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i am thinking about the time..........
After i left i think they had a good laugh.  Day in and day out i had been the best i could be for myself.  i did everything with the accuracy of a professional.  i was trying to set an example for other people.  i had noticed some people not doing there job correctly.  i am trying to get into the company so why should i tell someone who already works here how to do their job right.  i will just keep doing my job the way it should be done.  i will try to get everyone to do their job the way i am doing it.  i am doing the right thing.  This will be the way people to it in the future.  So i am getting a headstart.  Everyone is used to throwing everything away.  The older people never had to worry about doing something about the fate of the environment.  i am trying to get started because one day it will be the mainstream.  I guess thats why when they said maintenance, I thought it would be easy!  That is too bad because my day went very nicely.  I did the little extra things.  It might take longer but what, we got all the time in the world, now.  Its the beginning of a new era.  The new millenium is far more than over.  While most people contemplate the end of the world, i think it has to do with change.  At least one change on the part of everyone. People are stuck in the way they knew how do things up until December 31, 1999.  IF YOU NEED ANY ADVICE ON ANYTHING THIS IS YOUR BEST BET.  i feel far older than twenty-eight.  If you dont think i know what seniority is please feel free to tell the President this: "if we invent a car that would not rely on oil, we probably wouldnt be in Iraq."  What is so hard about doing the little things first, again.  What i think is that when people think about the mystery of life they dont realize or even believe that it is easier than they think.  Or it is because sacrifice seems like a word that they pulled out of the anarchist cookbook.  I cant get a job here.  I am not the person for this company.  That is what they said to me.
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