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Meeting on the Internet-0 to 60 in 9 seconds, when it's a matter of personal issues
Note: This item was initially composed for my Author’s Blog: hence the informal phrasing.

Some events are just really issue-driven: my current personal pet peeve must be one of them.~0~

Online contacts do not have to be painful {or so I’ve heard}.

Maybe there’s just something to my aura that magnetises the weird, the sexually addicted, the perverse and painful.~1~

I’m in the midst of yet another one of these oddball situations;

in late April, a guy introduced himself to me through a perfectly acceptable venue: an environmental networking site {NOT a dating site!}

He seemed normal enough, although young; and at first sent pretty jpegs like flowers, sky, and so forth. Sweetness-and-light stuff, don’t you know.~2~

But then he zig-zagged and started in  with the sensual stuff- kissy-kissy slideshows!

Then, luckily, a break came-a hiatus while he high-tailed his way from his country of employment, back across the desert and ocean to his country of birth. I thought all was over, as I heard no more..

but no-I thought too soon-.and he returned a few days ago, more ebullient and persevering than ever…~3~

I love you, I love you, he cried, and-when did you last make love dear?


”Isn’t that rather a personal question?” I replied.

Yes, but I need to know you COMPLETELY


said he..

to which,

I am silent

knowing that discretion sometimes-often- means remaining still;

the rabbit hiding in the tall grass may go unseen by the hawk.
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