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by Emily
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Supernatural · #1439206
A story about a vampire writer who is looking for his love
“A contest!” Sherry editor said staring at Patti dumbfounded.
“yes, he needs help. He is having a hard time keeping up with his fan mail and writing.” Patti sipped her Tea.
“But isn’t that kind of dangerous? I mean they all think he is a female. This is just crazy!” Thomas buried his hands into his hair.
“Tom, it’s a great idea!’” Patti watched him pace back and forth across the shiny tiled floor.
Tom stopped, pulled his hands away from his hair, and looked at her. “How would we do a contest? He is world known. We would have to get this contest spread around the world. That will take a lot of money won’t it?”
Patti rolled her eyes, “Look who were talking about. He has money, lots of it.”
“And this was his idea?” Tom lifted a brow at her.
“Umm... yes?” She smiled guilty.
“Just as I thought. Fine. You win.”
She jumped up and clapped her hands. “Great! Let’s get started on it!”
Tom sighed and shrugged his shoulders, and walked to his computer, then picked up the phone.
Patti sat in the little love seat in the corner while Tom made a few dozen calls to different places around the world. Soon it would everywhere about this contest.
“You have the e-mail fan base right?” She asked.
“Then send out e-mail letters announcing it that way too.” Patti said smiling.
“Nice idea.” Tom said starting on a letter on his computer to send.
“I figured you’d realize that would be the main way to get it out.” She stuck her tongue out at him.
“How is he doing on his book?” Tom asked after hitting the send button for the e-mail.
“Slowly. He was trying to keep up with his fan mail and e-mail. Which is impossible while writing a book.”
“True.” Tom nodded his head, taking a big swallow of his coffee.
“Have any more tea?” She glanced around the room.
“yeah, I will get you some. Oh yeah… I was going to ask you something.”
Patti lifted her head to him. “Yes?” she didn’t like the accusation in his voice.
“Are you hiding from someone?” he asked looking over his shoulder at her, as he stirred the sugar in the tea.
She felt as her world just stood still. “Why do you ask?”
“Because a man claiming to be your husband called here this morning.”
“Damn!” She clenched her fists.
“So you are?” He turned, and walked to her. He sat down beside her, handing her the steaming tea.
She nodded, almost in tears. She feared for her life around her husband. “He use to beat me, and that’s actually how I met Sherry.”
“really?” Tom said looking at her.
“You didn’t say I was here did you?”
“Of course not. He kept asking all kind of questions. I kept saying I don’t know who you re talking about. But he was very persistent.”
“So he doesn’t know I am here.” Her hands began to shake.
“No. Has sherry seen him before?” Tom asked rubbing her arm in comfort.
“No, he never has seen him, but he knows of him, and knows what he done to me that night he found me lying in the ally.”
“what!” Tom’s eye brows rose.
“yeah. That’s how he met me. My husband had thought I was dead, so he left me in a alley away from our home. I thought he would think I was dead. I have no idea how he found out that I was alive.” Tears streamed down her face. “I am so scared.”
“You need to tell sherry about this. That he called.” Tom said squeezing her hand.
“No! I don’t want to put him in danger. I will figure out how to deal with this on my own, so please don’t tell him. Promise me you want.”
“Patti, you know how much I care for you. You are like my daughter.”
“Tom! Please do this for me.”  She begged him.
“Fine. But if this guy finds out you are here, and if he comes near you, I will tell sherry.”
“Ok. Deal. Hopefully he is still in the states, and not here in Scotland.”
“Yeah, I hope so.” Tom shook his head.
They spent several more hours talking on the phone and making flyers to send out in the mail to numerous places. It was well into the night before Patti headed back Blackwood castle. As she pulled up, she saw sherry standing in the garden. He seemed restless. His hands deep in his pocket, he walked glancing back and forth at the roses.  She hoped he had found out that her husband tried to make contact with her. He would be furious and might even try to kill him.

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