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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Drama · #1146543
A moment of indecison has dire consequences. (Please help me develop this).
Awareness returns with an excruciating throb in my head and a painful pulsating in my groin. I open my burning, crust-filled eyes and see way too many half-clothed individuals passed-out next to me--on the bed and the floor. I want to close my eyes again but the pungent smell of stale urine and fresh vomit force them open again. I shiver, thinking, It's freezing in here!

I'm afraid to uncurl from the protective fetal position I'm in. I feel safe and secure wound up in this tight little fortress I've made with my body. I wish I could stay this way forever--or at least until the pounding in my head stops--but I'm starting to get scared. I'm lost and confused. These sensations in my head and body are foreign to me. I feel like an alien from outer space who arrives on earth during the Fourth of July surrounded by loud, booming fireworks. The pounding in my head causes me to tremble from the inside out.

"Where the hell am I and how did I get here?" I mumble from beyond my dry lips, still shivering from the cold.

Honestly, I don't even want to hink about how I might have wound up here. Waking up in this God-awful place, feeling (and smelling) like death warmed-over wasn't the result of my behaving myself--even I knew that much! Chances are good that last night, I somehow crossed the line and journeyed into the Land of Lewdness.

Once again aware that I have no idea where I am, a new sensation visits me--panic. Something tells me to go look outside to get a better clue about my location.

"OH MY GOD!" I scream in shock.

All at once, I have become aware of two very disturbing facts:
1. I'm in a hotel room in Mexico
2. I'm completely naked.

Chasity hopped off the table she'd been dancing on, happy to finally be in Ensenada with her friends on her 18th birthday. Today was all about firsts for her--her first trip across the border, her first time drinking alcohol, and her first French kiss from a handsome, Spanich-speaking hunk she'd just met. He seemed nice enough--a bit pushy and agressive--but he said Mexican men were all like this--passionate when they met beautiful American women.

She flipped her long, chestnut hair, tilted her head to the side, and thanked him for the compliment. Then she flashed him her two-dimple smile and sipped on what had to be the fifth (or was it the sixth?) drink he'd bough for her. It didn't taste like the virgin daiquiri she told him to order...

Nervously, she fidgeted with her red leather mini skirt that had risen so high up her thigh that she caught a glimpse of of her own white cotton panties as she looked down to make sure her purse was still on the floor next to the stool.

She hesitated for only a second when he asked her to his room in the hotel below. Somehow she didn't sense any fear or concern about this guy...

She's faded in and out of consciousness four times that she remembered. Everything that happened seemed surreal as it occured in episodes:
Fade in...she was being bounced on a bed, while she laughed, being thrown back by the bucking body squeezed between her legs...someone grabs her waist...
Fade out...
Fade in...she was on the cold, dank floor of a shower. She was wet. She shuddered as a hand stroked her leg.
{i{I wish I were dead, she thought, as she shivered and faded out again.
As she faded back into reality, she was awakened by a dull throb in her head. She curled into a ball that temporaily eased the pain. I just want to go home, she thought, and wondered where she was.
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