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Rated: E · Bulletin · Comedy · #1389679
Demented humorist is published! Dog-Almighty is a collection of humor essays.
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Dog-Almighty! Humor for the Depressed by the Depressed


Yep. I finally finished it.

If you've enjoyed reading some of the essays in my folders My Demented Humor and The Mexico Connection, you might LOVE having copy of this book!
Some of the essays are posted here in the above folders, but just so you know what you're missing, I am going to list below the Table of Contents!

But first, I have to tell you authors how badly I messed up. I still can't believe I did this, but I actually miss-spelled a word On The Cover no less, of my book. Oh! (She slaps her forehead). How can one be so stupid?
Well . . . let's just say life threw a lot of curve balls at me (more like wrecking balls) while I was putting this book together.

Here's where you can pick it up: Link to Amazon


I have allowed my readership the opportunity of ordering the misspelled version to have as a collector's item, but beginning April 2009, the cover will be corrected.

If you're wondering what my writing is like think "Dave Barry meets William Styron."

Here's the T.O.C.

Introduction 1
Introduction 2

Here I am on Another Planet
Panty Liners
Blaming My Problems on Teddy
Center For Missing & Exploited Lobsters
Nellie’s Toejam Pudding
A Primer on Bobs

Depression Depot
Farting and What It Can Do to Your Serotonin Levels
Piece of Shit Life Theatre 1 & 2
The Rat Bridge
Loser’s File #22
Depression & the Holy Cookie Trinity
I Suck, Therefore I am

The Camp Weasel Files
Camp Weasel One
Camp Weasel Two
Camp Weasel Three
The Martha Chronicle
Did I Come at a Bad Time?
News You Can Count On
Nematode Therapist for Hire
3 Days of the Weasel
Expensive Dirt

Hair Fallies
Why It Takes Me So Long to Get Ready
3 Diary Entries
Just Some Thoughts on Aging

Your First Spanish Lesson
The Stupidity of Lizards
The Bite Me Chronicle
Barbie Doll Clothes
Cats Who Need to be Thrown off the Rat Bridge
The Church of Our Lady of the Plastic Corona Deck Chairs
My Mexico Road Trip
         Part 1
         Part 2
         Part 3
         Part 4
Ant Overdose
A Bad Hair Night
In Which I Become a Specialty Courier

Physical States
Confessions of a Nitrous Oxide Lover
Adventures in Bladderland
Adventures in Bladderland Two or "Pee! Pee at Last!"
Hemorrhoids are My Only Friends
Maternity Underwear Blues
Born to Be a Snipe
I Become a Professional Whiner
How to Have a Baby
A Blow by Blow Account
State of the Onion
Pretty Much Spazzing Out

Why I’m Not Qualified
Where Songs Come From
My Review of the Yes Direct-TV Concert
The Virtual Clinic
As Morning Bites My Shorts Again
Bean Dip Woman

The Hairy Buttwich Project in Its Entirety
a very short screenplay

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