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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #1513084
Ch. 2. A new entity gets thrown into the mix of things.
“Open fire!” Jessie and James yelled together.

On the other side of town scouts open fired with their shotguns, rifles, pistols, and any other weapon they could find into the park where they had lead the undead.

Aries, had shot at a few with a shotgun but the bullets did not hurt the undead any. The bullets that all of the scouts fired destroyed only a few undead but passed harmlessly through most of the rest. They had pulled all of their reserves to kill the undead but nothing was working, yet.

“Napalm! Now!” James yelled and the scouts through all of their napalm at the undead.

Flames shot across the park and burned most of the dead leaves that had fallen to the ground in the fall. The person who was supposed to rake them had disappeared a few days ago. Aries had a hunch that he was an undead now.

The fire that resulted, because of them throwing napalm on to the dead leaves, was huge and killed quiet a few undead but there was so many to take their place.

“Sir, we are out,” Aries shouted to James, the leader of the scouts, “Were running out of napalm to throw at them.”

“Thank you, Aries, ignore the next command and take a few of my personal guard behind the enemy and make chaos there. I want to break them up and push our advantages,” he replied.

“Yes Sir!”

Aries was eager to kill as many undead as he could and wanted to stay clear of the fire that we had ignited.

“Swords, charge! Leave no undead standing!” he yelled above the roar of the flames.

Aries drew a tomahawk from his belt and drifted in to the shadows of the burning park followed closely by a few of James’s personal guard.

When they got to the back end of the undead army, the small band of scouts saw a sight that made a chill go up their spines. There was a huge undead about the size of a two-story building, his bones were as thick as a tanks armor; it was shaped like a gorilla but also had a tail that was similar to a scorpions.

None of they liked the sight one bit.

“Kill that thing at all costs!” Aries ordered to James’s personal guard. He then turned and charged strait for the monster.
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