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The secret of happiness in life is to curb desire.
ZEROING IN ON THE TRUTH: an ABCeDarius poem, award winner

Amidst the cacophony of
Braying asses around,
Concentration is difficult.
Deafening is their sound.

Every night as I lie down and
Follow through all my dreams,
Gyrating girls and their giggles
Hail to me, so it seems.

I don’t know how to deal with this
Jokers’ club day and night.
Kaleidoscopic visions are
Laiden with potent fright.

Men and women, throughout the world,
Never are satisfied.
Of their desires, deemed as their rights,
People feel they’re denied.

Queens and kings have palaces full,
Resplendent in their gold.
Still they feel they need more and more.
To greed, they are but sold.

Until we learn to curb desire,
Verily we cannot
Withstand satanic forces and
’Xtricate from this spot.

Yelling won’t get him out of wood.
Zero in on this truth he should.

* Written in abcb, 8-6-8-6 format.

* Winner of Honorable Mention award in "Invalid Item, “The Alphabet Fun Contest”

* Initially posted as entry no. 474187 in the book FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL "FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL. Posted as an independent item on 2 January 2008.

M C Gupta
10 December 2006
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