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Hymn text based on Mosiah 18:8-10, 21; John 10:16
When a daughter’s heart is heavy,
When a brother's spirit mourns,
When a parent's mind is troubled
By life’s ever-pressing storms,
Let our hearts be bound together
And our spirits gather near,
Meet with minds intent on helping
Heal the wounds and calm the fear.

Heav’nly Father’s precious children
All have diff’rent calls to fill,
But together we are stronger
As we strive to do His will.
Let us now be knit together
In the warmth of unity,
Moving forward with our Savior,
Looking to eternity.

We are as a flow’ring garden
Filled with many fruitful vines
And the Master of the vineyard
Makes us into one new wine.
We are as the lambs at pasture
Drawing close against the cold.
As His sheep, we flock to follow
One true Shepherd, one true fold.

Scripture references in the description:

Mosiah 18:8-10, 21 — http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/mosiah/18.8-10,%2021?lang=eng#7
John 10:16 — http://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/john/10.16?lang=eng#15

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2007 Church Music Submission, Hymn Text special recognition, https://www.lds.org/bc/content/shared/content/english/pdf/music/submitted/2007Mu...
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