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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Sci-fi · #1425432
Ayn and her crew embark in an adventure.
Ayn Roverchi- Captain of the E.C.S. Inquisition (U.A.F.)
Graden- First lieutenant of the E.C.S. Inquisition (U.A.F.)
Dasprite- Navigational Officer of the E.C.S. Inquisition (AI) (U.A.F.)
Dorlin- Chief Science officer of the E.C.S. Inquisition (U.A.F.)
Riley- Com-Officer On the E.C.S. Inquisition (U.A.F.)
Sabrina- Doctor on the E.C.S. Inquisition (U.A.F.)

Admiral Kortzolph- admiral of the Re dei re (A.H.P.)
Commander Wolfed- Commander of the Episch (A.H.P.)
Laylani- Second in Command under Admiral Kortzolph (Also his Mistress) (A.H.P)
The third council- made up of 2 men and 3 women, of the A.H.P.

Section 1: The Jump


It was here in the dead silence of space that little by little atom-by-atom, all the pieces to the puzzle came together. With out any meaning on this vast nothingness there became something.


As the engines of the second age technology rattled and the wear and tear of 5 year long research mission, the E.C.S. Inquisition was about to start to make the jump to the nearest colony Droverious.

The placard on the door of the captain's quarters was Ayn Roverchi; Ayn was just about to dose off. As soon as she shut her eyes her data pad beeped slightly. Sitting up she grabbed for it turned it on. A picture of her first lieutenant appeared on the screen " Sorry to wake you mama but I wanted to inform you something has just showed up on our long range sensors" "This time it better not be space dust or so help me Graden you will be part of it" "This time I am sure of it, I probed it and there was 3 types of signatures. Radiation, Inorganic materials, and get this a huge influx of Organic materials. Its odd you know because this sector has been scanned before and nothing has shown up." "How long will this little detour take us?" "about an eight day or so" "I swear Graden if you are wrong..." she took a deep breath to think it through, not only was this the void of space but the only thing you really find out here is space dust and anomalies. She trusted her first lieutenant more than she probably should, "Tell Daprite to change the course, and send me your data I wont be able to get much sleep now that you woke me up, I might as well do some work, that is all". With a quick click on the data pad she closed the session and lightly got up from her bed. There so much humanity hasn't learned all she can do was hope she could make some logical guesses about the data her first lieutenant was going to send her. As she stood her hands slid down her night suit it was a nice fit that she picked up on her last visit to Droverious. Sitting down at her desk and flicking the light on she heard the slight beep on here data pad, reaching over and picking it up and placing it in to the holder the blue holographic letters and numbers were projected on to her desk. Paging though the documents she yawned and formed a half grin, maybe she won't have to throw Graden out of an airlock.


Graden walked to the center of a circular room, as he stopped a star appeared "This is what is classified as a Void star, this is the only one I have ever seen but by the looks of it the shear size is about two million to one, compared to Sol. Now this is what fascinates me the first planet, lets just call it planet A, it is only 55 million kilometers away from the Star but yet look at this data". Words started flickering on the Captain and the chief science officer's data pad. "Wait a moment Graden how is this possible, not only is there organic life on this planet but there is water". "This fascinated me to mama but then I focused more on their atmosphere, 98 percent carbon and the rest of that two percent is a compound of unknown substances, so if you would take a look". A planet flickered on it was a grayish green "This is what the planet looks like right now all that grayish gas that's what is blocking most of the Stars radiation, I am assuming without it the whole planet would light up like a twig." "You said its 55 million kilometers away Dorlin what is the range of the heat shields?" The Chief science officer shifted his weight on the other foot "Well mama we can get about 60 Million Kilometers we could boost the power and get a few more million kilometers but for how long I wouldn't know" "Is there any thing else we need to look in to?" "In this solar system there are 5 planets Planet A we have already discussed the next planet in the solar system is about 100 million kilometers away it is made up of mostly nickel and zinc and trace amounts of uranium. The next one in the solar system is also unique it spins on its side, therefore one side is blistering hot and the other side is frozen in darkness. With that said the rotation of the planet is going from on of the suns "poles" to the opposite "pole". Moving on to the next Plan-". The com-system crackled "Mama there is something strange you want to see up here on the bridge... Now if at all possible" "We are on our way Daprite, and care to tell us what is so damned urgent?" "You won't believe me even if I told you"


"How many are there?" The elongated bridge held 40 crew members all at their station, "Admiral Kortzolph there is a total of 50 organic life forms on board, 1 Artificial intelligence, compounds of high uranium, carbon, and various types of metals. Armaments include four Magnetic anti-gravity guns and 2 nuclear bays." Stroking his pale purple skin he looks to his on board nav-system "Open a com to all ships.-" "Done sir" the darker purple humanoid responded "All ships this is Kortzolph speaking, my first command of my new promotion is rain fire from the heavens to vanquish this trespasser"

"God speed with us, boost all power to shields and jump to sector 2 alpha that should be far enough away from them" Ayn broke a light sweat this is why she didn't go into the military branch "Mama the ships are charging their weapons all of them... all 20 of them." "How long until Jump drives are operational?" The Dasprite turned in his chair ൗ seconds and counting" "And how long till the fire?" "less than 15 seconds" "Put me through the intercom-" Com-officer Riley nodded " Everyone grab on to something and start praying to what ever god you believe in because one of them needs to be on our side right about now" She shot a glance at Riley, he turned off the intercom. "Load a Warhead and lock to the largest ship in the fleet-" ř seconds until jump-" "-4 seconds until impact" "Fire the warhead when ready."

"Some one get emergency power back on!" The lights flickered and then went to a steady dim light "That's better, now we need a damage assessment" Graden clicked on his data pad "There are fires in engineering and a few wounded, Our jump drives are out. Three MAG guns are FUBAR and the nuclear pod took no damage." The captain looked around "Where are we?" Ayn's data pad flickered on, and Graden continued, "We are just outside of planet "C's" gravity well. And before you ask how we ended up here is that when we encountered them our jump was supposed to take us a little bit out of this solar system, but the first salvo hit engineering causing us to abort the jump, my guess is that we are on their sensors and they are presuming us this moment." Ayn tapped on her data pad and opened a geographical map of the planet below, tapped it again and it changed to get a thermal view. Her guess was correct, between the two hemispheres was a livable temperature. "Graden how long will repairs take?" Her cold eyes pierced through him, "about two weeks mama, and that's only if we are not attacked again." She turned back to her data pad "I've already planed for that, Daprite I have loaded the nav-computer with the coordinates all I need is for you to make the final approach."


"How bad are repairs to the Episch?" A slender woman with deep purple skin and light blue hair looked toward the admiral "Commander Wolfed said they would be fully repaired by mid day." He turned his head to her "Send my gratitude to Wolfed and tell him the Gods be with him" she nodded and turned to her station. Kortzolph rose and headed to the door, it has been a long night and he needed to get his mind off the intruders but first to make the report to the third council. As he walked to the COM stations he lost himself to a dazed stupor, he hasn't had a good rest for the past 8 day. After he was promoted to admiral he was given the paper work from the last patron. Kortzolph turned the hollogen on and took two steps back, before him flickered 5 men and women of the third council. The eldest female looked directly at admiral Kortzolph "Admiral we acknowledge that you require our council, now report hastily fore we do not hither on the time we lose with out the gods of hope, truth, and remorse." Kortzolph shifted his weight "My council today is the day the prophecy foretold about, the day the intruder comes to our home world and lights fires in the sky. I am sorry to say we were not successful of destroying this intruder and request to peruse them with a small contingent of battleships." The five all looked down and the eldest looked back up "You shall take a small troop to chase this so called prophesized intruder, but if you shall not come back successful then do not come back at all... We pray for everyone, now go leave us to have our time with the gods" The hologen flickered off and Kortzolph turned and walked out.


"The atmosphere isn't solid mama, you can't go outside without a suit" Ayn looked directly at Graden "So here we are on some rock out in the middle of the void, uncharted, unknown to even the U.A.F. and here we are stranded waiting for some alien race that we probably provoked enough to start a war over and look at us defenseless. Shit I don't have a clue what to do the only thing I suggest is that we shut down everything except life-support and do the repairs that way." Dorlin shot a glance to Graden then back to Ayn then to Daprite. The four sat around a circular table "I suggest also for about 30 minuets every day we scan the general area around the planet to make sure we aren't some unwelcome guests about to become dust." Graden and Ayn exchanged nods "I think that's reasonable Dorlin just keep it to a short range scan. As for repairs I want engineering to work double time if they have to and get some of the helms men to help out. That is all" The three rose and left leaving Ayn sitting there. "damit all to hell I knew I should have trusted my gut felling." Sinking her head down in to the table she was exhausted being up for almost 48 hours. "Ayn! You need to go to sleep in your own bed, your crew has everything covered." A older graying woman was standing in the door "All ways telling me what to do eh Sabrina?" She looked at the older woman who looked
o be in her late forties "Well I think I know a two about the human body. I kinda am your only doctor on board." Grinning the admiral stood up "Yeah I know I think I made that mistake five years ago"


As Admiral Kortzolph lay on the bed stroking his young mistress's pale purple skin, gently, tenderly. As soon as he started drifting in to a deep slumber a faint beeping was going off but before he could get up his mistress Laylani picked his com link up tapped if off and whispered in his ear "Don't get up you need your rest Ill see to it that we get out of port" and with a slight kiss on the cheek the young maiden got up and started to get dressed. Her bare purple skin glistened from the light of the sun from the large window in the admiral's quarters. As Kortzolph dosed off, Laylani finished getting her jumpsuit on, walking out of his chambers she headed towards the bridge, while walking she was pinning one button to her collar that represented her being second in command. When she reached the bridge an ensign glanced at her and piped in "Attention CO on deck" She looked around "At ease" Taking her seat she hit a few buttons on her data pad "Ask Commander Wolfed if he will be joining us in our pursuit, then get undocking permission from the flight deck and set a course for Feuerundeis." The stern woman lost all compassion and it was replaced with a cold hard complexion, it was going to be a long journey.


"Get that coil relay stabilized. We don't got all day people!" The gruffly engineer looked around and clicked on his data pad to read the diagnostic report from the last MAG gun they have to repair.

[Diagnostics Report]
[Magnetic Anti-gravity Gun Model Number 442563]
[Relay Coils...NO]
[Launcher port...NO]
[Electrical Fuses...NO]
[Repair Estimate time 48H]
[Diagnostics report Complete]

"Shit." The engineer turned away "What's wrong sir?"  He turned back around to meet the gaze of the young woman "Nothing Carol just we are missing about five of the Electrical Fuses and with out those this is fucked. I need an hard drink." The woman stepped closer to the engineer and leaned in to him "how about me?"


"Graden I want a SITREP ASAP." Ayn turned to him "We did a full power down mama, two ships showed on the sensor and we didn't want to risk anything." She nodded "And the repairs?" Graden powered on his data pad and read the short report ŗ MAG cannons are operational, both nuclear silos are operational, jump drives are in half operation estimation for full operation is 36 hours please advise that the communications relay is gone is not repairable." "Do we know if we did any damage to that ship?" Graden shook his head. Ayn walked to the window she could see where the two horizons collide on her left was the almost unbearable desert waste land and to the right a frozen darkness. She turned and walked out of the conference hall and to her quarters. Her room was made of all polished oaken wood, even though synthetic wood it looked exactly like her study at her house on Earth. It looked exactly like her study down to the crack on her chair from the wear and tear of generations.  Sitting down she opened the bottom drawer, there sat a silver flask she took it with a small glass poured the clear liquid. As she put back the flask she lifted the glass and drank it all down.

"Sir or scanners pick up nothing around the area." "Patch me through with Wolfed."- The Com officer nodded "Wolfed I want you to make a low passing of the area and look for anything suspicious report back in an hour." "Yes Admiral." Kortzolph laid back in his chair "And what will you do if you find them on the surface, you know the planet is a sacred land and nothing of ours should touch the surface." Turning in his chair to face Laylani who was on his right. "We will wait if they lift of as we suspect them to do the ashes will sprinkle over the heavens and the gods will not forsake us." An older looking male looked to the Admiral "Sir sensors show 50 organics on the eastern side of the planet sending the coordinates now."

"So two weeks here and still nothing, no contacts only the slight sensor reading of a large ship which could be long gone by now. This is my plan to get in to low orbit, have the MAG guns charged and primed, along with the silos loaded, once we get out side of the gravity well we get the hell out of dodge and set a course for Droverious." The three around the table, Dasprite, Graden, and Dorlin all nodded at the Captain's plan. "Alright if we are all in agreement then we will take off tomorrow, relive everyone and have them get a good nights rest I don't plan on having a chance like this in a hell of a long time, dismissed. 


"All hands on deck." The stout young ensign projected his voice over the intercom. Ayn didn't even know his name just his rank, she has been with her crew for five years and she still doesn't know everyone on her own bridge by name. It was early; at least for Ayn she leaned in her captains chair and waited for everyone to get to their stations. She turned on her data pad and opened her crew manifest all 39 humans, and one AI. From engineering to the bridge crew, she looked at all the names remembering why she picked all of them for their specific duty. None of them were meant to be in any real line of danger but yet why are they facing it now. Ayn turned her data pad of and at that moment she vowed to get everyone back home.

"Admiral we are picking up a large influx of energy from the planet. They are starting their engines." The deep purple skinned male bowed and returned to his station. "Keep watching them and track them as soon as they leave the atmosphere obliterate them. Load the ballistics artillery rounds." The admiral turned to his mistress "How many of them sir?" He grinned "All of them"

"Mama! There are two ships right out side of the atmosphere, what looks to be their flag ship and a slightly smaller ship." Ayn nodded her head "Dasprite." The AI looked at her and nodded "I want you to initiate the orbital jump to the coordinates we talked about" Dasprite looked at Ayn and held a long stair "Captain would you like to know the odds of us surviving." She shook her head "No but I sure as hell don't want to know out odds of staring straight at them in the face. Graden have the MAG guns primed and have two missiles ready."  Ayn broke a light sweat, 39 men and women in her hands.

"Ready the cannons, and tell Wolfed if they try and escape to peruse after them" The female next to him looked at him "Why are you so nervous?" He glared at her "I'm anything but nervous I am calm when I kill." She smiled "Is that why your hand is shaking?" "Admiral! They are jumping while in the planets gravity well." "Heh I guess we are more fortunate then we thought they will be torn apart and we get to watch a spectacular fireworks display."

"Are you sure this will work, I mean I have a wife back home." Ayn looked at Graden "I know and her son will be 8 next week lets see if I can get you back home in time to see his birth day. Now Desprite do it."


"Sir, where did they go?" Kortzolph broke a full sweat. "Get long range scanners up I want you to find them and find them now." Laylani grinned, "Can I say I told you to blow them up from orbit and then we could go home." Kortzolph glared at her "Find them now."

"What the fuck did we just do Ayn!?" She smirked "That my good friend Graden is called a inside jump, never been done till just now. You see Dasprite here calculated 8 little mini jumps around the planets exterior it drained a lot of power thou so we will be limping for a bit till we can get full power. But we should be able to clear the gravity well and jump out of here. How long till power is at full Dasprite?" She turned to her AI nav-officer. "In about 2 minuets then we will be jumping to Droverious we should make good time, I would say and good eight day or so."  "Take us back."


"Long ago, my people came to that planet seeking refuge from a war, a war of attrition. For many years they came in the name of god they took our land they took our lives. A new age began, we lost our own gods, we lost our smiles. We cried out for help, no one answered. I met one of them after the war, he told we were looking back at the death and destruction and he told me that is the curse of change my friend. I killed him on the spot. In the name of god? The fight for land? Now tell me is it right, that they wanted to make these changes. We tried to fight, for liberty. With out a chance we gave up. They won in the name of god. I look apron our people now and I say there is no god. But trust me if you try to abuse his name there will be no chance to escape come judgment day. When my people fond this planet we swore our retreat was not in vein and we the silent warriors of our time would rise up."

-- Book VI, Ryograp Prophecy

Ayn sat at her desk as she was thumbing through the documents on her data pad. When she gets back the brass will want to have some answers. They have colonized most of the planets in the Local group, but the void between the local group and the neighboring groups has just began to be studied. How did this culture come to that solar system and how was that solar system not even charted. So many questions that have no answers, Then there is the matter of getting a new MAG gun installed the Inquisition will be out for at least three weeks just for that. She set her data pad down and stood up, Ayn glanced at her clock on the wall, nothing beats the nostalgic value of an old analog clock. She walked slowly to her window outside she saw nothing but a faint star, which they were just leaving. Ayn laid on her bed she had a throbbing headache, a little ding chimed in "Come in." Graden walked in "Oh sorry sir if it's a bad time I will come back latter." Ayn sat up and looked at the blond haired man, and shook her head "No no I just laid down, now what is it?" "I just came to let you know that com-systems are back up, I'm sure brass would want to hear about our little encounter, oh and captain before we jumped Dasprite took pictures of the fleet and the flag ship. She said she would upload them to your data pad within the hour." She nodded "Ill be patching through to brass as soon as I get the data, and if you can send me your scans as well as anything you see fit. Oh and one more thing check long-range scanners and make sure there isn't anything or any one following us. Dismissed."

[Naval HQ, Earth-- 4/12/2210 Military Calendar]

As the light brown haired man was leaning back in his chair a little beacon came back on to his raider "Holy Shit they are alive, Sir you may want to have a look at this." A red haired man in his late fifties walked over to his workstation. His nametag read Pinnet, and on his collar he had 4 four stars, dressed in navy blue. "Can you be sure that's them?" The Ensign looked at the Admiral "Yes sir they sent their confirmation codes are confirmed. Would you like me to set up a communications link with them?" Pinnet nodded "Yes I want to speak to Ayn first thing in the morning."


"Good morning Admiral I hope this house call didn't wake you." She smirked "Captain I want to know what happened in the last two weeks." "Yes sir, Well my chief science officer found a solar system in the dead of space. We decided to search it because it was such an anomaly and wouldn't take us to far from Droverious. As we get there we survey some of the planets in the solar system, four in all. Then we have our first contact show up on the long-range radar. As soon as I got to the bridge there were already forty plus ships within a 200-kilometer radius of us. We tried to get a communication link up with them but it was to late they were charging what looked like to be a pulse laser of some sort. I didn't take any chances so I had Dasprite; my nav-officer set a course out of the system. By the time our FTL drives were operational we were nicked by on of the lasers, which took out the drives 3 MAG guns and communications. So I decided to take refuge on a near by planet while we did repairs. Two weeks passed and we did some maneuvering to get around them and jumped out of the system towards Droverious. Before we jumped however we did get some Reconnaissance pictures of the fleet, with that I am also sending you topographical and planetary maps of the solar system." The Admiral nodded to himself "I am recommending to the higher ups that you be transferred into temporary military until we have a better hold on this situation. I am also considering whether or not to commission a newly built dreadnought, I don't know if it will be in full operation once you get to Droverious, but it should be flyable" He chuckled "Oh and don't worry about your crew we can have any one of them that you want transfer onto your new ship. I will also give you a roster of candidates so you can get a solid crew in order, you will need 150 men and women so. That is all; it will be waiting at Droverious for you. Oh and Ayn you need a 2 week shore leave you deserve it." The com-link was cut and Ayn sat there she had reasons not staying in the military.


[Between Io and Europe- 6/3/2204 Military Calendar]

The E.C.S. Fortitude was an interceptor class warship it was made for hit and run tactics and light recon. It held one tactical nuke on board, ten chain guns, and 25 AAA batteries. The sleek design allowed it to maneuver around ships and get through any blockade without a scratch. 

As the last galactic war was coming to a halt the United Alliance Federation assassinated the leader of the Red Republic, which sealed the agreement, and the once divided colonies joined and grew outwards. Many of the Red Republic and UAF ships were decommissioned and only light to medium ships were allowed in the outer colonies.

"Ok Roberts patch the Ice miner through." Ayn in her early twenties was stunning she wore a glistening Silver wings with pride "Sir he isn't responding," She nodded "Keep trying he is heading straight for a short and timely demise with Jupiter." Calculations in her mind shot by and she was already altering the ships shields "Ackart bring us around we are going to bump him out of the way, I switched the shields to reflective so if we hit him right above the bow of the ship it will bump him out of the way giving us time to board and asses the situation." Ackart positions the Fortitude in front of the bow and gave it all the speed it had and the mining ship was halted in its tracks.

[Outer Colonies, Athcar-6/10/220]

"The ship you are looking at sir, they are holding 300 men, women, children. They are ransoming them off for one hundred million credits and safe passage. Do you have an immediate course of action? Oh and they say they have a bomb on board, and sensors confirm that." Ayn took a deep breath, the odds were ageist her. "Ok load the tactical nuke, and give a warning shot over the bow of the ship, then I want a com link directly to their 'leader' or who ever they take orders from." One of the Ensigns looked at her "Ma'm a tactical nuke? My wife and children are on board." She nodded "And don't call me Ma'm on a Military vessel." "Yes sir." Roberts looked to Ayn "Com-link established" "This is Capitan of the E.C.S. Fortitude, I know you want one hundred million credits but face it your not going to get it, I have a tactical nuke in the launch bay check your scanners. I don't care about any of the lives on that ship and frankly this will be a good example to all of the sleaze pirates that are in this world and think it's a game. Well guess what to me it is and I can either make the diction right here. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... Ensign I'm sorry, truly I am... Fire the tactical nuke"

"Ma'am if you would follow me, I'll be taking you to a shuttle to take you to your new ship. Right this way." The lieutenant took Ayn through a corridor and stepped up to the key pad next to the bulkhead in front of them typed in some numbers and the bulkhead doors opened. There sat a shuttle it looked like it was stripped of all its unnecessary components, to Ayn it looked like an engine, and a barebones case. The hatch was opened and the lieutenant stopped at the ramp "This is where my journey ends, Dering will take you the rest of the way" He saluted and walked away. Ayn walked inside of the little shuttle barely enough room for more than a handful of people, she took her duffel bag and set it on one of the back seats and took a seat next to the pilot "Strap in we are going to take off in a minuet as soon as we get clearance." Ayn buckled the safety belt to herself and leaned back in to the chair. The pilot got the green light and he started his engines and lifted off, Ayn wasn't used to the feel of movement underneath her. She was used the massiveness of the ship and it felt to her like they were just gliding through water in the Inquisition, but in this heap of junk it felt as thou the whole ship was rocking or it was having a hard time to get the engines to stabilize. But within a few moments they were out of the bay doors and there just out side the dock was the huge dreadnought. "So what's this hulking mammoth's name?" Ayn looked at the pilot hoping for some answer "Well ma'am the Admiral thought it was best you came up with a name for it. You are its first owner, and a lucky one at that, I hear they are mounting a gun that can shoot clean through any ship in the fleet ten times over... that's pretty scary if you ask me." She shifted her weight, now with the burden of picking a flight crew she also needed to figure out a name for it. As the shuttle flew around the dreadnought the pilot was requesting permission to land in one of the docking bays. Ayn ran her hand through her hair, as smooth and silky as it was, she always liked to keep it shorter than most. She reached in to her pocket and retrieved her data pad; she decided to get a little work done while she waited. Picking her second in command wasn't to hard, as long as Graden wanted to be transferred in to the military branch that is. Then she pulled up the ships mainframe system, looking for something specific as it was she found it but to her surprise the Admiral put in two AI mainframes, battle ships and frigates were lucky to have one AI mainframe but two was all to significant "This ship is really one of a kind, are you going to be working here or staying in Droverious?" The pilot replied sluggishly "well I would love to get off of this frozen rock, and hey I saw enough ship to ship combat and can fly most anything you give me." Ayn smiled, one down a few hundred more to go, "welcome aboard the E.C.S. Tera-Nova."

Ayn stepped aboard the bridge and the sleek design appeased her, she counted the workstations, in all there were 80 and only 20 of them have been filled. A week in to her selection she came to a conclusion that she would have to get the raw recruits and some seasoned vets, which was both good and bad at the same time. She walked to her chair and sat down in it, the leather seats were comfortable. She studied the arms of the chair on her left she had a place to insert her data pad and her right she could control most of the ships functions, for the time being she locked the controls she will worry about that at a latter time.

She began to scroll through the ships the admiral commotion her 50 in all, 35 fighters 10 bombers and 5 shuttles. The fighters were a model Ayn never even heard about it was called the spacehawk. She glanced at the armaments and nodded with approval. The bombers were standard E.C.S. Valkyrie. Next she looked in to the ships armaments, 4 MAG Cannons, six nuclear launch bays, and even to Ayn there was a single cannon in the middle of the ship, this cannon was not complete nor was she given a date as to when it would be done. But she was under orders not to use it until its done. She then set down her data pad in the armchair, and then to her amazement a hologram of her data pad was in front of her. She was able to do everything that she needed to do with out even having it in her hands. She then turned it off and leaned back in her chair, there was an engisin at a station "Ensign you are lucky to be on this ship, it's the newest and best in the fleet" He nodded "I just am glad that we aren't shedding anymore blood amongst ourselves, you see my parents were on a civilian transport ship when raiders captured the ship and took every one hostage, they wanted their leader back in exchange for a few thousand people and they didn't get it. It ended in them slaughtering every one, and blowing up the ship." She turned and looked in to the ensign's deep bluish green eyes "Where was the transport ship going?" He looked down as if to hide his emotions from the captain "Athcar sir." A single tear ran down his cheek "I'm so sorry, I was there and there was just nothing we could do as soon as we got a boarding party on board they were arming a nuclear bomb in engineering. I had to pull out my men, I am so sorry." With that she got up and headed to her quarters

Laylani appeared in front of Korzolph and stroked his beard gently "My love, the council requests your time, it seems they want to know what the situation is with the intruders." He nodded slightly and got up out of his bed and put his dark red jumpsuit on. He walked out of his chambers and into the large hall with many doors leading in every which way to the ship; he casually strolled down to the furthest door labeled com-room. He stepped in to the room and the doors closed behind him, to his surprise the third council was already called up and illuminated "I am sorry to keep you all waiting councilors." He took a quick bow and walked forward the eldest woman looked up from her trance like meditation "The council would like to know what your plans are for these intruders?" She went back into her trance "Well councilors I have subject to believe that the ship is was heading to seek refuge and make further repairs. But I highly doubt that they will be back any time in the near future." All of the councilors looked up the eldest spoke "And if there are more of them and that was only a scout vessel, you know all to well that we are not prepared for a war Admiral" this time Korzolph lowered his head "And that is why I have to ask you and the other council members to give your full and complete support, so that we can muster up a defense force, I do not want to see the prophecy be fulfilled not this time." He looked up and met the cool stare of the eldest council member "We will need time to vote upon this matter we shall contact you in three cycles." The hologram flickered off and Korzolph stood there in the empty room.

[New York, Earth-8/12/2209 Military Calendar]
A woman in her early twenties carrying a briefcase in a standard E.C.N. uniform was in a hurry down the crowded streets of New York, heading to a corner café. When she got to her location she found the old man in his sixties, "Your late Ayn, your never late." A grin appeared on the old mans face "well sir if you must know I was making the first inspection of my new ship, it is an interceptor class ship." The grin grew wider "Well just remember to keep the doors locked you don't want to get it stolen like that car we got you." Ayn started to grin "That was six years ago dad, I think I learned my lesson." The two started laughing "Sit I ordered some coffee before you got her, you know your mother is worried sick about you, you should really give her a call one of these days." Ayn rolled her eyes "If she wants to talk to me she can call me herself." A waitress walked over to their table with a pot of coffee "What can I get you hun?" Ayn hadn't decided on what to get "I will have two eggs over medium with wheat toast, and two strips of bacon." The waitress nodded "And for you sir?" "Eggs benedict with a side of pancakes." The waitress nodded again "coming right up" and she was gone "So how was the academy?" Ayn grinned "I was good, didn't you see any of my reports. Well I met with the Admiral he looked over my transcript and recommended me to go on to a command position and here I am commanding my own crew. You didn't pull any strings with the higher ups to get me this did you?" Her father laughed, "I'm retired Ayn I have almost no contact with brass nowadays, and even if I did my word would be no good. Oh and that reminds me I have a little something for you." He pulled out a small box the size of a loaf of bread "It was your grandfathers and before that your great grandmothers." He opened the lid and there was a lighter "It was made in the late twentieth century, that is our family crest on the front and on the back it has our last name on it. Count this as a little good luck and going away present." A single tear streaked down her face "thanks dad."

Ayn was woken by the vibrations emitted by her data pad which lay on her desk, she smiled it reminded her of high school when she would get a text from on of her friends. She picked it up and tapped the screen, Garden sent in his transfer papers. After a long discussion with him she finally persuaded him to transfer in to the military branch. Her few weeks of picking her crew was coming to a close, only ten more crewmembers and she will be set. She walked to the bridge and first noticed that all the work stations were occupied, a E5 stood at attion "captain on the bridge." The other 80 crew members stood at full attion "at ease" She walked to her chair, set her data pad down and the hologram appeared, now accustomed to it she just causally scrolled through her mail and, realized there was one about the cannon that they have spent the last two weeks working on.


She picked up her data pad to read it in privet

[Enter Password]
-Captain Roverchi

The cannon placed on your ship is not for ship-to-ship combat, under no circumstances are you to use the cannon, unless authorized to do so. We shall release our Testing videos to you, but under strict confidential reasoning. Also attached to this letter is the layout of the gun and its pay load. No crew is necessary for loading and or maintaining this weapon. Only officers of the highest rank and captain can see the main cannon core. At the moment it is fully encased to denture all you want in. In case of breach the main sequence computer will do an automatic self destruction.

[Proto type cannon CXM R2]
Ammo type- [CLASSIFIED]
Cannon measurements- 25'Wx 70'Lx40'H
Shots per round- 1
{End message]

Ayn set her data pad down and sighed, all she is really doing with this cannon is carrying it as extra baggage. Tera-nova was scheduled to leave dry dock in four days and she had to get ten more people, and Graden hasn't even showed up yet. She stood and went to the mess hall, the cook was out but there was cold sandwiches sitting out, Ayn grabbed a egg sandwich, and sat down. As she ate she looked though the Military roster, she then realized that she never transferred Sabrina over to the military branch. She then tapped some buttons on her data pad and her head set started ringing. "This is Dr. Ashford, may I ask who is speaking." Ayn had a grin on her face "This is your captain speaking, and I was wondering if you would like a position in the E.C.S. Tera-Nova.?" "Ayn is that you! I would love a position on your ship." "Great, well Sabrina you only have three and a half days to get her and get set up, Ayn out."  And with that she ended the com and sent Sabrina all the ships information and med bay specs. "May I join you captain?" Ayn jumped a little "Graden I didn't think you would make it for orientation how about that." They laughed "Well you know me, I am early as always." She pointed to a chair "Come on and join me I have to discuses some things before the orientation tomorrow."

Section 2: Orientation

Ayn and Graden sat in their chairs on the bridge, Ayn clicked a button on her chair calling a red alert. A voice went over the intercom "Every one hand on deck" within a few minutes everyone was at their stations "Dasprite unlatch magnetic anchors, and set engines to half speed." Dasprite nodded and followed instructions "Holden get sensors on line, Kendrick give me the green light on shields, Riggs weapons check and safety's on we don't want any miss fires. Erwin give me a report on docking bay A and B." "Flight deck is operation sir, flight crew at the ready." "Schenck prime the FTL drive, Dasprite on my mark jump to point 00491. A bottle of vodka goes to whoever knows where we are going to jump to." Nobody challenged her offer "Well point 00491 is where hundreds of millions of asteroids are pulled and pushed by the week gravity well of the two neboring galaxies- Andromeda and The Milky way galaxy- meets the asteroids are anywhere from a foot to a good foot ball field in length. Let's just say this is a life or death situation, act as thou the asteroids that are bigger than six feet are tactical nukes and if any of them hit us the hull gets split and we all die. Now Dasprite jump"
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