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A quick look won't hurt...
"Ssshhhh. Quiet..."
'Crinkle crinkle crinkle'

goes the red and green paper.
Lois Mae and I had crept
to the basement.

Miss Edie, the babysitter,
was sleeping
in the living room.

We found where mom and dad
had hidden Christmas gifts
the night before.

'Crinkle, crinkle, rrrriiiipppp...'
"Oh, you are going to be in trouble!"

We were trying to peak in a few packages
to see what Santa was going to bring us,
but I had torn the paper instead of
just taking a sneak peek at the gift.

"What are you kids doing down there?"
"Oh, now we are going to be in trouble!"
"Nothing, Miss Edie, Lois was helping me
get an armload of wood for the fire."
'Crinkle crinkle crinkle'
"Let's go..."
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