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A true story of a haunting in the apartment I met my wife in.
As you can tell, I'm into the ghostly things that go bump in the night...

What I'm about to tell you is a true experience, my first experience of being touched, or should I say slapped by a ghost.

It happened one night that I was staying the night at my then, girlfriend’s apartment. (She is now my wife of 11 years now). There were 5 of us in the apartment that night, myself, my wife and her two daughters and granddaughter.

we stayed up talking ‘til about 11pm or so and then went on to bed, the 2 daughters stayed up longer, how I know?, you will find out.

After falling asleep I was dreaming about an old lady (or so I thought I was dreaming) when all of the sudden I was being hit on the foot by her. She slapped me and was screaming at me, I finally realized that this was not a dream at all, and began in my sleep to scream to force myself awake; at the time I was doing this I didn’t realize that I was really screaming out loud. I woke my wife up and she shook me to awaken me and was asking me what was wrong? I couldn't speak for several minutes as I was trying to figure out why my foot was hurting so bad. (Yes it was really hurting for no real reason, and had red marks on it, the Left foot was being hit);.I heard the girls giggling in the living room, (which is how I knew they had stayed up for awhile.)

I was finally able to talk after a few minutes and told my wife what had happened. We then went into the living room and told the girls what had happened and they started to kind of freak, (of which I didn't blame them).

After all of us calmed down, my wife told me about what had happened to her about a week or so before that. She was sleeping and was awoken by strange noises and she felt the covers on her bed being tugged on; she had her door open and was able see down the hall toward the living room, (why? not sure). Anyways she had a nightlight plugged into the hallway plug, so she could see her way down the hall if she needed to go to the Kitchen for water or a snack at nights, well that night she remembers looking down the hall and not seeing the nightlight lit, then a minute later it was lit again.

Strange things continued to happen there for several months, which is when I became a Ghost hunter, similar to the GHOST HUNTERS on TV these days.

We later found out through a little research that the apartment had a murder occur in it, an elderly lady was apparently thought to have been killed there.

Remember not all dreams are as they seem!
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