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Rated: E · Script/Play · Animal · #1535501
A treatment for a 10 minute script for either a childrens show or some sort of animation.
Treatment: K-9 Louie
         K-9 Louie comes from a long line of rough and tough K-9 officers who relish taking a bite out of crime and he is the toughest K-9 patrol pooch on the force.  K-9 Louie is married to the sexiest legs on the beat, Rita, and she blessed him with three strapping pups. The two older pups are on the force and the next one in line to join the team is Junior, but there is one slight hitch in K-9 Louie’s plans for the future of his last born. Secretly Junior has been taking tap dancing lessons because all of his life he has dreamed of being the worlds best tap dancer, or hoofer, as they are referred to in the dance world.
         On a typical work day for K-9 Louie he usually comes home for lunch after a long morning of taking a bite out of crime he is ready for his kibbles n bits.  One day he opens the front door and is stunned by what he sees, there is his last born in black tights a white silk shirt and white shiny shoes.  Junior is tapping on the wooden floor in the living room where the couch is supposed to be placed but instead there are worn scuffmarks, Junior has obviously been using this as his dance space and then covering it up.  K-9 Louie flips out and he barks at Junior a fight ensues and Junior confesses his secret to his father.  K-9 Louie knows that his son needs some toughing up and he needs it now so he makes the decision to send Junior off to the K-9 boot camp to knock some sense back into this young pups head. 
         Junior does not want to upset his father any further so he reluctantly agrees to go to boot camp, but he knows full well that he probably won’t fit in to boot camp.  When Junior arrives he is teased by the other K-9’s about his sissy looking clothes and the fact that his fur is long and sleek instead of the standard buzz cut that all K-9’s wear.  The drill sergeant runs the K-9 through the paces but Junior is just a hopeless failure at running the course and he hangs his head in shame.  That night as he lays in his bed Junior unfolds a flyer from under his pillow that has his name in bold print. The flyer is for a hoofer show that his dance teacher has arranged just to showcase Junior’s dancing skills.  Junior decides to run away from the boot camp so he can live his dream and dance in the show of shows.
         K-9 Louie receives a call from the sergeant at the boot camp that he found this flyer under Junior’s pillow and he was not present at chow time so he must of run away.  K-9 Louie goes to the show to confront Junior about how ridiculous he is being about this- pie in the sky- hoofing dream.  The show is in full swing when K-9 Louie arrives he flashes his badge at the front door and is let in to the show.  Junior is on the stage in black tights and a white silk shirt and his signature white tap shoes. K-9 Louie pauses as he is making his way down the aisle to snatch Junior off of the stage.  K-9 Louie is mesmerized and he can not take his eyes off of his last born because Junior truly is the worlds best hoofer.  K-9 Louie does not know much about the dance world but he can feel it all the way down to his paws, Junior is really good at this hoofing thing and maybe he is not so good at taking a bite out of crime.
         K-9 Louie decides that Junior has to make his own way in life and that K-9 Louie can not force his family business onto his son if Junior’s heart just is not in it and all he wants to do is dance.  Junior becomes a champion hoofer and he starts a whole new family business for the K-9 clan. 

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