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Letter for contest
Dear Me,

          This past year has flown by, and you have not done what you said you were going to do. You have to change that in the forthcoming year. I know you have a fear of failure. You need to take that fear, sit on it, and burst it forever. You do not need to worry. I will be by your side and provide earplugs, if necessary.

          You have never been published. Your goal is to be a published author. You did have one poem in the poetry newsletter a few months ago. That made you very happy and motivated you. Go through "The Quiet Quill [18+]. Pick out two poems and submit them to a magazine. This will get you on the treacherous road to publication. All you can do is try. This is to be done by March 1.

          You have been a member of Writing.com for close to four years now as of this coming March. While you have developed an extensive portfolio, there are some pieces that are still unfinished. In the next few days, you will have to deal with some medical issues that have been placed on hold until after the holidays. After you are home recovering from surgery and are able to resume your writing endeavors, you are to examine your port and take each piece and finish it. If I remember correctly, there are not many of these to be concerned about. This is to be completed by March 31.

          Your next resolution does directly affect your writing.. What I am speaking of is getting yourself an upgraded membership. This may be gifted to you, but you cannot count on that. You wanted to give yourself a Premium Membership. That is way out of your price range and cannot be considered.} With the new year, you need to be more frugal with your money and expenses. You were given more money than expected for Christmas by family. You will put some aside to possibly pay for a medical bill. If the bill is paid for, then you need to put the money aside and only use in in case of an emergency. I do not want to say the exact amount. However, your goal is to have at least thirty dollars left by your wedding anniversary. This date is July 22.

          You know you will receive a tax refund. Use that money to pay off the debts you can and make a visible dent in the others. You should have at least two cards paid off at that point. John told you he would give some money toward what you purchased for Matthew for Christmas. Hopefully, he will make good on his promise. Once those cards are free and clear, put them away. Leave them alone. No meals out are allowed anymore. The frivolous spending will cease. You will reign in your tastes. You can only drink soda, not champagne. Lately, you've been sipping the more expensive drink.

          You belong to many groups and are the leader for two of them. Revisit those groups. Reexamine whether you want to remain a member. Get yourself involved and network. It will reap positive rewards in the long run. Figure out where you stand and what you want to do with the groups and make definite, final decisions by September 30. I know it will be late in the season, but start "weeding". The fruits of your labors will be sweet.

          Your last resolution concerns the book you started over two years ago and left behind, "Invalid Item . Get the book out and start working on it again. An outline was created and well received by members here. You have one chapter finished and are working on the second. Get the second chapter finished and see what publishers are looking for. Take the plunge and submit what they require. You were told that most reputable publishers do not ask for the full manuscript at the onset. They want to see if the book is marketable. Do what is asked and see what the result will be. Have all materials ready to be mailed by September 13.

          This looks like a very busy year for you. Besides all of this, you will be helping Matthew with his homework, and spending some time with him at the park during the summer. Take a notebook with you at the park and write. Your muse is in desperate need of a wake up call. She needs to begin earning her keep.

          I will be checking and reviewing this periodically, so get going. Time is wasting.


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