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by GShan9
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When my mama was 5 yrs old she stepped BAREFOOT on a big ol' bullfrog!
"Mama's Barefoot Story"

When my mama was 5 years old (way back in 1919) she lived in a house in Alabama with a big front porch that wrapped around the two front sides of her parents' home that sat on the corner of one big street, and a smaller side street.  She was the second oldest of five kids in her family.

She always said she was the very first one in her family that always took her shoes off as soon as it warmed up in the springtime, and she was the very first one to put her shoes back on (because her feet were tender, from being in socks and shoes all winter long.)

One spring day (when she was 5 years old) she took her shoes off, because it was a nice warm day.  She giddily jumped off the top step of the porch to the sidewalk a few steps below,


                    landed smack dab square

                                                          on a BIG

                                                                      ol' BULLFROG!


And the memory of this lasted till she was VERY very old and grey!  And she said (with eyes squeezed shut as she relived it in her memories) the ONLY thing WORSE than landing smack dab square on top of a big ol' bullfrog barefoot, and squishing it between her toes, was....


(She had Alzheimer's in her old age, and before she died she didn't remember much more than her family members' names, and who we were, but she STILL remembered the feel of squishing that bullfrog between her toes!)


Be VERY careful where you step, when you're outside barefoot.  Because someday you JUST MIGHT have to clean up something just like my mama had to, when she was only 5 years old!

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