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It is about a kid with a hard life but a single powerful reason to live.
“Be home at four! NO LATER!!” My dad demanded, as I got out of our S.U.V.

Both my parents have been doing that all my life. They are always demanding that I do this or do that. I have been ignoring it and doing what they wanted all my life until now, and I am starting to get angrier and angrier about it.

“Stupid parents…” I muttered to myself as I walked in the front doors of my high school.

Berthoud High School is the only place where I have any power, it’s little but it is there. Most people just shy away from me, I’m just so mean and sad all the time they can’t stand it, but there are a few that can. I tend to treat them like crap, sadly. I wish I could change that but old habits die hard. It would be so nice to change.

“Angel!” I only half heard my name from across the commons.

“Stupid parents,” I muttered again. I hated my name.

“Hi, Rosemary. How are you?” I asked her in a monotone.

“Great! Guess what?” she continued before I could even open my mouth to speak. “For my 16th birthday my parents bought me a SOPRTS CAR!” she practically yelled the last two words.

I remember my 16th birthday my parents said that I was too old to have a party. They did not even get me a single present. I got some from my friends but not any from my family; well not any I could keep any ways. My parents took all the money and gifts that I was sent and used them to help pay for the rent. I almost died that day…

I came back from my memories to Rosemary rambling on about the car still. Apparently it was a Mustang GT. I really wanted to kill her now; well not really because I don’t think I could live without her. She was my best friend and we told each other everything, she knows all about my parents. She knows how I think and how I will react, but sometimes she forgot like now. I don’t blame her for it because I would be just as excited if I got one too.

“The best part of all is that I am getting another car too while I learn to drive. It’s an inexpensive car something I could destroy and it would be easy to repair. I already asked my parents and they said that when I turn seventeen I can give you that car and I get to drive my Mustang GT!” It was too good to be true. I would get a car!?! That was just not possible.

“My parents will just sell it.” I said shooting her idea in the foot. “I would love the car but they will never let me keep it. They will sell it for money so we can buy food or something like that.”

“Oh….. Well I will keep it at my house until you move out and find a new place. Then you can have it and they can’t take it from you. Problem solved.” She was good at finding loop holes in things like this. I could not see any reason why that plan would not work. As much as I tried too find a reason.

“Thanks, I’m sure that this little plan will not work but thanks any ways.” I never looked on the bright side of things anymore it just hurt too much to do that. I hated my life and I wanted to die a lot of the time. It sucked.

“Oh! Shut up! It so will-” she was cut off by the fist of two bells. “I have to go. See you later.” She kissed me on the cheek before she ran off.

That was the only thing in my life that was good. Her, I loved her so much. She was beautiful with her light green eyes, white skin, black hair, and clothes to match her hair. I love her so much, I know she loves me too but I have no idea why she loves me. I have dark curly hair and skin to match. I’m not tall but not short, either, around 5’7”. I am not skinny but not fat either, according to most people; I weigh about 165 lbs. and to me that is way too much. I would do sports to fix that but I have no coordination to speak of and I am really slow. Today I was wearing faded blue jeans with a black t-shirt, and a brown coat, and of course my green backpack. My clothes are mostly hand-me-downs from my rich cousin and are mostly worn out. I keep all of the things that I care a lot about in my backpack and therefore do not put it down very often. I have a bunch of other weird quirks that I am not proud of. According to Rosemary they are funny. She thinks I look like my name; a dark skinned angel. I think that the rear end of an elephant looks better then I do.

Pulling me from my thoughts the second bell rang telling me that I was late for class and when my parents found out I would be yelled at, again!

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