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...I'll join you soon.
          The scent of lavender assaults my sense as I walk into the kitchen. Glancing at the table, I see a vase filled with lavender from the garden out back, that would sure explain the smell. I laugh to myself just picturing him out in the garden picking flowers to please me.

          The phone rings, breaking me out of my little reverie. I walk over to the handset near the fridge. As I pick it up, I see a note on the counter and begin to read it while only half paying attention to the person on the phone.

Hey Babe,

I went out to get some burgers for dinner. Took the bike. I'll see you when I get home. Hope you like the flowers.


          And he even drew a little smiley face! That is so cute, I think. Then the person on the phone yells out, "Are you even listening to me?!"

          "Wh-Wha? Yea, yea, I'm here. So what were we talking about?"

          "We were talking about your lover bleeding out all over the side of the freaking road!"

          I don't even say bye, I just hang up the phone and rush toward the car in the driveway. As I hop into the burgundy Aztec, everything becomes a blur. I drive through the traffic as if it were just obstacles and it didn't matter if I hit any of them, not that I did.

          I hear the sirens as I approach the wreck, nervousness causing sweat to coat my face. Tears spring to my eyes as I see the bike up against a tree, smashed from the impact. It has blood all over the front; the tears stream down my face.

          I push past the stupid bystanders. What do they think they're doing? Standing there and gawking? Pieces of crap.

          I reach the line of workers, holding the crowd back. I try to push on through but one of them stops me with that, "What do you think you're doing?" comment. That annoys me beyond nothing else. Especially when my "roommate" is in trouble!

          "I'm his freaking lover! Now move your ass before I knock it out of the way!" Needless to say, he moves and rather quickly for such a portly man. I look at the scene and see a dog, a hound, covered in blood and being covered with a tarp. That just makes me cry more, for the sake of an innocent little dog.

          Men are beginning to yell and which draws my gaze toward the yard in front of this house where the wreck occurred. I see my baby laying there with med-techs all around him. I start to run to him but get my foot caught in a rut in the driveway. I trip and fall over, scraping my knee through my tough jeans but getting back and limping the rest of the way to my baby. He's laying on a stretcher, both legs are bloodied, as are his hands. I also see a large gauze pad on the back of his head.

          I kneel by him; as I kneel, I see the pack of hamburger laying in a small patch of lavender. I quickly forget about the darned meat and get on my knees near Sky. I lightly caress his cheek with my right hand. I notice my hand's shaking but can't make it or the tears stop.

          In a light whisper I hear him speak, in that deep, voice, but filled with pain. "Kev? Is that you?"

          "Yea. It's me, Sky." I whisper back. "You're gonna be okay, don't worry, Love."

          "Load him in the ambulance!" One of the medics yell. I grab my cell phone and quickly call one of my friends to come pick up my car.

          I hang up the phone as I hop into the ambulance. I want to grab his hand but fear of the pain it might cause, and being yelled at by the meds. I just sit there with my hand to his cheek, whispering to him while it looks like he passed out from either pain or medicine.

          Beeping starts to happen all around as monitors are set off. One of the meds says loudly, "We're loosing him! He's lost too much blood." Then they ramble off some more medical terms as the tears stream harder down my cheeks.

          They push me away from him and try everything they can to save Sky. The flat-lined beeping starts and there's nothing I can do; nothing they can do. Sky is gone from me forever.

          I lean down over his body and kiss his still-warm lips one last time. As I lift my lips from his I mumble to him, "Goodbye, my Love. Rest in Peace."

          I stand fully up, the ambulance nails a bump in the road while still speeding toward the hospital. My feet fly out from under my body and the last thing I see is a steel table coming toward me. And the final thought that runs through my head as the steel strikes my skull: "I'll join you soon, Sky. I love you."


Word Count: 856

Written for "48 Hour Short Story Contest [18+]
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