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4th sonnet in a series with Ben Langhinrichs
I bet you're really feeling pretty smug
Now thinking that you got the best of me.
While most our dirt remains under the rug,
There's plenty still on top for all to see -

Except for you! These years so unaware,
Reclining in your boxers watching tv...
Of course I don't expect you now to care
About anything, least of all not me.

My Dad likes to remind me "told you so,"
But wonders if I miss you now you're gone.
I guess this much you really oughta know:
You need to get your clothes from off my lawn.

I see the STD thing made you smile...
You should know, I've been doing Steve awhile.

written in response to "Glad it won't be me"   by Ben Langhinrichs
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