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The web of deceit engulfs the one who deceives.

A seed is planted in the soil and then,
In the course of time a sapling matures.
It grows into a tree with fruits laden.
For years the gardener labour endures.

A mine is planted in the ground that those
Who tread on it may be blown to pieces.
A maiden goes there just to pluck a rose
And, on her, turn the planters’ ill wishes.

Fruits of labour are difficult to grow,
But verily they are juicy and sweet.
It does not need erudition to show
That bitter always is fruit of deceit.

Jesus said to his disciples:”Brothers,
What you wish for yourself, do to others”.

* Written for “Quotation inspired poetry contest”, "Invalid Item, Round 6. The prompt was the quotation: "What profits a royal queen if within herself lies a deceit”—Earl

M C Gupta
5 December 2007
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