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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #1458284
An F.B.I. Agent must choose to trust a mysterious dream before he knows the meaning of it.
                                                  DREAMS of WARNING

It was a very hot summer here in Arizona the year I first began to understand what was really going on with my dreams. It all began when I was about eight years old with dreams of warning about events that would soon take place.  My name is McKenzie Stewart and this is my story.

"McKenzie! Time to get up sweetie, time to go to school!" Said Emily.

McKenzie pulled back his covers and dragged himself out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

His mom yelled up,


"I'm up mom, I'm brushing my teeth," said McKenzie.

Heading downstairs McKenzie could smell the bacon. Sitting down at the table, he thought about a dream he had last night. In the dream, Mrs. Baxter his teacher had to leave to go to Arizona Memorial Hospital in a hurry. She was going to have her baby early.

"Mom?" He said taking a bite of his scrambled eggs.

"Yes sweetie,"  said Emily.

"I had a dream about Mrs. Baxter last night she had to leave to have her baby and they gave us this weird substitute Mr. Foxly," said McKenzie.

"Sweetie, that won't happen for about two more months,"  said Emily.

McKenzie finishes his breakfast.


"The bus is here honey, here are your lunch tickets now don't lose them,"  said Emily.

He starts to run out the door.

"Hey, where's my kiss!" said Emily.

"Oh mom...," sighed McKenzie walking over to give his mom a kiss.


                                                THE GIFT

Later that morning, while the class is taking a pop quiz, Mrs. Baxter doubles over in pain. She had been having labor pains for the past half hour and was hoping they were false labor and would go away, like last time.

"Class, that was the last question. Now, I want everyone to turn over your answer sheets and open your math books to page twenty-three. Do problems one through twenty. I have to go to the nurses' office. No talking while I'm gone".
After an examination, the school nurse called an ambulance. "Don't worry Mrs. Baxter, we have a substitute teacher ready for your class," said nurse Freeman.

Ten minutes later, the class substitute walked in McKenzie's class.

"Hello, boys and girls I'm Mr.Foxly, Mrs. Baxter had to go to the hospital, I'll be your substitute teacher until she returns," said Foxly.

Foxly, was a short man and had thick brown curly hair. A preppy type, with glasses and a kind smile.

McKenzie couldn't wait to get home to tell his mother that his dream had come true. He decided not to tell anyone at school yet and wondered what it meant. How could he dream about something and then it happens? He had been taught that dreams aren't real. Over the years the confusion faded as the dreams became less frequent. McKenzie had begun to perceive them as a gift, nonetheless.

                                      THE WOMAN IN WHITE

McKenzie would never forget the fall of 1998. It was the year a beautiful woman with long hair and a long flowing white dress, started appearing to him in his dreams. At first, she would just stand off to the side as an observer. As time went by, she began to move closer to McKenzie. On Christmas Eve the woman in white was there as soon as he fell asleep and began to dream. She spoke for the first time,

"Will you help?"

McKenzie answered her, " Help who?"

She was silent for a moment and then, she was gone.

On Christmas morning he woke with the strangest feeling that it wasn't just a dream, it felt like a real experience to Mekenzie.  Who is she...what did she mean by '' Will you help?'', he wondered.

The beautiful woman in white stopped showing up in his dreams during his teenage years, but McKenzie found himself thinking about her all the time. He couldn't forget her.

                                            F.B.I.  TRAINING

The day McKenzie had been waiting for for 8 years had finally arrived. It was his twenty-first birthday and he could now apply for screening, testing, and hopefully later, training in the F.B.I.  There were two weeks of testing and a three-week wait to hear the results.  McKenzie was reading a book about techniques used to capture an armed and dangerous subject one rainy afternoon when the phone rang.

"Hello?" he answered.

"McKenzie Stewart?" said the voice on the other end.

"Yes, this is he," he said anxiously.

"You have an appointment at the main office in New York at six o'clock am tomorrow morning." said agent Fallon.

"Yes, sir!" I'll be there," said McKenzie.

"Don't be late, Son."  click.

And so began a grueling three years of hard training for McKenzie, he loved every minute of it. The challenges were incredible, the victories were exhilarating. In the middle of his training, McKenzie was given an assignment. A case involving a serial killer named "The Mad Texan" was killing women in three states; Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. He was given a case file and told to study it and report back in three days. The first night he studied the case until sunrise until he was so tired the words did not make sense anymore.


                                      THE FARMHOUSE

When he finally fell asleep, he began to have a dream. The woman in white was walking toward him down a white staircase that reached down from the sky. She walked up to him and said once more,

"Will you help?"

"Yes, I will," said McKenzie.
He now understood what she meant.

"Come with me," She said.

She lead him through a tunnel of light.

"Don't be afraid McKenzie," she said.

Instantly, they were at a farm. It sat by itself with about seventy acres between the farmhouse and a dirt road that stretched toward town. She lead him closer to the farmhouse and then said: "Take My hand."

McKenzie found himself standing in the living room of the farmhouse.

"Follow me," she said.

She slowly passed her hand over the front of the basement door...it opened.
McKenzie could hear a woman crying. The light was dim as he walked down the wooden stairs, they creaked with every step. As they walked through the basement, they approached a long wooden table with dried blood on it and a smaller table sat next to it with what looked like surgical instruments all laid out in the order of their length. An old rusty bucket was sat under the long table.

Fear swept over McKenzie like a tidal wave, and he began to sweat. He had not been to an active crime scene before, and the dream was so lucid, everything about it seemed real.

The woman in white said, "Don't worry, no one can see or hear us."

He looked to the right and saw a woman handcuffed to a thick chain that was anchored into a brick wall with a large metal ring. The madman had kidnapped her from a supermarket parking lot as she was putting her groceries in the trunk. It was 9:12 PM when he grabbed her, he chose her because she was blond, beautiful and appeared to be educated.  She had been beaten and tortured. The bloody woman looked up toward the ceiling and whispered,

"Help me, Jesus please have mercy..."

The sound of heavy footsteps walking around upstairs could be heard. The woman looked up again, this time with a look of sheer terror and she frantically tried to break out of the handcuffs that had hurt her wrists and made them bleed. The footsteps were now coming down the basement stairs. There at the bottom of the steps stood a stocky man wearing dirty overalls with the eyes of a madman. He walked over to the woman, she began to scream.

"Shut up!"  he yelled at her.

She quieted down. He smiled at her in a sinister, sick way.

"Ready to play?"

She began to scream louder. He laughed at her and said, "Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit."

The woman screamed, "HELP!! HELP!!

The woman in white offered her hand to McKenzie and he took it.
She leads him out of the house and away from the farm. She pointed to a sign along a dirt road that ran parallel to the farm, it read:

"Welcome to Texas, route 71."

McKenzie woke up soaking wet with sweat, he took a shower and tried to figure out how he would tell headquarters that he knew where their killer is in time to save that poor woman.

Studying the pages in the case file once again he managed to piece together the clues that lead to the farmhouse. Mckenzie examined case file pictures one more time.  Knowing now, what to look for. There was a picture of the woods next to the farmhouse. It was there the whole time and no one thought to investigate the old place.


                                                    A GOOD DAY

With McKenzie's help "The Mad Texan" was captured alive. Thirty-two counts of murder earned him a cell on death row in the Maximum Security Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The woman in the basement was barely breathing when she was found. She survived the horrific ordeal. Jesus had answered her cry for help. 

After the case was closed McKenzie Stewart was awarded Agent status and that night when the Angel in white appeared in his dreams, she smiled and said, "It was a good day."

                                                        THE END

© Copyright 2008 Molly King (mollykingstand at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1458284