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BB inflation story...OF NEW HEIGHTS!, 1st person!
Today, I was invited to this candy making factory, owned by a guy a knew. he had invited me to come today. It took a lot of thought because my friend, alissia, she used to be as a skinny as a broom, had eatten so much of that candy, she was now over 3 tonnes!, I don't want to end up fat and huge, having big breastes would be nice, but NO way was that going to happen to me. I had picked a sexy, butiful outfit for today, I was going to wear a blue dress, a red belt, to show off my pretty un-fat, big femenine hips, but and thighs and legs,and sexy, cabanairs heels, also I made sure the dress was one size to small so it was tight, so show off my DD breasts, sexy stomach, and hips, thighs, and butt. And my blond hair was long and straight. Except for my stomach and head, everything, that could be sexy, was huge! so I finnaly make it to the factory, it's huge with its smoke stacks, and long buildings. I was so dumbfounds, when I was somthing on the door, it read; "I'm sorry, but im sick today, the doors unlocked, you can check everything out, except for the gum machien, thanks." That asshole, always ditiching me. So, I went inside and had a look. I saw all the machiens, all the workers, untill I came upon the "gum machien room", I went in and it was pretty blan, except for the huge machien at the end of the room. I pressed the button and it went to life. After five minutes of noises and wonder, a little strip of gum came out. This was it? Oh well, and popped it in my mouth. All of the sudden, there was tomato soup, it was running down my throght. It was amazing, the best I've ever had!, I had lunch not to long ago, though, so it was a little discomforting, but it didn't madder, this gum was amazing! Next coarse was coming up, roast beef and backed poatao!, This was truely spectacular. Unfurtuatly because I had ate eirlier, and of the first coarse, my stoamch grew a tinny bit, but I didn't care, this was amazing, third coarse was coming up, blueberry pie and ice cream!, yum! This was the best thing I have ever had! luckly my stomach had resently degest some of the food, so my stomach didnt grow(yet). Man this was good, but...it was overkill, there was mouthful, after mouthful of juice, and thats when I relized that i was turning blue! I looked down and everything was getting darker, my boobs, legs, face, everything!, Ah, man this wasn't good. Then there was a gurgling noise, and it started. At first, my boobs, stomach hips, and thighs grew alittle, but continue to swelled. My hips flared out, and my stomach swelled out more, straining the belt, my boobs were growing to, and also so were my legs, and arms. As my belt popped off, I thought to my self, all that work for NOTHING!, im just going to be a huge...blueberry for the rest of my life. I continued to swell, now my midsection taking control, I was now becoming more spherful. I felt so hevy, I was just a big globular girl now, my breasts, still technichly there own, were HUGE just like me, my cheecks were puffed up, but as scared as I was, I was in a way, likeing this, but upset on how i looked. just then a man came from the shadows. "Britney?, Britney Sprankaling?" said the man. "MIKE!" I shouted. "I told you not to go to the gum machein!, good thing the juicer is up and running today, or else you would explode!" "WHAT!, EXPLODE, I DON'T WANT TO EXPLODE!" I said. "Don't worry you wont" as mike said this he put his ear on my stomach, and heard gurgling sounds. "I feel like im GONNA explode though" I said. "We'de better hurry" after saying this mike put his handson my stomach, and then on my butt, then on my stomach again, then hips, I relized that he was rolling me! Unfurtunatly I got bigger as he rolled me. Oh, well I had better return to how I was before this! So we came to the juicing room, and I gotrolled onto this machien, then these mechanical hand came and sprang on me. As they squeezed I started getting smaller, juice was coming out through every pour. By the end, I was still big, everything was swollen still, but it was ok, I didn't mind it anymore, Mike said I could stay at his factory. And sometimes I did Have gum to help Mike with his blueberry juice line.

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