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grief poured out
if i could say....stay, that would be naive
knowing someday soon the journey will end
limiting circumstance with crippling effect
release is something can not easily be heeded.

if you could still .... hold my hands
trace the line where my heart beats.
connect to the core where my center rises
life surges where now lies emptiness.

mumbled scores of riddled whispers
testaments to the aches, ones unfounded
count the pain as they seek justice....
tears fell to fill the vacuum of restlessness.

one....i love you, two .... i miss you, three....wish you well.
for the life we had was never perfect and yet
imperfections they were, filled the cup to the brim
roller coaster rides, made life full of meaning.

if sorry.....could fill the page
i would write many for opportunities missed.
of letting you know how you made me complete
by just being there kicking or in silence.

if tears could ...... keep you warm
i would shed many to keep the amber aflame
but if the tide would keep you ill at ease
let me shed one last to keep you at peace.

for all my cares one stands out
that of transcending all boundaries
for where you are hear my spirit
calling out your name..... thank you my dearest!
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