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A simple statement about a farmer's life.
Sonnet for a Farmer

At last, the labors of my day are done.
I’m homeward bound as rolling thunder nears.
The rain begins and gray skies hide the sun.
The flowers droop from Mother Nature’s tears.

The raindrops beat a rhythm on the ground.
The voice of Mother Nature’s beating heart.
I pause a moment, list'ning to the sound;
And then it fades, the gray clouds move apart.

The sun peeks out as dark clouds move away
And Mother Nature shows her rainbow smile.
The perfect ending to a work-filled day.
A peaceful feeling lingers for a while.

I am a farmer - days of rest are few,
But simple joys can help me make it through.

Shakespearean sonnet form
abab - cdcd - efef - gg
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