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Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Writing.Com · #1216759
Authors and artists that deserve special recognition.
Text image for My Awarded Authors page

During my time here at WDC I've found many authors worthy of praise.
In 2007, I began to award these fine people with ribbons to support them. I hope you will take the time to read their fine work and make sure you review them! *Smile*


My first awarded author has so much talent that it simply astounds me she is not rich and famous somewhere, surrounded by adoring fans clammering for her autograph. This brave soul has recently embarked on becoming a professional writer. I was introduced to her writing by a friend and was hooked immediately. She has such a rich, vibrant vocabulary, you are instantly jealous of her talent. She is open, honest and has a great sense of humor. Take some time and peruse her port. She has a variety of items and is an extremely talented author.

*Note* The three items I've awarded no longer appear in her port.

Molly Jean

My next awarded author is a wonderfully talented and witty woman and a great friend that I always look forward to hearing from. Molly has a warm personality you can't help but like. The first item I awarded is a wonderful novel. The characters are fresh and believable and it's a pleasure to read. If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the story below. Take the time to give her a review, she will appreciate it!
The second item is her wonderfully witty newspaper columns. Be careful, you might find some wisdom in there too. *Wink*
And last but not least, her Friends and Favorites is always a fantastic place to find some wonderful reading...

Life in High Gear  [GC]
Fast cars, and fast love, is there any other kind?
by Molly Jean

Newpaper Column - A Minute with Molly  [E]
All of my features in the local newspaper with this cleverly sickening title.
by Molly Jean

The Cowboy

My next award goes to a warm and friendly man who fits his name very well. If you want to read a short story or poem that will literally take your breath away, give his items a peek. Mr. Cowboy will tell you he is not a "real" writer but he is...and a talented one at that. He's now published to prove it. *Wink* The two poems I chose were two of his "E-Rated" items but they are all worth a look, trust me. *Wink*

Within us all
by The Cowboy

destinydances ~ mail 200% full

Brenda has a unique vision when she writes. Her poetry plays a whole movie in your mind as you read it. It's simply amazing. When you have a moment, I highly recommend you give her entire port a visit starting with...

poetry  [E]
mostly romantic, spiritual, emotional
by destinydances ~ mail 200% full


For a port full of great poetry or even just one poem that will literally bring tears to your eyes... look no further... *Smile*

Tribute to Grandpa Bob  (E)
Grandpa Bob was a great man. We miss him.
#1271445 by jarich


To recognize an inspirational piece from a wonderful person.

 Invalid Item  []
by A Guest Visitor


Kaya is hands down, one of the most upbeat people I have ever met in my life. No matter what tries to knock her down, she just gets right back up, dusts herself off and says "Bring it On!". In the short time I've known her, I have learned alot from her. She inspires me to be a stronger person.

The first item I awarded is an imaginative and well-written folder of Adult Fairy Tales. Keep up the great work Kaya! I can't wait to see this folder FULL! *Smile*

Nevermore Fairy Tales  [E]
Adult Fairy Tales.
by Kaya

For the folder that holds all her wonderful creations!

Images, Images, Images  [E]
Signatures, Story/Group Images, Contest Prompts
by Kaya


For being an awesome person and a true asset to this community. *Smile*

WDC Artists for Charity - Sign Up!  [E]
by iKïyå§ama thanks Anon!


For all the hard work she did on "The Official Mod Review Blitz! [E]
AND because she is just so creative! *Bigsmile*

Flash Fiction  [E]
These are all the little stories.
by Noe


For a Spook-tacular Halloween writing challenge!

Freestyle Writing Challenge!  [ASR]
CLOSED until 2010!
by Acme


The first ribbon was given when I had first met John for his outstanding entry in The Talent Pond Kissing Booth Challenge. He has grown to be a wonderful author, poet and friend... thank you John.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

The second for a simply breathtaking poem.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Now, months later, the third is recognized to ensure he knows just how much he inspires me.

First Felt  [13+]
I know what it means to me. This almost went into the 'Pieces of Infity ' folder.
by hbar

And his Heisenberg series just because it's unique and I thoroughly enjoyed it. *Wink*

 Invalid Item  []
by A Guest Visitor

 Invalid Item  []
by A Guest Visitor

This is one of the most touching things I've ever read.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Adam P. Rothstein

For an excellent poem *Bigsmile*

The Greatest Healing Power  [E]
Just my own solution for many of the world's problems...
by Adam P. Rothstein


An incredibly informative article that was so well researched and written, it deserved an award. *Smile*

Putting Your Child in Charge  [13+]
Genres: Family - Experience - Educational
by Cherokeescribe


For all the hard work she did on "The Official Mod Review Blitz! [E]
AND because she is just a wonderful person! *Bigsmile*

~Memories of Momma~  [13+]
Story inspired by a photograph.
by ₩eb₩i₸ch


Laurie has an exceptional mind for comedy. I fell in love with the creativity of this piece. The items I awarded and are currently unavailable due to her membership status.

♥hOOves 76 Distant Days♥

I finally had the honor of talking with someone I have heard many wonderful things about from a mutual friend. I had read her work before but never officially reviewed it until now. This ribbon is for simply writing some of the most touching love stories I've ever read... *Heart*

David's Note  [13+]
Very Short Story
by ♥hOOves 76 Distant Days♥

Jah'eldrin Featherleaf

I found this poem in a friends blog and just loved it :) This man isn't active on the site anymore but this is definitely worth a look!!

Glass House of Cards  [13+]
Spiked by the normal do as I say not as I do mentality that drives me nuts.
by Jah'eldrin Featherleaf

Bubba & Scooter's Mom

I just had to recognize this new author for the excellent imagery she projected in this wonderful little "fairy" tale. It just blew me away, check it out! What a talent! *Smile*

Snow Fairy  [E]
A young girl rescues a fairy with a special power. 2nd place for Wandering Minstrel.
by Bubba & Scooter's Mom

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

I am genuinely surprised I had not already awarded something from this wonderfully talented author. This piece is a poem that I feel has such amazing imagery, reading it is like watching a stageplay come alive. I could not help but award it. *Smile* I hope you feel the same way.

The Lovers' Dance  [13+]
Inspired by a picture of a lady embracing a dark angel
by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

Mike Day

Mike is an extremely creative writer. He can write in many different genre's and never disappoint his audience. He's gracious and thoughtful. Truthfully, I am honored to know him. This piece I awarded is an amazingly creative story and I thought it deserved an award.

An Implements Tale  [E]
writen from the perspective of a garden fork and covering the life time of one man.
by Mike Day


Sometimes there is work that I come across that I can't leave without awarding. This poem was just so breathtaking it fell in that category. One of many by a talented poet and friend.

In Dreams  [E]
Love lives on, even after death...
by ★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★

My Beach  [E]
My beach... My heaven...
by ★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Last Christmas  [E]
Imagine knowing that this is yours...
by ★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★

🌓 HuntersMoon

I absolutely love this poem. It has a wonderful message that everyone should read.

An American Palette  [E]
A poetic portrait in honor of her 233rd birthday... July 4, 2009. (Form: Monchielle)
by 🌓 HuntersMoon

and another inspirational piece that celebrates National Bullying Prevention Month

Links In The Chain  [E]
National Bullying Prevention Month (Form: Constanza)
by 🌓 HuntersMoon


an unrehearsed universe  [18+]
a journal in short bursts that might occasionally even rhyme
by romance_junkie

Because brilliant writing should be celebrated. *Smile*


Overwhelmed I wasn't sure how to respond. Awarding it seemed like the right thing to do *Blush*

A Tribute to Brooke  [E]
Tribute to a fellow WdC member. Angel Army 10th B-Day Challenge #5.
by Jeff

Celebrating his brilliance - plain and simple. *Smile*

Nonfiction  [E]
Essays, articles, editorials, letters, and other nonfiction writings.
by Jeff

Because this is so sinfully awesome!

Sinful Things Auction  [GC]
A semi-annual fundraiser for Writing.Com erotica groups.
by Jeff

Another bloody brilliant activity!

Valentine's Day Review Massacre  [13+]
A Valentine's Day horror reviewing activity from The Dark Society.
by Jeff

Among the fiction lies some amazing non-fiction as well!

Pseudonyms  [E]
Information on the practice of using a pseudonym.
by Jeff

Realistic Dialogue  [E]
How to write realistic dialogue.
by Jeff

Writing.Com Erotica on the Down-Low  [18+]
Tips and advice for aspiring erotica writers who wish to maintain their anonymity on WDC.
by Jeff

To celebrate his dedication to his horror group - this trophy is given with Riot

The Dark Society  [13+]
A horror group that worships all things dark and sinister. Join at your own risk!
by Jeff


To celebrate her community spirit and encouraging poetic expression.

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor


To celebrate and encourage his talent. I loved this piece. *Bigsmile*

Whim of Wind  [E]
Forbearance at the foreboding
by Specter


Given in honor of his wonderful reviewing articles.

Reference Items  [E]
--Reference Items--
by tcprescott

And another one for outstanding advice on reviews

Responding to Reviews  [13+]
Ever gotten a less-than-stellar review of a bitem? What's the best way to respond?
by tcprescott


To celebrate an awesomely creative Dear Me letter! *Bigsmile*

Dear Me [2012]  [13+]
Since you don't seem to respond to negative reinforcement, here are some stats.
by Jay


To celebrate an amazing poem.

Zero, Zero, Zero  [13+]
"You have received your last page: zero, zero, zero. You are now on leave."
by Fi


To celebrate Jace and congratulate him on another wonderful community activity. *Thumbsup*

WDC Around the World *CLOSED*  [E]
Travel around the World with Jace and celebrate WDC's 12th Birthday....
by Jace

☮ Goofy Old Grum

Awarded for an articulately worded essay on a subject I have strong feelings for. Great job!

Gay Marriage  [18+]
My views on the currently vexed question of gay marriage.
by ☮ Goofy Old Grum

Pat ~ starting a new journey

In recognition of an amazing item written by an amazing mother. A must read for all parents.

☮ Goofy Old Grum

A wonderful piece that deserved recognition.

Gay Marriage  [18+]
My views on the currently vexed question of gay marriage.
by ☮ Goofy Old Grum


I couldn't resist! I had to decorate her baby girl's photo album with a beautiful ribbon.

Rosalie's Photo Album  [E]
After years of infertility, my darling daughter was born on October 22, 2012!
by Riot

and another for her port which I have no idea how to link *Laugh*


For her amazing item:

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

~ Aqua ~

An inspirational piece that celebrates effort and teaches as well as inspires.

You Lost Or You Didn't Win Yet?  [E]
Inspirational piece dedicated to those like me who become sad and depress if they dont win
by ~ Aqua ~

Hannah ♫♥♫

Given for her amazing themed activity - so much fun and such a wonderful goal.

Buy a Bone or two and support wonderful groups. 1 in 13 wins 5K!
by Hannah ♫♥♫


For her amazing blog that I enjoyed immensely.

Sensual Politics  [18+]
Musings on politics, erotica, philosophy and whatever else comes to mind
by Christine


 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

For an inspirational piece that celebrates National Bullying Prevention Month


In celebration of a fun and very creative activity!

Corrupt a Wish  [13+]
Make a corruption-proof wish, and corrupt somebody else's wish.
by Chriswriter


Given to an emotional piece filled with honesty and inspiration

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

*Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* Merit Badge in Seasons Winter
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your 6-year WDC anniversary! *^*Delight*^* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star* *Star*

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Birthday.
         The first of many for a wonderful friend. *Smile*

Molly Jean for... Friendship.
         Molly and I clicked from the start. She has a warm wonderful spirit you can't help but embrace. She is friendly and encouraging, when she is not cracking me up with her wit and sarcasm. Simply put I'm so glad I met her.

Molly Jean for... Funny
         Simply put... Molly brings life to LMAO. *Bigsmile*

Kraven for... Writing
         Keith is creative and intelligent and has a very unique psychological aspect to his writing.

Molly Jean for... Supportive
         Molly is a very encouraging person. She has a way of motivating me that makes me think I can do anything. She is an amazing person.

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Friendship
         What can I say other than... ((((Bren)))) *Smile*

The Cowboy for... Poetry
         Poetry with powerful imagery and a strong emotional value that shows in the words he chooses.

The Cowboy for... Appreciation
         Just something to simply thank him for being a good friend. *Smile*

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Reviewing
         For giving me so many wonderful reviews. *Smile*

Kaya for... Appreciation
         Kaya is a wonderful and unique person. Always willing to help and never asking for anything in return. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Supportive
         Brenda is a tremendous person. She is such a caring soul, who I will always appreciate more than words could ever express.

Kaya for... Cheerleading
         She has demonstrated unyeilding energy and motivation for our group "The Talent Pond [ASR]. She has made a noticable difference. I appreciate her so much!!

P. A. Matthews/E. A. Irwin for... C-Notes
         Patricia's C-Notes are simply gorgeous. There is no other way to describe them. I thought she deserved a merit badge just to show her how much I love sending them.

tYpO/T.Boilerman for... Appreciation
         David surprised me with an extremely generous donation to my first contest - "The Official Mod Review Blitz! [E] I couldn't let the gesture pass without recognition... Thank you!!

SendintheClown for... Angel
         To celebrate Victoria for all the one wonderful things she does but most of all for making Kaya smile. She is truly a wonderful friend to so many here.

Kaya for... Optimistic
         Because Kaya has a way of looking at the bright side of everything. I am a better person simply because of time spent with her.

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Angel
         Brenda is very special to so many people... for so many reasons. *Smile*

Acme for... Genie
         Amanda's enthusiasm and creativity never ceases to amaze me. *Smile*

Kaya for... Mentor
         Kaya is always there for me and even though the day will eventually come when she won't be there for me to lean on ... she will be will forever be in my *Heart*.

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for...Teamwork
         *Smiles* Just because it fit. *Wink*

hbar for... Friendship
         Simply because he deserved it... *Smile*

Kaya for... Success
         The Talent Pond Winter Carnival could not have been a success without her... *Smile*

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Nature
         For her participation and winning bid in Kiyasama's Artist Auction for charity.

Lauriemariepea for... Generosity
         For being the wonderfully generous person she is...

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Psychology
         Because she gets in my head. *Smile*

Kaya for... Family
         Well, because she is!! She is my sis and always will be...

Cemetarykat says,Bring it on! for... Foresight
         For being able to speak with the Angels... *Smile*

kiyasama for... Military
         For her amazing work on the story "The K-Rations [18+]

Candlemaker for... Reviewing
         To thank him for reviews that make me smile all day!!
Bob has many folders full of breathtaking poetry but I highly suggest this one -
"Romantic Poetry [ASR] You won't be disappointed. *Smile*

Lauriemariepea for... Cheerleading
         Always an encouraging word... Laurie is just a wonderful person! :)

The StoryMaster for... Improvement
         For all the wonderful improvements to the site I witness almost daily around the site. He is constantly trying to improve and make this place even MORE amazing! *Bigsmile*

hbar for... Supportive
         John is a wonderful person and deserves the happiness he has achieved in life and love. I wish nothing but the best to him, Lori, Brendan and "The Squid" *Laugh* Just kidding Cami. *Wink*

Kaya for... Birthday
         Because my sis had a birthday of course! *Bigsmile* We had to celebrate!

Acme for... Friendship
         Amanda always has an encouraging word, a joke to make you laugh, and a shoulder if you need to cry. She is a true friend and I love her dearly. *Heart*

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Campfires
         Krys is doing a wonderful job with the two campfires I'm running and I wanted to make sure she knew!

Acme for... Foresight
         This was given in recognition of all the planning and forethought required to ensure that "Murder at the Talent Pond [13+] was such a huge success. She did an amazing job. *Smile*

RedBowtie- ck out my Star! for... Angel
         Sherry's notes and reviews always brighten my day. She is a wonderful author and friend. *Smile*

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for... Mentor
         For all the wonderful work she does mentoring authors at "The Holding Pond [E]. Her awesome dedication and hard work is much appreciated and I wanted her to know it. *Heart*

Acme for... Newsletters
         For all the work she does helping make both Pond newsletters so awesome!

The StoryMistress for... Family
         To congratulate her on Jack's birth. I can't believe she had him completely natural! What a strong woman. I should of given her "Inner Strength"!

tYpO/T.Boilerman for... Groups
         For his participation and generosity supporting "The Talent Pond [ASR]. *Smile* Thank you David!

Kaya for... Teamwork
         Because there is no one I'd rather team up with. *Bigsmile*

Mike Day for... Growth
I've had the pleasure of watching Mike's writing grow since he joined us at "The Holding Pond. He's a wonderful author and a terrific guy.

SouthernDiva for... Success
Sheila has acheived success by not only becoming published but in personal growth as well.

Kaya for Supportive
Because there isn't enough merit badges in the world to show Kaya what she means to me. *Heart*

jayngram for... Opinion
         I admire Jay's courage to stand up and give his opinion on a number of topics. One of his items brought back my own feelings of outrage from when I read about the same story in my local paper.

Kaya for... Judging
         Another badge for my sis to show her how much I appreciate her *Heart*

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for... Groups
         For all she does in her own quiet way, I wanted to show my appreciation. ((Hugs))

Mike Day for... Geneology
         Mike is a Grandfather! If that isn't cause for celebration, I don't know what is. *Bigsmile*

hbar for... Eduational
         Because John has forgotten more about physics than I'll ever know. *Smile*

Jace for... Friendship
         Simply put ... Jace is a wonderful man *Smile*

diamond_hoop for... Journaling
         For sharing his knowledge of writing and editing in his blog

🌓 HuntersMoon for... Style
         Just like the badge says ... I like his style. *Wink*

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for Friendship
         Because she's a wonderful person. *Smile*

§ Forsaken § for... Friendship
         Because she's a great friend!

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for... Grace Under Pressure
         Because she amazes me. *Smile*

destinydances ~ mail 200% full for... Grace Under Pressure
         To congratulate Brenda on many accomplishments and oversoming many obstacles this year.

🌓 HuntersMoon for... Community
         To celebrate the wonderful reviews he gives to our community. *Smile*

Kaya for... Determination
         Because it just fits her! This was given in honor of her birthday. *Smile*

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Birthday
         Because it was her birthday - duh! *Laugh*

🌓 HuntersMoon for... Mentor
         For all the wonderful guidance he gives to other members of our group. *Thumbsup*

Kaya for... Success
         For making a complete success of one of her books

Mike Day for... Friendship
         Because he deserved it. *Smile*

Jace for... Business
         For his active participation

Meeple for... Contests
         For the uber-creative item "Invalid Item!

🌓 HuntersMoon for... Supportive
         Because he is very supportive and a wonderful guy.

Kaya for... Friendship
         For being a wonderful friend!

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for...Friendship
         For being a wonderful friend!

Jace for... Animals
         For his generous support of the wonderful raffle "Invalid Item

Jace for... Music
         Because his friendship is 'music' to my ears (and heart)! *Smile*

§ Forsaken § for... Birthday
         Because Nikki rocks! I couldn't let her birthday pass without celebrating. *Heart*

Jeff for... Reference
         Jeff does an awesome job on The UEN NL and I wanted him to know I appreciated all the hard work.

🌓 HuntersMoon for... Family
         Ken is a part of my WDC family. *Heart*

The StoryMaster for... Supportive
         For his support of our group "The Talent Pond *Smile*

Meeple for... Success
         For all her hard work in "Jace's Travel Guide Auction Thank you!

Jace for... Scientific
         For all his hard work in "Jace's Travel Guide Auction Thank you!

inhercat for... Family
         Because she is a part of my family now *Heart*

Jace for... Contests
         For his hard work on "Paradise Cove Writing Challenge-On Hold

Arakun the Twisted Raccoon for.. Contests
         For her hard work on "Beyond The Water's Edge - CLOSED and "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Grace Under Pressure
         For her hard work on "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS! and "Invalid Item

Ben Langhinrichs for... Judging
         For his wonderful help judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

Molly Jean for... Writing
         Because she deserves it! Maybe it will actually inspire her to write. *Pthb*

Thankful Sonali WDC POWER! for... Community
         Sonali is a wonderful community leader. I am proud to be counted among her friends.

Jeff for... Birthday
         A Merit Badge for my good friend to celebrate his birthday! *Smile*

Jeff for... Growth
         To congratulate Jeff on his growth over his first seven years here at WDC.

CrisMiss for Inner Strength
         Because she deserved it. Hard decisions require inner strength. *Heart*

Jeff for... Mystery
         In honor of his seventh anniversary here.

Molly Jean for... Nature
         For encouragement in her writing for the story "Nature". I can't wait to see it published!

Phoenix for... Contests
         For her wonderful and creative contest "Invalid Item.

Charlie Maddox for... Writing
         In honor of her brilliant piece entitled "Ten Days in January".

Jace for... Dialogue
         To celebrate his help in so many areas of planning The Talent Pond's seasonal events.

Jeff for... Dialogue
         To celebrate his help in so many areas of planning The Talent Pond's seasonal events.

sarahreed for... Job Well Done
         In honor of her fundraising efforts in "Duckies for All Seasons Raffle - Closed Sarah got the "Green Glove of Love"! *Laugh*

romance_junkie for... Success
         For having her poem "Scheherazade" published! Congrats!

Jeff for... Problem Solving
         For his amazing grace and candor handing problems that arise.

Phoenix for... Community
          For supporting many groups here at WDC with donations attained through the contest "Invalid Item

Jace for... Family
         To make sure Jace knows how much his friendship means to me and to congratulate him on his promotion.

Lornda for... Family
         To congratulate her on her promotion and to remind her what a great person she is and how much she means to me and many others here.

Jeff for... Judging
         For his creative way of judging the "Talent Pond Tennis Championship - LIVE! Brilliant job! I had a blast participating. *Smile*

Phoenix for... Inspirational
         For sharing her incredible story in "Invalid Item and blog. I'm so glad we became friends! *Bigsmile*

Jace for... Genealogy
         In honor of the birth of his grandson, Jace Daniel. *Heart*

Ghostranch for... Family
         To make sure Jess knows how much she's appreciated for all she does. *Heart*

Connieann is missing Mopsy for... Generosity
         For her generous support of the Talent Pond!

Jeff for... Motivation
         For motivating me to be my best.

sarahreed for... Welcome
         For all her hard work with the welcoming committee and communicating with our group members!

JoDe for... Welcome
         For all her hard work with the welcoming committee!

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Fairy Tale
         In honor of getting married and finding her own Prince Charming! *Heart*

Phoenix for... Job Well Done
         To thank her for all the help judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!, I issued her the green glove of love *Laugh*

Jeff for... Friendship
         Just a reminder to him how much his friendship means to me!

Payal~is~Happiness for... Community
         Given in thanks for all the community spirit and support of "The Talent Pond!

bshay14 for... Parenting
         Given in honor of her piece "Invalid Item. A heart-wrenching true tale of courage and motherhood.

A.T.B: It'sWhatWeDo for... Friendship
         Sometimes the presence of people in our lives can change us. They can help us strive to become stronger than we think possible, more understanding than we realize we're capable of, and simply better people by being a part of their lives. Drew has done this for me and I'm proud to be counted among his many friends.

Madi for... Inspiration
         For inspiring me to continue my work with the "Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative. Thank you!

Jeff for... Message Forums
         For his support and getting the message out for my "Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative forum. His support is very much appreciated!

hbar for... Number 1 fan
         To make sure he knows how much I appreciate him!

Backwards Th-INK-er for... Family
         To make sure Ink knows I consider him part of my family here at WDC and that he means a lot to me. His support and revealing post in the "Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative forum was brave and his candid knowledge will save lives. Thank you!

jannie for... Finance
         For her wonderful charitable efforts in support of The Talent Pond!

Andrew for... Community
         For all his wonderful work on his "The Quills" award ceremonies.

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Supportive
         Just a little something to remind Krys how much she means to me.

PatrickB for... Style
         In honor of his newest accomplishment - "Invalid Item

Jeff for... Educational
          "Dude it's a pig!" *Laugh* *Wink*

Kaya for... Birthday
         To celebrate Kaya's birthday! *Heart*

Madi for... Angel
          Just to let Madi know how much I appreciate her notes and how much she inspires me.

Julie D - PUBLISHED! for... Generosity
         To thank Julie for her support of "The Talent Pond

Markymark for... Generosity
         For his kind and generous support of "The Talent Pond

Riot for... Mentor
         Given in honor of her work with her new group "Invalid Item

MumstheWord for... Mentor
         Given in honor of her work with her new group "I.N.K.E.D.

Riot for... Success
         Given in honor of her Second Anniversary on the site.

A.T.B: It'sWhatWeDo for... Courage
         Given to honor his unyielding support of "Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative. He's an amazing young man.

MumstheWord for... Newsletters
         Given in honor of her first edition newsletter for the group "I.N.K.E.D.. She did an amazing job.

Kaya for... Number 1 Fan
         Given in honor of her efforts on behalf of "The Talent Pond

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Wisdom
         Given in honor of her efforts on behalf of leadership items with "The Talent Pond

Markymark for... Teamwork
         Given in honor of his efforts on behalf of "The Talent Pond activities.

Paigeturner for... Community
         Given in honor of her donation to "The Talent Pond

Julie D - PUBLISHED! for... Job Well Done
         Given in honor of her creative work during the "Invalid Item on behalf of "The Talent Pond

Jeff for... Home Garden
         Given in honor of his port and wonderful creative genius!

Kaya for... Number 1 Fan
         Given in honor of her efforts on behalf of "The Talent Pond

Soldier_Mike for... Detective
         Given in honor of his efforts of investigation for something I mentioned in a Noticiing Newbies newsletter.

Jeff for... Parenting
         Because sometimes we just know the future by looking at the past.

Jeff for... Job Well Done
         Because he deserved The Green Glove of Love!

Julie D - PUBLISHED! for... Style
         Given in honor of her efforts on behalf of "The Talent Pond

Riot for... Friendship
         Given in honor of our friendship.

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Number 1 Fan
         Given in honor of her awesomeness.

ember_rain for... Job Well Done
         Given in honor of all her efforts around Wdc.

Emily for... Community
         Given in honor of her bailing me out of jail at the Holiday Jail-a-thon!

Jeff for... Western
         Because he didn't have one! *Laugh* and for his birthday *Wink*

eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al for... Teamwork
         For being an awesome help at "I.N.K.E.D. from her Secret Santa

Riot for... Interactives
         Given in honor of her amazing ideas for "I.N.K.E.D.!

Annette for... Friendship
         Given in honor and rememberance of her friend Kaethe Be {e;heart}

Julie D - PUBLISHED! for... Courage
         Because she earns it every day.

Leila for... Fundraising
         Given in honor of her support at "Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

bertiebrite hoping for peace for... Welcome
         Given to welcome her to the leadership postition in "The Talent Pond

ember_rain for... Grace Under Pressure
         Given in honor of her amazing efforts on "Invalid Item

Dennis Cardiff for... Courage
         Given in honor of his amazing letter.

Jeff for... Entertainment
         Given in honor of his Wdc anniversary and how ENTERTAINING he is. *Wink*

The StoryMaster for... Reviewing
         In thanks for his time and efforts in personally crediting our reviews.

Lilithmoon☽ for... Entertainment
         For making the 5th Annual Quill Awards unforgettably entertaining!

~WhoMe???~ for... Fairy Tale
         Given in honor of her support and friendship.

Annette for... Photography
         Given in honor of her support at "Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

Moarzjasac for... Educational
         Given in honor of his support of reviewing at "The Talent Pond

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Style
         In honor of her birthday!

JustForYou for... Supportive
         Given in honor of her support at "Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

A.T.B: It'sWhatWeDo for... Inspirational
         Because he inspires me!

♥hOOves 76 Distant Days♥ for... Opinion
         Because I love her blog and hate odd numbers *Pthb*

Jeff for... Newsletters
         Given to thank him for covering for me on my Noticing Newbies Newsletter!

Jeannie for... Wisdom
         Given in honor of her awesome reviews!

Pat ~ starting a new journey for... Animal
         Given in honor of her awesome ability to be everywhere at once and because she didn't have one yet *Bigsmile*

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Travel
         Given in honor of her trip to visit me. *Smile*

Annette for... Welcome
         Given in honor of her welcoming abiltities *Wink*

Nixie 🦊 for... Family
         Given in honor of her support at "Random Acts of Holiday Kindness

Dianne J for... Journaling
         In honor of her amazing entry in the journal and help in kidnapping Jace *Smirk*

Jeff for... Opinion
         For his help in judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

Julie D - PUBLISHED! for... Inner Beauty
         For being an amazing friend.

Annette for... Style
         For her help promoting "Paradise Cove Writing Challenge-On Hold and taking part in "Invalid Item

tYpO/T.Boilerman for... Style
         For his help and involvement with "The Talent Pond

Jeff for... Signatures
         In recognition of his amazing talent finding bizarre and unique images.

Prosperous Snow for... Variety
         For her consistent participation in "Invalid Item

bertiebrite hoping for peace for... Judging
         For her assistance in judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

Matt Bird MSci (Hons) AMRSC for... Cheerleading
         For his inspiration and motivation awarding review credits *Thumbsup*

Pat ~ starting a new journey for... Friendship
         Given in honor or her birthday to celebrate our friendship. She's an amazing woman.

TheGary for... Fundraising
         Gifted in recognition of his support of "The Talent Pond

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for... Mentor
         For her inspirational work mentoring young poets. *Thumbsup*

☮ Goofy Old Grum for... Growth
         Gifted in recognition of his great attitude and willingness to grow and learn as an author.

♥Pay It Forward♥ for... Fundraising
         Given to honor and reward the generosity of a friend. *Smile*

Jeff for... Style
         For the amazing work he does on "NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon which raises money and inspires authors each year!

Lornda for... Mystery
         She spoiled me with some wonderful gifts and I wanted to say thank you.

Riot for... Friendship
         Until I met Justine, I'd never been called "The cream in someone's Twinkie" *Laugh* She has an amazing sense of humor and I cherish her friendship. *Smile*

~A.J. Lyle~ for... Message Forums
         Given in honor of her amazingly popular activity - "Invalid Item

Jeff for... Medical
         Simply given in an effort to cheer up my sick best bud. *Heart*

~ Aqua ~ for ... Fundraising
         Given to thank her for her generous donation to "The Talent Pond

Riot for ... Success
         To celebrate her promotion to Moderator.

🌓 HuntersMoon for ... Success
         To celebrate his promotion to Moderator.

Sara♥Jean for ... Grace Under Pressure
         For her activities in Scroll!

Shadowstalker-- We got this! for ... Attention to Detail
         For amazing detective work in "Invalid Item

PatrickB for ... Supportive
Given in honor of his efforts to free the victim in "Invalid Item

Fi for ... Supportive
Given in honor of her efforts to free the victim in "Invalid Item

Missy ~ EnjoyingBeingAMommy for ... Detective
         For her participation in "Invalid Item

swanlakegrrl for ... Travel
         For her sensory inducing descriptions in "Invalid Item

★𝒦𝓇𝓎𝓈𝒽𝒶★ for ... birthday
         Given for what else - her birthday! *Bigsmile*

Stuckintime for ... Grace Under Pressure
         For his participation in "Invalid Item and "Horror/Scary Newsletter (April 3, 2013)

Riot for ... Judging
         For her help judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

Ghostranch for ... Judging
         For her help judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

LostGhost: Seeking & Learning for ... Leadership
         For being the first to nominate an author in "Invalid Item

Christine for ... Contests
         For her support of "The Talent Pond

Jeff for ... Friendship
For being an awesome friend!

Mandy for ... Supportive
         For her efforts to save a victim held by "Kidnapped - Guardians of WdC

Shadowstalker-- We got this! for ... Determination
         For creative participation in "Invalid Item

Moarzjasac for ... Superhero
         For his superhero-sized support of "The Talent Pond

♥hOOves 76 Distant Days♥ for ... Just Because
         For simply being herself *Heart*

Nixie 🦊 for ... Just Because
         For simply being herself *Heart*

Annette for ... Overachiever
         For her amazing support of "The Talent Pond

Cinn for ... Judging
         For her patience and help judging "Pond Poetry - ON HIATUS!

Nixie 🦊 for ... Leadership
         To congratulate her on her promotion to Moderator!

Jeff for ... Endurance
         Given as an inside joke to his reviewing skills. *Wink*

✴Gervic__✍ for ... Overachiver
         Given in honor of his efforts in "WDC's Biggest CuppyCake Ever! which resulted in donations for many groups.

Angels in my Ear for ... Special Appreciation
         For her dedication and community recognition in running "Contest Central Station

harperpaul for ... The Talent Pond
         For creation and execution of activities for "The Talent Pond

lizco252 for ... Animal
         Given in Maggie's honor. She will be missed forever. *Heart*

Jeff for The Talent Pond
         For his dedication and enthusiasm and especially his fundraising for "The Talent Pond

patteyb for ... Welcome
         Just a warm welcome to our community!

🌓 HuntersMoon for ... Genealogy
         Given in honor of a thoughtful donation to "The Talent Pond from a member of our family!

Nixie 🦊 for ... Friendship
         For her friendship and thoughtfulness during a sad time.

Jay for ... Newsletters
         Given in honor of her amazing newsletter editorials.


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