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Jack and Tanya celebrate a weekend of eating and fatness as Jack tops 850 lbs
His magnificent 850 pounds (or more?) finally squeezed into the now “much tighter than skintight” old red jumpsuit (made all the tighter by his appreciable gain of the last two weeks), Jack Styles slowly waddled his nearly spherical 6'2" form through the bathroom's double-width doorway and into the bedroom, then came ponderously to a halt when he saw his wife Tanya staring lustfully at him from their super king-size, specially-reinforced bed.

Jack’s face - his heavily padded cheeks that nearly hid his blue eyes, his thick, sensuous lips, and the broad ring of fat that joined his jaw and his shoulders - testified to how effectively sixteen months of uninterrupted, unrestrained marital binging had transformed his body from merely obese to awe-inspiring vastness.

Jack's soft, gigantic shoulders rounded smoothly into his mammoth upper arms, which were each bigger around than an average man's chest; their elephantine girth strained the coverall's arm seams close to bursting. (Indeed, all the seams on these much-too-small coveralls were close to rupture!) Jack’s pecs were a fat-fancier's fantasy come true, huge twin glaciers surging downward under the straining fabric struggling to contain them, and hanging so far out around on Jack’s sides that they forced his arms to rest against them at a forty-five degree angle. So incredibly mammoth and heavy were his phenomenal pecs, in fact, that they would surely have sagged down past his waist but for the enormous shelf formed by the top of his astounding belly.

And what a mammoth, ponderous belly! Jack’s belly had grown into an immense, gluttonous waterfall of smoothly inflated flab which rolled forward and out beneath his pecs, acting like a shelf holding up Jack's pecs up in a tantalizing way. Below, however, the lower part of Jack's belly sagged downwards, a massive apron of overhanging flesh that bounced gently against his enormous thighs. Jack's awe-inspiring belly also extended round his sides so it encircled him, providing him with a personal ‘equator’ of epic size. The aggregate breadth of his spectacular belly included his gigantic love handles that strained the seams of his coveralls as they pushed out to his widest width. Peeking out at Jack’s neck, and defining a centreline on Jack’s princely body is beneath the coveralls is a soft highway of smooth hair, that runs from Jack’s neck in a treasure trail down past his belly button and beyond.

Packing his gargantuan sexy body, outrageously fat belly and all, so firmly into the red coveralls that he could get the zippers done up had taken Jack some struggle; by the time he succeeded, he was nearly panting, and the coverall’s seams were all dangerously tortured, trying to contain his overwhelming fatness. The seams over his belly were suffering more than most, with their stitching clearly visible, and their torment worsened with Jack’s every movement - each time he moved, his vast, flabulous gut bounced and rebounded within its taut fabric prison. Jack had been afraid he would have to ask Tanya for help with the zippers, which would have damaged the surprise he had prepared for her; she thought these red coveralls had been discarded months ago. Instead he had kept them for a special occasion such as this weekend.

The bottom half of Jack’s massive body wasn’t any less majestic than his gut and chest. His hips were truly awe-inspiring, bulging mounds of fatness that tried, but did not quite equal the width of the lavishly overhanging belly and love handles above. His legs were a match for his hips: monumentally massive, tank sized pillars of thickly layered lard over mighty muscles. The fat of his beefy oil drum thighs hung over his knees, and stretched the legs of the red coveralls snug and tight. The thick fat padding of Jack’s mighty calves hung down over his feet. And although at the moment Jack's position kept her from viewing it -- still, Tanya knew that behind him lay the most deliciously bulbous ass any woman could want on a man, two titanic hemispheres of warm, padded flesh.

Transfixed by the breathtaking sight of her gargantuan husband standing before her dressed in such a provocatively tight outfit, its seams visibly straining to contain his burgeoning bulk, a suddenly dry-mouthed Tanya swallowed hard and tried several times to tell him how utterly tempting he looked to her. But it was just no use: the sheer intensity of her lust for him had temporarily rendered her speechless, her breasts tingling with excitement.

"Shine and rise, sleepyhead," Jack said in a cheerful voice, purposely inverting the phrase in order to create a double entendre -- but pretending not to notice either his "mistake" or his wife's obvious arousal. "Naptime's over. Time to get on to other things."

Smiling mischievously at her, he used his left hand to affectionately pat one bulging lovehandle, sending gentle ripples through the fat of his globular body. "I'm happy to report that the delicious horizontal workout we had this morning didn't lessen my rippling bulk - and all the food you left for me this afternoon helped me improve my studly physique. As a matter of fact -- or should I say fat? -- according to the scales, your obese and hungry prince has managed to gorge his way up to 857 pounds!"

Mentally calculating the difference between the figure Jack had just gleefully announced and what the scale had registered at his last weigh-in two weeks ago, Tanya felt a pleasurable erotic jolt run the length of her body in response to the whopping 26 pound gain which her computation implied. There followed a few moments of doubt on her part when it occurred to her that her loving husband might have overstated his current weight for her sake . . . followed in turn by a second, still more powerful jolt rocketing through her when, after mentally reviewing the frequency and extent of his gluttony the past two weeks, she realized that the 857-pound figure he'd voiced probably wasn't the least bit exaggerated!

"Does -- does that include the sausage roll too?" Tanya finally stammered out in what she'd meant to be a casual reply, sexual anticipation making her tremble slightly as she pointed her arm at his right hand.

Despite knowing that he couldn't see his hands with his prodigious pecs and colossal upper arms blocking his view, force of habit made Jack look down to his right. "Why, no," he said, both his surprised tone and facial expression suggesting that he'd somehow forgotten all about the sausage roll he was holding. "It doesn't."

Well aware of how turned-on Tanya got from watching him eat, he raised the sausage roll to his lips and chomped on it, gobbling it down in only two bites. "Make that eight hundred fifty-seven and a half."

Acting as if he hadn't heard her involuntary moan of agonized ecstasy, he then unleashed his most effective turn-on: slowly and sensuously licking the residual greasiness off his pudgy fingers one by one in a manner which left no doubt whatsoever as to his arousal.

"Every little bit helps," he said happily once the last trace of the sausage’s grease was gone. "Waste not, gut out."

Feeling herself going pleasantly and not-so-slowly crazy with desire, Tanya strove for self-control. "Speaking of guts," she said, straining to repress a quaver in her voice, "aren't you uncomfortable in that tight thing?"

"Now that you mention it, it is a bit snug," Jack admitted coyly. Instead of inviting her to help him out of the coveralls the way Tanya had hoped he would, however, he majestically wheeled his immense poundage halfway around. After the barest pause, his gut and lovehandles followed, bringing his stupendous backside into her sight, and he added, "Especially across the rear." Tanya drank in the sight of Jack’s awesome back, especially his giant lovehandles, which strained every seam of the coveralls as they bounced and swayed after the sudden movement.

Then, not without some difficulty owing to his enormous belly, Jack gradually bent over, making his already prodigious love handles and ass seem to grow larger and rounder by the second before her widening eyes. That is, at least until -- with a noisy ripping sound -- the coveralls' overburdened seams yielded to the terrific pressure being put upon them and his enormous love handles and buttocks practically exploded through the ruptured fabric.

"Oh, dear," he said in an innocent little boy voice, slowly straightening up with equal effort, "it seems I've gone and bust the seams."
And in the brief instant before the delectable contrast between his innocent tone and lascivious actions triggered her to thundering orgasm, blotting out all coherent thought for a time, Tanya knew with a thrill of joy that a very long - and very, very filling - weekend lay ahead of her.


For this was only Friday late afternoon - and Tanya had “laid in” plenty of supplies for the weekend. She had noticed - indeed, had blatantly encouraged - the recent increase in the tempo of Jack's incessant gorging that had led to his latest 26 pound gain. Tanya loved watching her husband eat - and she revered the natural result of all this gorging, Jack’s gigantic, expanding, astoundingly fat body. His fervor for food, his gusto for gorging, reinforced by her encouragement, had boosted his intake to the truly heroic level of more than 45,000 calories per day - and this weekend promised to shove that exorbitant consumption even higher. The refrigerators and freezers in their kitchen bulged with hundreds of pounds of luscious comestibles intended solely for Jack's consumption over the next two days - and, in addition, there was a catering company coming with a complete banquet for 20 Saturday evening!

Tanya had fallen for Jack not just for his sweet smile and warm, accepting personality - though she wouldn’t have married a man without them - but primarily for his awesome appetite. His incipient rotundity had been a bonus when they first met - though at 260 pounds, it was more than just incipient, as her friends remarked. Tanya knew she had found the right man, though, when after just three months of dating her Jack had topped the 300 pound mark. Jack obviously thought so too - he proposed at that point, and over the following three months leading up to their wedding he packed on another 60 pounds, making him a very fat 360 lber by the time they married. 362 pounds, stretched out over 74 inches of height, was as nothing though compared to how big Jack would become after getting married - Tanya had spent their 16 months (so far) of marital bliss encouraging Jack’s voracity and lauding Jack's resultant bodily expansion. Her encouragement and praise had born fruit beyond her (and his) wildest dreams. Many new brides watch their new husbands put on 15 or 25 pounds. Not many get to watch their husbands add nearly a quarter ton to their weight!


As Tanya lay on the bed in a warm afterglow, Jack moved slowly towards her, his massive avoirdupois gently swaying and bouncing as he swung each awesome leg forward in turn. As he moved, the torn back waist and butt seams of the red coveralls let go further, and the tortured line of stitching that contained his mighty oil-barrel-sized thighs let go as well. Jack grinned at Tanya as she started at the ripping sound, and then watched him, entranced by this new evidence of his fantastic size. Tanya observed him pause at the foot of the bed and press the remote control that would lower the mattress so he could easily fall onto it - he having grown to a size where climbing into a bed was getting difficult. Her arousal was sustained by the delicious thought that she would soon be on top of Jack - a Jack now grown so improbably fat - from her cooking! - that he had to sleep on this special, motorised bed in order to have sex, or even just to get out of bed.

As he stood, remote control in hand, Jack deliberately and provocatively raised raised both his arms, breathing in as he did so. The back seam that had so dramatically given out when he bent over now proceeded to rip all the way up to his shoulders, to Tanya’s delight. As Tanya watched avidly, Jack swung both raised arms back, and leaned back to stick out his belly further. The threads of the main seam down the front of the coveralls strained, gapped most impressively, and then let go with a massive noise that started at the mid-point of Jack’s chest and raced down across his sagging belly, which exploded out the front of the coveralls just as the butt had done earlier.

Jack stood there, enjoying Tanya’s enraptured gaze. Then, the bed having lowered sufficiently, Jack waddled forward and simply fell onto the heavy mattress, which compressed deeply under him and then slowly bounced back. Tanya rode the wave of Jack's arrival, then moved in to begin removing the remains of his exploded jumpsuit. Her hands, between darting over his body undoing zippers and snaps, deliberately kneaded his fat, continuing the process of arousal that had begun for Jack when he squeezed into the much too-tight red coveralls. As Jack had grown, he found his increasing acreage of skin had become more and more sensitive, as if all of his newly added fat were an erogenous zone; the rubbing feeling of the much too tight coveralls on Jack’s skin had began his arousal, and Tanya's darting hands rapidly increased it.

Tanya pushed the buttons that would raise the middle of the bed, tilting Jack's gorgeous belly back towards his chest and giving her access to the family jewels below. As she moved in on top of him, she could feel him coming below her....

When Jack finally reached orgasm, it passed like thundering waves through his ocean of fat. Tanya held on to the flab of his love handles, riding out his climaxing waves of abundant flesh as he strove to pump deep within her....

When finally his luxuriant flesh came to rest, Tanya lay quietly on Jack. She knew what would come next - a deep rumbling sound in Jack's handsome gut, signalling that while the sex might be over, the hunger was unceasing, and the feeding should resume - but she enjoyed these post-coital moments for their peace, and the feel of Jack's plush abundance below her.


Tanya had nearly drifted off when a deep gurgling rumble began. Jack's glorious stomach was signalling its esurient state quite avidly - it had been nearly two hours since the last time Jack ate! As she got up, Jack rolled massively over on his side, putting his hand within range of the pile of salmon croquettes Tanya had stashed on the bedside table before he came in. Jack lifted the first two to his lips as Tanya stood beside the bed and stretched.

“You just start on those, hon, and I’’ll be right back.”

By the time she had returned from the kitchen with the jug of chocolate milkshake, "enriched" with weight gain powder, that was Jack's current favourite post-sex drink, Jack had already demolished the 30 salmon croquettes and was pressing the buttons that would raise the bed sufficiently so he could easily get to his feet. Was it just her imagination, or was the bed straining a little harder than before to elevate Jack's mass?

Jack turned his head and shoulders towards the side of the bed, his massive fat pecs following the movement and stretching as Jack’s stomach stayed put. He then swung one foot over the side of the bed, and as Tanya watched, his monstrous gut slumped onto the bed. Grunting, Jack pulled with his leg against the side of the bed as he rolled his vast bottom up and down, causing his fat belly to rise and shifting as his other leg moved closer to the side of the bed. As he sat up straight again, his huge pecs quaking in echo of his effort, his big belly coming to rest, he strained again and swung the other leg over the side of the bed. As the second titanic column of leg fat hit the floor, his belly finally shifted as well, pulling his whole body around to face Tanya. She grinned as he took the gallon jug and chugged the contents.

"Thanks," he said, and prepared for the next movement that would get his monumental body mobile and on its feet. He leaned forward, getting the massive weight of his pendulant pecs above and in front of his knees, then bounced his butt on the bed, shifting his belly forward. As his belly moved forward above his knees he straightened his massive thighs, and with a deep grunt and a monumental flourish, Jack rose to his feet, the flexing of his powerful thigh muscles noticeable even through the thick flab covering them. His massive gut bounced, then slowly came to rest, rebounding gently against his thighs. His pecs swayed to and fro and settled down on his stomach shelf. His tummy chose that moment to gurgle again, loudly. "I think 'Charlie' down there is getting empty again," he remarked with a grin. "Well, I burst the red coveralls - what else do I have in my wardrobe to cover a growing boy?"

Tanya, standing by the closet, was looking at the remains of the burst red coveralls.

“Jack, however did you get into these? They’re even smaller than I thought - they’re only size 100.”

“Well, it took a lot of work, but, you know, flab flows,” said Jack, waddling slowly over towards Tanya. “It was worth it, to see the look on your face when I came in.”

"I'd like to measure your gut and see how big it is now, since you've reached a new landmark in our relationship with your latest gain," said Tanya, pulling her 150" tape out of the dresser.

“What landmark is that?”

“Well, when we got married you were 352. Now that you’re 857, that means you’ve put on 500 lbs since our wedding. 500 pounds, more than a quarter ton, all for me!”
"Sure, it’s been all for you - I wouldn’t have done this just for me! If you want to measure my ‘equator’, go ahead. But don't take too long - you don't want to keep 'Charlie' waiting too long for sustenance. You heard him gurgling." Another rumbling gurgle from his gut reinforced Jack’s words.

Tanya stretched the tape over Jack's lovehandles, trying to follow the circumference of his ‘sagging equator’ waistline accurately. "122 inches!" she announced triumphantly. "You're 10 feet around at last!"

"Great," replied Jack, "only another two feet to go!"

"Two feet?"

"Sure, then I'll be twice as big around as I am tall. That's my next goal," said Jack.

"Your next goal? I thought your next goal was to reach 900 lbs."

"Oh yeah," said Jack, "that's my short term goal. Twelve feet around is my medium term goal."

"And your long term goal?"

"To keep you happy, my sweet, anyway that I can."

"Well, waddle on over here on and put on these new orange shortie overalls," replied Tanya. "I see they're sized for a 130" gut - but I'm sure you'll have them filled magnificently by tonight."

“Oh wow,” said Jack, “I’ve gone up another clothing size! Hoo-wee! I was thinking that the last pair was getting snug around the gut.”


Tanya held the orange and blue-trimmed overalls up to so Jack could slide his arms into them, then helped him do up all the other zippers. As Jack had grown past 600 lbs, he found getting dressed in conventional clothes more and more difficult, so he and Tanya had compromised on him wearing jumpsuits, coveralls and overalls, both cut with extra zippers on the legs so that he could step right into them - they also had additional zippers on the torso and arms, to aid in putting them on and taking them off, whether Jack was standing up or lying down. At 857 pounds, Jack could still dress himself, thanks to cleverly placed zippers on all his clothes, though it had been a tight thing with the more-than-skintight red coveralls he had burst out of earlier in the evening. Getting dressed went much faster, though, if Tanya assisted, and Jack was feeling the call of his voracious belly.

With Jack’s overalls on, Tanya produced a one pound bar of chocolate from the cupboard beside the wardrobe.

"You're going to need some extra energy for the ‘long trek’ to the dining room," she cooed, as she handed the bar to Jack. "See you there," she added, as she stepped out the door ahead of Jack.

Jack munched down nearly half the rich milk chocolate, then launched himself into motion on the "long trek" - all 40 feet of it - to the dining room. Belly rebounding gently against his thighs with every step, he swung each foot forward perhaps eight inches, then swung its mate, meanwhile pumping his massive arms gently back and forth to keep his balance.

At the bedroom doorway, he stopped to finish off the chocolate bar, and took in his immense form in the full-width mirror next to the door. "It's not the meals that make me so fat," he joked to himself, "it's the snacks."

Setting off down the hallway, avoirdupois bouncing and swaying across his magnificent fat body, he saw Tanya pause in the dining room to watch his approach. Now that Jack had become so fat that his gut bounced off thighs, Tanya really enjoyed just watching him walk and move about. For his part, after some initial shyness, he had come to appreciate her worship of his majestic fat form. Jack slowed his waddling pace slightly, threw back his shoulders a little further, and increased the rolling strut in his waddle, for Tanya’s enjoyment.

"Two years ago, I was still running down football fields," he mused as the waddling gyrations of his gut increased, "now the only things I run down are buffets."

His slow waddle brought him into the dining room, where, as usual on a Friday night, a gallon tankard of Guinness and a huge pan of lasagna awaited him. He ambled over to the heavy chair, and dropped massively onto it, hearing it creak and groan as it took up his amazing weight. He had broken the two previous dining room chairs Tanya had bought for him, but they both thought that this one - with its massive timber seat and steel frame - might just survive his crushing tonnage for a while yet.

Tanya, who knew Jack's "meat and potatoes" tastes in food well, watched as he dug into the lasagna. While she had married him for his appetite, his ability to "put it away" had grown even faster than his expanding waistline over the last two years, and she marvelled at his seemingly limitless capacity now. How much could any one man eat? Where would his growth stop? There had to be upper limits, she thought, but Jack showed no signs of having any. The banquet she had ordered for tomorrow night was for 20 people, but watching Jack finish off the 8 lb lasagna and dig hungrily into the 5 lbs of sliced pot roast and 10 lbs of oven-browned potatoes, she began to wonder if that would be big enough. Maybe she should call the caterers and make it a banquet for 30? Jack certainly seemed to have the appetite of 30 men tonight!
Jack paused, after finishing the cheese and cauliflower casserole (three big heads of cauliflower, 7 lbs total), to shift his gut and reflect that there were probably whole villages in Africa that didn't eat as much - or as well - as he did.

"But then, I'm as big as a whole village," he thought, glancing down at his forefront expanding before him, nestled into the special cut-out in the dining table. "Some of us are just born to eat."

He speared a thick slice of ham from the platter Tanya had just put at his left hand. Looking up as he bit down through the slice, he saw Tanya pause at the other side of the table, avidly watching him. He chewed slowly and deliberately, teasing her with his lips and mouth as he finished off the slice and took another. His stomach gurgled gently, and he hoisted the jug of orange weight-gain shake and chugged back a couple of quarts. He then glanced Tanya’s way again - she was frozen on the spot - and drew his right hand provocatively across the curve of his belly, as he speared another slice of ham with his left. When their eyes met, he winked.

"Wow," thought Tanya, "you can practically see all that food heading right for his gut and turning into fat.”

She admired the magnificent globe that was Jack’s gut. “I'm glad he suggested that cut-out in the table for his gut, so he can still reach things on each side," she thought to herself.

She came out of her reverie, and noting that only two more slices of the 6 lb ham remained, she hurried into the kitchen for the platter of fried chicken and glazed carrots that was Jack’s next course.

Fried chicken was one of Jack’s favourite foods - greasy, rich, and good. As a boy growing up, it had been strictly controlled - Jack’s mother, a plump woman herself, worried endlessly about her brood getting “fat” - so eating it was now not only a pleasure, but an act of defiance against his former constraints.

“Take that, mother,” he thought, as his strong white teeth sank into a richly greasy breast. He noticed that most of the 10 lbs on the platter were boneless breasts and thighs - Tanya was cooking more of those, instead of the more common legs, as they were faster and less messy for Jack to eat. “And anything that helps me eat more makes Tanya happy,” he thought. The glazed half carrots were in the same league - a couple of quick bites each, and he was meeting his daily need for veggies. That the rich butter and sugar glaze made a normally low-calorie side dish into something that really stuck to his ribs - and every other part of his body - was all part of Tanya’’s plan to make Jack more magnificent.

Jack licked the sweetness of the last of 5 lbs of glazed carrots off his fingers, then put his hands on either side of his great gut and pushed it slightly, while simultaneously shifting his mighty, flabby thighs. A distinct gurgle was heard, and Jack’s gut settled into a new position, curving out more strongly against the now gently straining orange coveralls, and touching the cut-out in the table more evenly. Jack reached out and picked up the beer tankard - re-filled by Tanya with another gallon of Guinness - and steadily drank it down.

“Guinness is good for you,” he remarked generally as he set down the tankard, and then belched gently. “It’s time for dessert,” he declared, gently bouncing a blubbery fist off the top of his increasingly swollen gut. “There’s lots of room left in here. As the clubbers say, it’s time to ‘large it up’. What sweets have you got for me, darling?” he directed to Tanya, who had re-appeared in the doorway with a platter of desserts.

Tanya enjoyed this part of supper with Jack most of all. She had just watched him put away a mountain of food - this evening, 51 lbs, as much as he’d ever eaten for main course before - and now there he was, the glint of hunger still in his eyes, and his sweet tooth about to be unleashed. And his sweet tooth was formidable - he ate his main courses, and liked them, but Tanya knew that her ravenous man really lived for sweet, rich desserts. How much would he put away tonight?


“Cheesecakes last no time at all in Jack’s presence,” thought Tanya, as she cut a fourth one into eighths for easy consumption. She put it on the table near Jack’s left hand, just as Jack picked up the last piece of a mincemeat pie with his right.

“Thanks, honey,” he said through a mouthful of pastry crumbs. “This mincemeat is fabulous - you mustn’t save it only for Christmas.” Opening his mouth wide, he put in the point of the pie slice, and in three quick bites dispatched the last piece of his sixth pie of the evening.

Jack had already surpassed all of Tanya’s expectations in the dessert department this evening, and was only beginning to slow down.

“So, Jack,” Tanya asked casually as Jack picked up the first slice of cheesecake number four and popped into his mouth, “how many more cheesecakes do you figure you’re good for tonight?”

“Why, are you running out?” asked Jack, around a mouthful. He was beginning to wonder at his own capacity tonight. While his belly was starting to feel rather full, his hunger seemed unabated.

“Well,” replied Tanya, “there are only another six in the refrigerator, so I just thought I’d check.” In truth Jack had already eaten into Saturday’s cheesecakes, and those six had been intended to last until Sunday. Tanya had expected the first four pies and the chocolate cake to vanish, along with two, maybe three cheesecakes, and a pile of chocolate chip cookies, but Jack’s gut now swelled with six pies, a second cake, and a gallon of ice cream, along with the three cheesecakes - and he was now well into his fourth, all on top of the lasagna, ham, and other earlier main courses.

“Tanya, I’’m still hungry,” said Jack. “I’’m starting to feel full, too, but I’m still hungry. Something tells me that this weekend is going to be one big, big blowout, that I may never repeat again - so I’m going to make it a good one.”

“What do you mean, that you may never repeat again?” asked Tanya. “Is something wrong?”

“No, Tanya, but I’’m getting these feelings in my bones that soon my incredible gain is going to slow down and stop. I think I’ll end up somewhere in the 900s,” he added, patting his food-swollen obese gut with one fattened hand. “But for now,” he went on, forestalling her protests, “I have more feasting to do.”

He popped another slice of cheesecake number four in his mouth. “You may want to get out the next one of these,” he added around the mouthful. “And didn’t I smell chocolate chip cookies baking earlier? If this is to be my final big blow-out, then I want to see how close to 900 lbs I can get this weekend...”


Jack lay back in the chair and surveyed his obscenely stuffed gut, and Tanya’s lustful eyes on him. It had been a long time since his gut had felt quite so stuffed - but then, he had never eaten so much before in one sitting before. Tanya noted with pride that Jack’s colossal gut was straining the 130" waistline of the new coveralls. She wondered, again, about the idea that one of her FFA sisters had passed on to her, of sewing spandex panels into the side seams to accommodate this sort of ‘instant’ growth. On one hand, the spandex would expand as Jack’s gut expanded, whenever he ate, reducing the uncomfortable pressure Jack sometimes complained about when he engorged. On the other hand, it wouldn’t produce that delightful “strained seams” look that Tanya loved to see on Jack when he had stuffed himself - unless, of course, he started out in a suit that was already too small.... How much did spandex stretch, and did its seams show strain?

“Sugargrapes, just how much have I eaten?” Jack asked Tanya.

“Well,” she replied., “ I make it 87 lbs of food! Here’s what you put back:

8 lb tray of lasagna
5 lbs of sliced pot roast
10 lbs of oven-browned potatoes
7 lbs of cheese and cauliflower casserole
6 lb ham
10 lbs of fried chicken
5 lbs of glazed carrots4 cheesecakes - 6 lbs
6 pies - 12 lbs
a gallon of ice cream - 12 lbs
2 chocolate cakes - 3 lbs
3 lbs+ chocolate chip cookies

I’’m not quite sure how many chocolate chip cookies you wolfed down. And of course, that doesn’t include the two gallons of Guinness, or the two gallons of weight-gain shake, to drink. Or the 30 salmon croquettes you put back before you came to dinner.”

“Or the one pound chocolate bar?” said Jack.

“Or the one pound chocolate bar,” said Tanya.

“I’’m just wondering if I’m still hungry.”

“Still hungry? That would be wonderful - but also truly amazing.”

“Actually, I think it’s thirsty I am. Time for more Guinness.”

“A third gallon, Jack? I’’ll have to draw it.”
“OK. But give me some more of shake in the meantime. Chocolate, if you’ve got it ready.”

“Your special shake is always ready,” said Tanya, hurrying to the refrigerator to refill the jug of weight-gain shake. “A third gallon of Guinness,” she thought to herself, “he’s never wanted three gallons at one sitting before. Cool!”

After downing his Guinness, Jack sat quietly digesting for a few minutes, while Tanya massaged his mighty gut. Then, his tummy gurgled gently, and he said in his bedroom voice to Tanya, “I think I’ll head back to bed for a bit - and I want you to join me. But bring something to eat - by the time I get there, I’ll be hungry again.”

“Sure, lover,” cooed Tanya, feeling aroused at the idea of feeding and bedding Jack in his current glutted state.

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