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by Puja
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #1522921
A tragic ballad written for a contest.
My life's for you my angel!

It was a black miraculous day!

His stunned eyes saw his beloved lay,

cold and stiff beside the baby angel.

And his broken heart shrieked;

“My life's for you my angel!”

The tears filled his eyes, but stopped

hearing the infant cry, he embraced

the pure and sacred god-sent angel!

And the aching heart cried;

“I'll live for you my angel!”

He missed his love, but did not weep,

for he took the path dark and steep.

The sorrowful eyes viewed his angel,

And the mourning heart said;

“I am there for you my angel!”

The baby grew cute and chubby ,

He nurtured, cared and loved purely.

The warm eyes glanced at the angel,

And the devoted heart said;

“Anything for you my angel!”

The toddler grew naughty and bubbly,

In the garden, he taught her walk shapely.

The proud eyes looked at the playing angel,

And the glad heart said;

“I'll love you forever my angel!”

The teen grew genius and prime,

With his child he spent a golden time,

The cheerful eyes gazed at the girl angel,

And the noble heart said;

“I am happy for you my angel!”

The lady grew elegant and stunning,

He was friendly, protective and charming,

The kind eyes watched the queen angel,

And the content heart said;

“I'll crown you my angel!”

On a dreadful and stormy night,

A fateful flood struck with might.

The nervous eyes glimpsed the angel,

And the distressed heart said;

“I'll save you my angel!”

When he hurried his doll safe up the attic,

the violent water rose rapid and drastic.

The drooping eyes noted the angel,

And the panicking heart said;

“I'll die for you my angel!”
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