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A girlfriend reluctantly helps her friend plan her wedding.
Shopping is the most detestable activity for me. I feel bad because I am suppose to like it or so the steroetype goes for women. As I go up and down the aisles, I guess my mind does a little unconscious jealousy trip. So forgive me, I am not a perfect person. I find my thoughts negative and pessimistic right now.

A friend of mine is getting married and I am not convinced its love...more like lust. She met this man in Brazil while on vacation with our Brazilian girlfriend. No offense against Brazilian people and whether or not their forthright people. I may write Brazil and Brazilian a lot, but it is not to be perceived as offensive. So, Hope has been communicating with this man via internet and has made a trip to Brazil on her own. Six months later--she is engaged.

Last night, I went to dinner with her and with some of my girlfriends to announce her wedding plans. I am happy yet pessimistic for her. As we were waiting for our meal, she brought her little one inch binder of plans, white of course.

"Quiet everyone. Listen, I AM GETTING MARRIED!" A round of whoops and congratulations arise amidst the other women with us.

"Let me show you some of my plans for the wedding. I found this great clear plastic plates, goblets and silverware. They almost look real." She pulled out an internet picture. The other women were oohing and aahing. Frankly, I thought the plastic ware seemed a bit blurry--so who knows how it might be and I wouldn't use plastic ware for a wedding, but it's her day. I reminded myself of this and let out a superficial "Wow!"

Then, she passed out these black paper brochures and ecstaticly exclaimed, "I found this restaurant that will cater tri-tip and herb chicken. My parents and I had to drive into the valley to sample their catered packages...their food to die for and of course reasonably priced." Again all the ladies at the table sighed romantically and murmured "wonderful".

As I looked through this brochure, thoughts began to wonder through my mind. Does he see this marriage as "the golden ticket" to the chocolate factory? Will he love her forever when he treks up to America in three months? I will have to meet this person to make a better assessment.

In a way, I couldn't get happy. As she sat there eating her half a turkey sandwich and soup combo, I wondered if she had doubts. I mean, she is pouring her life savings to bring this man over, plan a wedding, and even make a home for them. Talk about 21st century role reversal.

My friend is a brunette from Minnesota--has had very little personal experience dealing with foreigners or "real unamericanized" immigrants. Although she is a world traveler--can one still be ignorant? Can they be oblivious to the cultural machinations of each country visited? Oh well, I silenced my thoughts during dinner and masked my doubts for her...for my joyful friend. If she was going to be happy and seratonined up for awhile why not. What's life without triumphs and mistakes!

So, here I am at a craft store at 9:00 at night. Going down aisle after aisle. Looking for teal colored glass stones, glass vases, tea light candles, a glass tray, and teal ribbon. My other friend, Faith, is with us. I admire Faith as she is making encouraging foo-fooey sounds over a small, round glass candle holder. So helpful and kind, unlike me. Although, I did find the teal colored ribbon in the clearance aisle. Hope and Faith walk excitedly through the aisles and I do not. Can't wait for more wedding adventures. Isn't love grand!
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