy Knight) V
Sebastian (Mysterious Knight) V
Edgar (Enormous Knight) V
Rath (People's Champion) H
Puppetear (Bounty Hunter) V?
Raven (Bounty Hunter) V?
Rhydox (Bounty Hunter) V?
Gil (Bounty Hunter) V?
Stricture (Bounty Hunter) V?
Sid (Infected Village Leader) H
Blaster (Mechanical Hitman) V
Spike (Mechanical Explosives Expert) V
Grakkel (Second in Command Rebel) H
Xig (Rebel Spy) H
Emily (Long Lost Lover) H?
Seltzer (Lost Father) H
Dr. Fiend (Imprisoned Genius) H
Slither (Snake) H

These guys aren't all going to be in one story.....the whole saga is made out of 6 seperate pieces....
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