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Woman waiting in the night

She stood by the light waiting for him
And listens to the noises in the night wind.
It was dark outside of the circle of light
and that was eerie on this cool, windy night.

Maybe something happened and he will be late tonight
Now how long will she have to stand in the light?
The wind was whipping her dress
and it gave her legs a cold caress.

Standing on a street corner in the night
she huddles close to stay in the dim light.
Again she is forced to wait
Hoping that he will not be to late.

What was that metal scraping sound
Is it the wind blowing a can across the ground?
A cold chill was running up her spine
As she thought should I give him some more time?

Yes the night wind was cold on her skin
But he was capable of warming it again.
A block away under a dim streetlight
was that a shadow moving in the night?

In her mind she was saying
five more minutes is all I’m staying.
She is beginning to think he does not care
that it is night and she has to stand here.

Finally she sees headlights far up ahead
is that Bill or will she soon be dead.
As the car pulls up beside her, he opens the door
Getting in she said, Bill I will not be riding in your taxi anymore.

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