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Shame of US war. This is my first poem in free verse.

I am sad.
I cry.
I am ashamed,
George Bush.

I am sad
Because you have killed
Women and children,
Ageing men,
Half a world away,
Who had not harmed you.

I cry
Because I can’t fight guns
Except, through my tears,
And, my pen,
Which is mightier than sword.

I am ashamed
Because you are my brother.
We all are children of one God;
Yet, how you have gone astray!
In the name of God,
You kill God’s children,
Just to take their oil away.
Why, on them,
The false WMD taint lay?

Tell me Bush:
Are you a man,
Or, just a Bushman?

• Written as item no. 846516, which was deleted on 22 March 2005 and replaced by entry no. 336276 in the book {item: 950703}. At time of deletion, it had been rated 5 by 3 viewers. Posted again as independent item on 26 December 2007

• The following telling comment from a reviewer is worth recounting:
This is a review for "I am ashamed". At the start, let me first of all commend you for creating so many items to try and shame these despotic Americans. Your style of plain and honest writing is perhaps unparalleled here on WDC. I agree with your anonymous male reviewer whose review you had highlighted on Nukkad that seen from a purely literary angle, your poems aren't much to sing paens about, but they all have a nasty punch and solid matter and I think that is quite admirable.
One point about this particular poem: Please do not insult the peace-loving, almost totally vegetarian Bushmen of the Kalahari desert of South Africa.

M C Gupta
7 May 2004
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