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Thea Skye's writing.
Created by Ariana for Thea Skye

Skye's Poetry

when the stars are alive
they zoom around the sun
and when i feel you around
i know you are the one
and even though I can't understand you
I know that what I believe is right
almost everything is true
and because of that I will fight
so when the stars fade
and the moon is the only one out
no one will cry
and we'll have it all firgured out

I don't know what to think
I don't know what to say
I can't float but I can't sink
Stuck between night and day

I can't look into your eyes
I can't feel your hands
I don't want to know why
but I want to understand

Where'd you go my baby
when did light become dark
where's my prince to save me
I'm in sight of a broken heart

I know I feel so lonely
even when I'm not alone
and I know I miss you honey
even when you should be gone

I can't think or breathe
I can't talk or speak
I can't sing or sleep
i can't go on without you.

I know this guy...
He's sweet and caring
He would die for me
No matter what I'll always love you
Is what he'd say
Today I saw you with him
I think it would've broken my heart
But then again
I know this girl
She only wants to see him happy
She'd die for him
I'll always be there for you
Is what she says
Today she learned something
She learned that nothing is forever


When your heart hurts. . .
And you can no longer cry,
But the pain wont subside. . .
Read until your eyes go blind
Sing till you cant breathe
Listen till you cant speak
Watch until you cant move
Think until you cant love
Love until you cant think
Brave the insanity
Deprive yourself of the truth
Deny myself your love
Kiss the stars goodmorning
Wake up to a bitter goodbye
Empty your thoughts unto the sea
Release the hate unto me
Finallize the beginning
Lie yourself happy
Truth yourself to heart
Bring the end of my days
Glue yourself apart
Start the end and
Finish the beginning
And always know someone loves you

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