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What if the leaders from WW2 got together after WW3 was over? Read and find out.
“Ding dong” The door bell rang. Automatically my butler answered the door.

“This way” He led them into the dining room and past the projector to the axis table. I glanced up from my spot in the front of the room.

“Greetings all…you have name cards telling you were to sit. Please make your self at home until the other guests arrive…” I trailed off.

We waited for about another thirty seconds then the door bell rang again. This time when my butler led the group of people in them was the allied leaders not the axis.

The allied leaders wore military clothes that were tan with green arm bands where the axis wore black trench coats with red Nazi armbands.

When they entered the room the mood changed. Everyone became restless and none of my guests could look each other in the eye. They could barely sit to listen to one another.

“If you will take your seats we can get started. Please hold any questions and comments to the end.” I motioned toward the allies’ seats.

They sat quickly.

“WW III was fought by the Americans, the French, the Brits, the Japanese, and the Canadians; against Germany, China, North Korea, and Russia. Not a single country survived this grand war. The US almost did but then Cuba joined the fight and decimated the weakened superpower.” I turned on the projector. It showed slowly the events of WW III. How it started, who made mistakes, who got killed, who were the leaders, and how bad everyone lost. Even when Cuba took over the US it lost in the end when it was bombed by Russia in attempt to wipe the US out.

There was no winner to WW III just losers.

After the movie was over I asked both sides what they thought but not a single soul spoke. The Axis and Allies left before the tension could be cleared.

It was over. I had failed.

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