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Followed a contest prompt.
The prompt was to write a poem without re-using any wordswhile maaking sense and telling a story. Tell me if you think I've succeeded.

Blood gushes from my body,
As I bring another into this world,
Whatever, it will never know me.

Mothers are refused their babies,
Becoming pawn among many.
That’s just the way!

Emotions don’t abide within these walls;
Science, economics make and break us,
If bad for environment or income, death befalls.

Money, perfection fills thoughts,
Feelings have ceased to exist.
Now, we live in ‘perfect harmony’.

Trading newborns for power;
To anyone with enough money.
Caring, moulding the new possession,
Into another heartless accomplishment.

Why rip our life sources away?
Experiment, then take away our only gifts.

easter eggs
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