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This is part Two of Lesson Four: Totems. This is for discussion with my classmates.
I have been drawn to other things in my life besides wolves as I have already written about. I love lighthouses. How many boats and ships and people were saved because they shined a guiding light on the waters? The ships and boats were protected from crashing into the rocks. Men were the ones who kept the light burning but the lighthouse is a symbol of hope, faith, protection and life. Lighthouses are such beautiful structures and they make you feel safe. They are a friend to man. I have seen the lighthouse of St. Augustine, Florida. I love seeing this lighthouse and seagulls flying around it. It is like seagulls think of lighthouses as a symbol of refuge.

The Statue Of Liberty. She is a beautiful, huge structure on Ellis Island. She welcomes everyone who comes to New York on the ships. She, like the lighthouses is a symbol of peace and hope. She, too, lights the way for ships and people. Years ago, I signed up as part of the Remodeling of the structure and my husband's name, son's name are in a book that we gave money to help restore her beauty. I have a certificate at home that is special with our names and a picture of the Statue of Liberty of it. I have never seen the Statue Of Liberty but I hope to someday. I think she is beautiful.

Victorian Houses. I love the style of these three and four story houses. I like the ones with the Captain Walks on them and they have so many rooms. Our ancestors before us lived in these beautiful houses and these houses have stood the trials of time. I just look at them and think these houses were homes and are homes still. Home is where the heart is. I would feel so peaceful in one of them. I have seen some but the prettiest ones are in Country Living Magazine.

Oceans. I love the oceans. Ships from the Medieval times travel these seas. The oceans have whales, dolphins, fish, seals and is home to all kind of sea life. I am mystified by the oceans. Watching the waves come in and hearing the sound of the ocean is music to my ears. Collecting sea shells is like a gift from the ocean. I think of pirates and Vikings who once roamed the sea. They were looking for treasures. The Vikings were more trouble then pirates but they, too were looking for the better things in life. The ocean holds a lot of screts and takes you to places you can't get to by car or trains.

Last buy not least. Castles. Beautiful houses and homes of the royals. These structures were huge and built were for protection as well as beauty. I love the designs and they make you think of times gone by. Amazing that some are still standing. When I think of castles, I think of fairy tales like Cinderella. I am a writer and fairy tales, Princesses, castle and fantasy feed my muses.

There you have it. If I had a totem pole, what would you find? Wolves, Lighthouses, Statues Of Liberty, Victorian Houses, oceans and castles. What more could I ask for?

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