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Making up is great, but why fight in the first place? Rhyme.

I’m at the table all alone
sitting thinking on my own.
The hours seem to pass so slow.
I really didn’t want to go.
I’d rather not be here tonight.
I wish we hadn’t had that fight.

As I glance around the hall
my self esteem begins to fall. 
Everybody’s having fun.,
Am I the only lonely one? 
A pretty girl walks in the place.
I think I recognise that face.

She stands a while as if to pose
Her make-up compliments her clothes: 
a short black dress with lacy sleeves,
the hemline just above her knees, 
and tightly fitting round her thighs.
A pose that captures all the eyes.

She starts to walk across the floor.
The eyes all follow her some more. 
A lovely wiggle from her hips,
her soft and sexy rosy lips, 
her silky hair and sparkling eyes,
a man could find no finer prize.

She’s really livened up the place
and brought a smile to every face. 
A breeze of air, a ray of light,
has brightened up the place tonight.
A really lucky man is he
who has the love from such as she.

A smart young man asks her to dance.
She smiles without a second glance. 
On she walks across the floor.
She knows what she has come here for.
Her perfume fragrance fills the air
as she kneels down beside my chair.

My heart begins to pump and pound.
I slowly turn to look around. 
She smiles at me so lovingly
then takes my hand and kisses me. 
She makes me feel so full of life.
Who is this girl?
My wife.
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