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Ch. 4 Aries finds himself with the biggest undead he has ever seen.
Aries and his small band of soldiers silently charged toward the monster undead swords drawn.

A row of shrubs blocked their path but they simply vaulted over them.

The monster was huge when it was far away, Aries had guessed about 20 feet tall, but up close, the monster looked at least 30 feet tall, if not 50 feet!

He then realized that they were going to do no good but of course they still had to try.

Aries was the first to reach the monstrosity and took a swing at its ankle. His tomahawk surprisingly cut deep into the skeleton’s bone but the blade of his tomahawk became stuck and broke into little pieces when he tried to pull it out. He was now left with just a handle and he did not think that it would be much use against an undead of any kind. He swung repeatedly but his tomahawk was now useless.

While he was doing this, Aries had been oblivious to what James’s personal guard and the other undead were doing. James’s personal guard had killed a lot of undead that came near where Aries was standing.

The monster skeleton had not moved an inch.

Aries turned away from the big scorpion-skeleton and attacked an undead that was too close for his comfort.

“I will take care of these, kill the big one!” Aries yelled to his small band of troops and pulled a pair of curved daggers out of his leg sheathes.

Two of his troops disengaged immediately and turned to the giant skeleton sheathing their swords in the process. That confused him but Aries had no time to think because the undead were now throwing everything they had at the group of scouts.

Aries killed undead after undead but there was always more to replace the few that he had killed. The two scouts that had disengaged to kill the big skeleton rejoined them.

“The explosives are set let’s get the hell out of here!” one yelled.

Aries had not seen any explosives on them when they had left the main group of scouts but the scout’s motto is to be prepared so he was not too surprised.

He still did not see an exit for them so he did the one thing he could think of. Create one. He grabbed the fist undead that came near him picked it up and threw it toward its companions. Aries then quickly charged toward where he had thrown the undead and killed as many as he could before his troops caught up to him. Together they quickly pressed toward the edge of the giant mob of undead.

“Set the explosives off now!” Aries yelled killing another zombie as he did. They all dove for cover behind the row of bushes that they had vaulted earlier, just before the explosives went off.

When the explosives did go off the undead that were near the big one all went up in smoke and the blast killed a few that were farther away as well. The exit was now clear for them.

“Let’s go!” Aries ordered.

His troops did not need to be told twice and scrambled to their feet and ran for the opening toward the trees. The big skeleton was much stronger than they had guessed. It had felt the blast but at most, now, it was annoyed. The giant scorpion-undead did not look hurt in any way.

“Plant another charge here and let’s get back home,” Aries ordered hoping that the second charge would at least hurt the big skeleton.

“Triple the explosive strength,” one of the soldiers said. Aries was amazed that they had that much explosive with them but they were James’s personal guard so they had to really be prepared for any situation.

They laid the explosives and set them to contact.

Then they all ran as fast as their legs could carry them, toward the main body of the scout army. As they got close to where the army should be, they heard the explosives go off. Aries turned and saw that the monster skeleton had tripped and fallen as the bomb had gone off. “Thank God! It has died,” he said.

Little did he know that the skeleton-thing had not been killed but it was now injured.

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