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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Crime/Gangster · #1537615
Terrorism, security and personal freedom in future.
St. Peter's Keys

Instead of a preface

Extracts from an article: “Thought crimes”.
Source: Computerra.ru, 15.10.2008

Science and technological subdivision of the Ministry of National Security, Department of Home Security (DHS) designs a system for remote detection “hostile thoughts and intensions” of persons passing border control at airports and in other places where big crowds of people may gather. It is known now that new equipment has already been tested and “it works” judging by the test results. At first the venture was called “Project Hostile Intent”. Its essence was to create a kind of a lie-detector that could be used in such a way that a suspect didn’t even notice he was watched. At the present stage of development the system is called less aggressively - “Future Attribute Screening Technologies”, or FAST. The abbreviation hints at a perspective that culprits may be promptly caught. The current FAST version has been recently tested on 140 volunteers. DHS representatives reported to press that the results were “rather promising”. The system managed to expose hostile intensions with the proximity of 78 per cent and deception attempts in 80 per cent of cases.

All events and characters in the story are fictitious. The author bears no responsibility for random coincidence with actual persons, organizations and countries.

August, 2022, in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

Ali Mohammed, President of the USA, and his suite drove up to a new FBI complex - “Criminal Thought Control Center”. The US government didn’t spend in vain ten billion dollars - rather a considerable sum - for the implementation of the project. It gained a decisive victory over murderers and terrorists. The American people sighed calmly after the terrible years of gang rule that caused by the greatest world depression in 2008. The creation of the center was favored by revolutionary discoveries of American scientists in the field of human thought scanning and in the development of modern high-speed mobile communication systems. There was a lot of work ahead. Drug dealers, spies and other criminals hadn’t yet felt to the full extent the effect of the latest developments of American technology and science.

Maksimov Yuri Stepanovich, the FBI Director, was meeting the US President on the stairs of the Center. It was the highest 237-storied building in the suburbs of Washington. He graduated from the Russian FSB Academy and received the US citizenship twenty three years ago. He had been successfully working in FBI for eighteen years already.

Ali Mohammed went out of the car and greeted the mighty FBI chief. Every US citizen was obliged to undergo a brain-scanning according to the new law adopted a few years before. Unique psychological images of all US citizens were stored in the FBI “Criminal Thought Control Center”. The adoption of the law was probably the most complicated task the USA

Сongress had ever solved in the history of the country. Many human-rights organizations suggested lots of arguments against it. They alleged the government thus limited the human right for the freedom of thought. However all their arguments sank in mass the indignation of American people after the grandiose bloody terrorist acts performed by a mysterious and ferocious Arab organization “Al pushtum”. Lee Sun, a distinguished human brain researcher, a Nobel Prize-winner of 2016, supported the law. It also favored its adoption. He assured the

American voters that the new brain scanning method he had invented made it possible to scan only those thoughts that aroused a wish kill, rob and rape. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of an “evil center” in human brain and the possibility to scan thoughts from that area. The additional researches held by independent experts from some European countries proved it was absolutely safe for human health to scan definite brain zones. It couldn’t affect any other areas in the brain. Besides the procedure was approximately the same as scanning passengers during customs inspection at airports. Only one millionth part of the brain was scanned. That argument soothed the raging passions of opponents who tried to block the adoption of the law.

Thought analysis made it surprisingly easy to reveal criminals. If a US citizen obtained a phone or used one, the “Criminal Thought Control Center” downloaded his special psychological image code in it. It was identified with a unique human brain radiation provided by special new biosensors inside each phone unit. A phone could function correctly only after the identification. Otherwise it was blocked. The problem of mobile phone thefts was thus resolved. Thieves couldn’t use stolen phones because they didn’t know the psycho-image code of a former mobile phone owner. It was impossible to find out the code - it was safely protected by powerful NSA cryptography. If a mobile phone owner wanted someone else to use his phone he had to send a special request to the “Criminal Thought Control Center”. The other person’s psycho image was downloaded into the phone and he could use it. Messages were transmitted at such a high speed that the process was very quick and easy for a user. The phone memory volume was very big and a great number of psycho images could be recorded on them. Biological sensors scanned the “evil center” in a person’s brain and regardless of his will transmitted the information to the “Criminal Thought Control Center”. The most powerful computers calculated a person’s aggression rate. FBI agents immediately arrested him if he was planning a murder or a terrorist

act. FBI specialists sent psychiatrists to him for prophylactic conversations when the aggression exceeded definite ranges. If a person had significant psychological defections and there was a risk his aggressiveness would grow he was sent for special psychiatric investigation to US medical institutions. A decision about the required treatment was taken there. All foreigners arriving to the USA were obliged to undergo brain scanning in US embassies. Their

psychological images were registered in the “Criminal Thought Control Center” database. Many countries reduced the number of staff in their embassies in the United States because they were afraid their spies would be unmasked at once. That facilitated the FBI counteraction against foreign intelligences. Only a few people in the USA refused on principle to use phones at all not to undergo brain scanning. They were constantly under the thorough FBI control and couldn't jeopardize the United States. Their number steadily reduced: as a rule people call the ambulance on the phone and other activities are connected with the use of a phone one way or another.

Ali Mohammed visited the “Criminal Thought Control Center” to find out if it could forecast the voters’ thoughts about the new federal law that toughened the taxpayers’ punishment for tax evasion. There were intense debates in the US Congress about the possibility to extend the area of “an evil center” in a human brain, to detect people evading taxes and to equate them with terrorists. Then they could be found with the help of phones.

There was another very delicate problem the US President intended to discuss with the FBI Director strictly tête-à-tête. The largest alcoholic beverage manufacturers were immensely disturbed by the fact that a lot of progressive journalists wrote that drug addiction was not less dangerous for the USA than terrorism and plunder. They reasonably wanted to make it possible to define judging by an evil center whether a person is inclined to use drugs or not. Alcoholic beverage companies were disturbed that eminent American scientists of the Chinese origin continue the research of human brain and it could happen they would come to a conclusion that sometimes “evil centers” of drug addicts and citizens taking strong drinks coincide. Their apprehensions were based on the following. A Chinese philosopher Confucius considered taking spirits to be the main human evil. That’s why there was a possibility of a natural person’s reaction: he could think he would be forbidden to take strong drinks under the pretext of fighting terrorism. As a result the illegal production of strong drinks could start like it happened in 1930-s. Citizens could prefer using GSM, an obsolete means of communication that didn’t permit to control thoughts. Of course it wasn’t profitable for the largest alcoholic beverage companies.

The day before Ali Mohammed had a serious talk with “Moca Cola”, the main sponsor of his pre-election campaign. The sponsor insisted that the preference of their competitor’s products, “Popsy Cola”, should be registered in an “evil center”. “Moca Cola” referred to the statement of American scientists of the Mexican origin that “Popsy Cola” drinks caused aggression and thus increased the possibilities of robberies and plunders.

The US President and the Director of FBI were just entering the Center when the State secretary Jamala caught up with them. She was born in Afghanistan in a talib family, became an US citizen, graduated from Cambridge and Oxford and was a US Ambassador in Columbia for eight years. She passed the US President a petition from the American hunters’ association. It was an official protest against sending the association members to psychiatric clinics because vicious thoughts involuntarily activated in their “evil centers” when they were preparing for hunting.

Yuri Stepanovich and Ali Mohammed entered the FBI Director’s office. It was equipped according to the latest Japanese achievements in the field of associative team management. World events were displayed in many-dimensional hemispheres.
Only few people were let in the holy of holies of the Director’s office. An access there was strictly limited because it was possible to penetrate into the thoughts of the overwhelming majority of Americans – and not only their thoughts… As a matter of fact few people knew about it. That’s why the US President was so curious when he was entering the Director’s office. He was surprised he didn’t notice anything unusual in the interior. There was an ordinary table and huge screens like those in his office. The form of the armchairs was queer. There was an impression they were weaved of a million thinnest iridescent light beans that created their strange form. All the rest was skillfully hidden from strangers’ eyes.

Yuri Stepanovich invited the President to a small table served with coffee and sweets. Taking his place on a soft couch the President noted that apparently the Director’s personnel had prepared thoroughly for the meeting. All refreshments exactly satisfied his taste. He took a sip of coffee and that assumption became even stronger. It was made exactly the way he preferred: just a little bit of cinnamon and cardamom and – it was most important! – coffee seeds were very well fried and added some bitterness to the spicy splendor. Only his personal secretary and his wife knew about it. As for the chosen beverage it was “Dominicana” coffee, the one he liked so much. Possibly it was an original demonstration of the FBI Director’s super knowledge. The famous former FBI Director Edgar Hoover was so fond of tricks like that!

The highest US officials started to discuss the most actual problems. It seemed the FBI Director took an overcautious stand to find out the real aim of the President’s visit. The head of the state wanted to know if he could frankly discuss certain delicate issues with the FBI Director. After a ten-minute opinion exchange Ali Mohammed made up his mind to proceed to concrete problems.

Last month the American press exited the public by sensational investigations of errors that had occurred during “evil center” detection. As a result an innocent man, Marcos Pidela, was convicted of murder. FBI agent Thomas Smith investigated the case thoroughly and found out that mafia tried to get rid of an undesirable drug sale witness that way. The bandits were absolutely sure they would manage to put Marcos to jail because he came from Columbia and had just acquired the US citizenship. A few years before his brother was accused for drug proliferation in the USA. Thomas Smith’s investigation prevented the mafia from doing it. Besides mafia chiefs were arrested. That’s why the press started a wide propaganda campaign and informed US citizens that the system the government had created to detect “criminal thoughts” had a considerable degree of malfunction. Innocent people suffered and were imprisoned. For some unknown reasons journalists raised even a more dangerous and explosive

issue. They thought it was possible to artificially create an “evil zone” in a human being so that FBI wouldn’t recognize a falsification and would consider it to be genuine. Thus criminals and concerned political circles could favor the conviction of innocent people. The statement that the American authorities fought with dissidents that way aroused a great wave of public protest against the government. Ali Mohammed and Yuri Stepanovich remembered very well a grandiose march of protest when disabled pensioners moved to Washington with a slogan “Any man is free to think!” They demanded to ban brain scanning systems and “evil zone” detection. People were afraid they could be placed to psychiatric clinics because their disastrous state made it impossible for them to be always happy. The authorities tried to convince the public that the problem of fighting terrorism and murders had been resolved once and for all. Nevertheless people persistently inquired about the cost of that fight and the number of arrested innocent people. It was impossible to hush up the subject or not answer those questions any longer. It could make the US President’s popularity rate drastically dip. So Ali Mohammed decided to investigate the matter personally and then discuss the main problems. He wanted to know exactly

whether there was a possibility of errors when “an evil center” was scanned to detect murderers and terrorists. He asked the Director about it and Yuri Stepanovich was ready with the answer that he had already prepared. He was aware Ali Mohammed wasn’t a specialist in that field and would demand a weighty proof from FBI and independent experts. Like any other prominent politician Yuri Stepanovich realized Ali Mohammed was afraid his opponents could make use of his technical incompetence in that sphere and organize a wide-ranging campaign against him. The problem was really serious and it was widely discussed in the country. It could even cause impeachment in case Ali Mohammed made the wrong conclusions.

Yuri Stepanovich started the explanation with a short overview of the history of human being biometric identification.
- At the end of the nineteenth century Alphonse Bertillion was the first to create an identification system based on anthropologic data. Later he headed the Institute of identification at the police office in the prefecture of Paris. When a prisoner was registered Alphonse Bertillion suggested measuring his height in the standing and sitting position, the length and width of the head, the distance between malar bones, the length and width of the right ear, the length of the left foot,

the length of the long and little finger on the left hand and the length of the left forearm. It was also recommended to register the color of the left eye iris and special features (scars, spots, tattoos, etc.) Main attention during the identification was given to the comparison of right cochleae since different people had different peculiarities of cochleae constitution. Fingerprint analysis was invented at the same time and made it possible to use fingerprints to identify a criminal’s personality. A. Bertillion suggested making a description mentioning the most characteristic features of a person. At the beginning of the 1950-s a French criminal expert P. Chabot suggested using sets of photo fragments of human faces as a basis for a hunted criminal’s portrait. At the end of the 1950-s Hugh K. McDonald from the United States developed an “Identity kit” system. It was based on a large number of fragments of male and female facial images portrayed in a form of line drawings. Any policeman could identify a criminal using the kit. Computers simplified the procedure. In 1980-s human voice and speech identification analysis was introduced. It became possible to determine with great proximity various physical

parameters of a human being, age, weight, height and individual features such as education, social status and speech peculiarities. Later on as a result of the revolutionary development of electronics human biometrical parameters became the most important element in the construction of various reliable security systems, including informational and physical. Doors and safes were designed that could be opened only when a person touched with his finger a special sensor on a safe or a door. Now the identification method and a system that accumulated and registered human biological parameters was the most important security element. Companies use the

systems to control personnel access to facilities and computers. Many countries developed or obtained them to save and record biological parameters of citizens and to detect criminals promptly. Human biological parameters were on guard of material and information assets. It radically changed criminals methods. For centuries bandits concealed the evidence on the scene of crime, for example, rubbing off their fingerprints or covering their faces with masks. It was rather difficult to substitute the evidence, though from time to time smart bandits successfully used that method and falsified victims’ handwriting. Biometric security systems were enhanced and the substitution of biometric parameters with false ones became the main task of criminals. A fight started; it was conducted according to all the rules of armor and shell. The stronger

biometrical security systems were the more refined were round about ways that criminals utilized. An obligatory biometrical procedure was introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century. All people moving into to the USA had to undergo fingerprint control. Ten years later medics developed a way to quickly grow implants of cut fingers with preset papillary patterns. Iris control was introduced at customs. Practically at the same time eye implants with the preset parameters were designed. Criminals managed to evade state security barriers. Genetic medicine, cellular, bioengineering technologies, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials was developed - and the main methods to detect criminals based on traditional identity proof were thus destroyed. I was as trivial to change a person’s face as to make a hair cut at a barber’s shop some time ago. After a popular film was released youngsters immediately changed their faces imitating their favorite movie heroes. Photos in passports were annulled - they were absolutely useless.

- But a person’s voice is always unique! – the US President interrupted Yuri Stepanovich.
- We also thought so, that’s why we have introduced digital prints of a person’s voice into electronic passports. But the progress of world film production, Hollywood first of all, made a fantastic revolution in the development of voice creation technologies. Now one person could dub hundreds of film heroes, no matter who they were, men or women, hamsters or sharks.
- Yes, Hollywood technologies are so impressing, especially new animation effects. They influence a person’s conscience and make a story most truthful, - Ali agreed with a bit of sadness in his voice.

- That’s right, they are so impressive that you mix up reality with fantasy. Criminals make use of these achievements as well, - sighed Yuri Stepanovich. – You know very well what has recently happened in Russia, don’t you? Russian mafia stole a new fantastic film from Hollywood called “The Second Great October Socialist Revolution”. It was to be released for broad demonstration in the USA. Can you imagine, they substituted the news the Russian Central Television was broadcasting by the scenes from that film!

- I have seen those “news”, – Ali Mohammed confirmed.
- What a terrible sight! Infuriated drunk Cossacks on horseback rush the Kremlin and crowds of panic-stricken people capture the State Duma with the slogans “Beat the Jews! Save Russia!” Now it is clear why after such “news” the Russian President Rabinovich Isaak Iosifovich doesn’t hurry to return to Moscow from Israel. He was there on an official visit. No matter how hard I tried to persuade him on the phone to come back he won’t - not for anything. That’s how Hollywood may affect a person’s conscience! We live in a terrible time! Anyone can change his biological parameters. We have index-linked all people, created the largest data bases with numerous human biological parameters. However criminals have stolen them and falsify them as they like. Moreover biological parameters sometimes coincide thus innocent people may suffer.

- Mr. President, do you remember the famous case of Brandon Mayfield? That’’s when it became evident what was the real value of fingerprints to prove the guilt. That story started form the investigation of explosions in Madrid on March 11th, 2004. A plastic bag with detonators found on the scene of the crime was the most important evidence for the investigation.

The detonators were the same as those in the bombs exploded on the Madrid railway. The fingerprints on the bag were checked in the data base of the international investigation system. The largest in the world dactylographic base IAFIS, or Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, that belonged to FBI discovered the appropriate equivalent in its database. Three FBI experts and an expert invited from the outside qualified it as “100% reliable” and absolutely unquestionable correspondence. Naturally, Mayfield was immediately sent to jail.

No one knows how that scrape could have ended for Mayfield if the Spanish police didn’t catch another man two weeks later, an Algerian Unan Daud. All his fingerprints corresponded to the fingerprints on the bag. Brandon Mayfield who had been arrested in the United Sates was released only a year and a half later, in winter 2006. FBI knows there are more than several

dozens of methods to make fingerprint copies with typical papillary line patterns. Various at hand equipment and available materials are used for this purpose. The easiest one is based on the use of wax and gelatinous fingerprint carriers. Criminals now use computer systems to model and design fingerprints, so these copies make it possible not only to deceive biometrical locks, but also leave any number of strangers’ fingerprints on the scene of the crime. Quite a number of people were accused of a crime because of that, but they suffer mostly from voice and speech falsification. From the middle of the 1990-s spy technologies went into the masses. Russia was the first country to feel their effect. A great number of high class specialists who had worked for

Soviet special services were out in the street deprived of their pensions. The state didn’t need them any longer. Moreover they became social outcasts due to their former places of service. Criminals figured out quickly that it was possible to use effectively the specialists of the world level to gain incredible profit. The state bank of Russia was robbed right after the formation of Russia. The scale of the robbery was so immense that vouchers had to be urgently issued. They were given away free of charge to each Russian citizen so that he could later on exchange them for vodka.
- That was B.N. Yeltsin’s sound decision, – the US President expressed his point of view.

- One could get a bottle of vodka for each voucher, – the FBI Director continued. – That wise decision of the government saved Russia from complete plunder. Criminals realized without Russians couldn’t live without vodka and didn’t falsify vouchers. Later on hackers used the same methods to rob Western banks and easily falsified VISA and MASTER cards.

Criminals started to optimize their business. Why should they steal money from a bank or exchange vodka for vouchers to purchase profitable enterprises? They had to invent a system to obtain enterprises with less effort. Raider occupation of companies was simplified. Criminals falsified articles of association in computers of registration chambers and formalized companies on new happy owners. Of course, they paid much for services like that. In case the robbed owners applied to courts to restore justice and return their property they had little chance for success. The courts ordered them to undergo a state expertise, but it wasn’t appropriately financed and equipped. That’s why the robbed owners lost the case. That was the reason why an era of quietness and peace started in Russia at the beginning of the twenty first century. Loud shoot-outs and murders were the thing of the past – they weren’t effective enough and lacked “humanism”. Criminal technologies made it possible to act quietly and secretly so that the Russian public wasn’t aware of anything. So it thought racketeering in Russia had vanished once and for all.

Yuri Stepanovich interrupted his story and looked at Ali Mohammed. He had made that digress from the main subject on purpose and told the President how raiders captured companies and how money was stolen from credit cards. He was aware some insurance companies in the USA had blamed the banks because they didn’t introduce reliable systems for credit card protection and because they reinsured robbery risks in insurance companies. Naturally, the insurance companies increased the clients’ interest on deposit insurance. After the financial crisis of 2008 when the largest companies and banks collapsed due to the fraud of their management the American public started to watch attentively the financial activities of their companies. Of course, their attention was attracted by the overrated bank deposits. So the US President had to choose the right position on that problem in the US Congress. Several American companies that manufactured missiles for the US Army were sold to Iranian firms. The voters had a lot of questions on that subject. They thought - not without reason – it was a raider occupation of those companies by criminals who had been well paid for that.

That news produced the proper impression on Ali Mohammed.
- Mr. President, would you like some coffee?
Yuri Stepanovich poured coffee brought for him from the Dominican Republic into a beautiful porcelain cup. He knew Ali Mohammed was a very religious man, so he didn’t offer him liquor.
Running the hand over the sensor imbedded into the table Yuri Stepanovich called his assistant. A hubble-bubble flavored with apples for the President was carried into the room. They were to discuss the most important problem, so Yuri Stepanovich wanted the President to relax a little. .
Ali Mohammed drank coffee and smoked the fragrant hubble-bubble with pleasure.

Yuri Stepanovich continued.
- I’ll now go into detail on the most important subject of my historical overview and tell you about the history of the “Criminal Thought Control Center”. The organization of the Center was impossible without the design of perfect mobile phone interception systems and mobile conversation analysis systems. We moved step by step analyzing mobile phone conversations, SMS messages, voices, and intonation and then proceeded to thought analysis. Practically all people on Earth use mobile phones so we can say that we have designed a universal system to control human psychiatric state.

Ali Mohammed heard that and thought the FBI Director was about to disclose the secret of his powerful organization.
- Mobile phones were widely used at the beginning of the 1990-s. At first they were very bulky and cost much, so only rich people could afford them. A mobile phone is a standard radio station operating on definite frequencies valid for short ranges. That is why a net of special relays is created to transmit signals from one to another, thus the embrace the whole world. As it always happens the easier the communication system the cheaper it is, but the easier it is to intercept information circulating in it. EVERYBODY could intercept mobile phones due to that accessibility! Adjust the receiver for the needed frequency and listen how ministers speak about their business.

«What a Klondike of information!» – special services and criminal exclaimed practically simultaneously. But it didn’t last long. Special services didn’t want to share information with criminals. They forced mobile phone manufacturers to install weak cryptographic protection. They could easily break and criminals couldn’t. But mobile phones weren’t manufactured in

Russia, so criminals and special services happened to be in an equal position. It couldn’t be tolerated. Western manufacturers of special equipment, that made it possible to intercept mobile phone conversations, helped democratic Russia. Naturally the deliveries were conducted under a permission of the appropriate state organizations that were aware of their interest! There were no funds in the country to purchase the special equipment after the robbery of the state bank and voucherisation. Rich “new” Russians helped the state. Special equipment was purchased for their money. In their turn state organizations hired new Russians’ trusted people to maintain the equipment. New Russians’ economic and political interests didn’t coincide with the interests of the state. Social orders of those who paid for special foreign equipment were fulfilled with its help. You can’t imagine what was going on in Russia! – The Director’s eyes rounded and shivers went down the President’s spine. He felt he was touching a great secret.

- The whole lot was intercepted, first of all the apparatus of the Russian President, his attendants and all members of his family. They intercepted the Council of Ministers and all ministers, bankers, politicians, owners of casinos and Russian baths. Of course, a list of persons who were intercepted was much longer but it didn’t change the essence of the matter. Technical specialists could easily take out or add the necessary words and even phrases if someone wasn’t satisfied with a phone conversation. Recordings of phone conversations were published in press and in Internet. That was the boom of Russian Democracy. It has never happened in the history of

mankind. Every ordinary man was aware of political, economic, financial or private matters of state leaders and “new” Russians. Valentin Khitryak’s collected works “The Quite Russia” were published in this country. There was a ten volume collection called “The Best People of Russia”. Records of intercepted phone conversations of all Russian citizens mentioned in the book were collected in “The Quite Russia”. Ten CDs with the original records of phone conversations of the best people in Russia were sold together with the book. Of course, they were edited and corrected to create a positive impression of the cultural level of all those elected and glorified.

A forty volume collection «Along the Intimate Places of Russia’s Bosses » was the apotheosis of Valentin Khitryak’s literary activity. It was based on medical cards patients who attended prestigious clinics and medical information was saved in computers there.
Not a singe country could afford such a high level democracy for a long time. There was a great scandal with sensational unmasking on TV. Mobile interception systems were withdrawn from commercial structures on a mass scale. Special service staff that worked for “new” Russians and provided them with information about intercepted phone conversations was dismissed.

The US President wrapped small drops of sweat from his forehead. Now he realized why the USA Congress had recommended Yuru Stepanovich for the position of the FBI Director.
- The Gin went out from the bottle, – Yuru Stepanovich continued. - Bandits understood what an incredible profit and political influence may be gained by mobile phone interception. Moreover they became more affordable every year. Criminals didn’t grudge the expense for financing. International union of criminal business in that sphere was aimed to design the most effective mobile phone interception devices and speech synthesizers.

- Italy was the first to “burn”. Russian special service personnel worked for “new” Russians, but they were thrown out from their jobs and decided to make some money on a warmer side. No one knows up till now whom in particular they had collaborated with. When prime-minister Romano Prodi learnt about the real scale of illegal mobile phone interception in Italy, he exclaimed in despair:
- It’s a kind of a parallel Universe of extreme size!

- Lots of Italian citizens were imprisoned as a result of such a terrible interception, the chief of Italian military intelligence among them. Most of them were from Sicily. The Sicilian mafia didn’t expect such a technical attack at its might. It made resolute steps to banish Russian interception specialists from the country. They went to the misty Albion shores hoping for a rich catch and they weren’t disappointed. Luckily, “new” Russians had bought up nearly one third of prestigious areas in London. What a great deal of compromising materials could be collected form intercepted mobile conversations of emancipated new Russians! Just blackmail and milk them! By the way, some leading British magazines were paid well for the interception of phone conversations of high-ranking British persons, princes and princesses in particular. Criminals gained stunning profits from illegal mobile phone interception in those countries that weren’t experienced in “absolute democracy”.

A few years later mobile phone conversations of at least thirty heads of European states and prominent politicians and businessmen from Western Europe were illegally intercepted. The law of communicating vessels is also valid in the social sphere. Illegal mobile phone interception quickly spread over Europe. That crisis hit Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Georgia especially hard. There were numerous cases when mobile phone interception systems mysteriously disappeared from state organizations in the Ukraine. Just a few days before the hostilities

between Georgia and South Osetia some Georgian “specialists” contrived to sell “businessmen” foreign mobile phone interception systems at very high prices. It was reported to the higher authorities that they were seized during military operations. The lawlessness of interception reached its apogee. It was difficult to define who intercepted whom, what was exactly said over a phone and who were mobile phone interlocutors. Spurious interception stations belonged to criminals who could freely wiretap phone talks and falsify practically all conversations. In October, 2006 US President G. Bush stated in despair in his speech dedicated to that subject in Senate: «Terrorists can wiretap practically all our phone calls”. Besides the Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a hint in some of his interviews, in particular in an interview to the well-known magazine “TIME”, that people shouldn’t use standard phones. An enemy is watchful. Illegal mobile phone interception brings astronomic profit to criminals. Illegal profits gained from phone interception ranks third to illegal sales of weapons and drugs.

- Does it mean that the main difficulty in phone interception and in the exact identification of the interlocutors is that criminals can falsify conversations in real time? - asked Ali Mohammed.
- Exactly. This the most complicated task for us, since all phones and radio stations are now operating in the digital mode. It makes it difficult to define the forgery. After a signal digitization human voice individuality is lost. Maybe it is just a slight loss but it is enough to falsify a human voice. It is especially dangerous when only a word is changed in a speech and it acquires another meaning. Then it is extremely difficult for phonetic and linguistic expertise to identify speech falsification. Errors in voice identification may cause catastrophic aftereffects.

- Mr. President, of course you remember the terrible war in Iraq, – Yuri Stepanovich continued - The United States spent more than three trillion dollars, more than four thousand men were killed. A former CIA Director A. Trenet has published the third book already giving the explanation why the USA had brought their troops into Iraq. In his first book “In the Center of a Tycoon” he portrayed rather mildly the main persons responsible for the war that cause a world financial crisis. As for the second book “In the Heart of the Tycoon” and the third book “In Tsunami Asshole” he put it straight. He wrote that Iranian terrorists managed to falsify the voices of high-ranking military officials and Saddam Hussein’s intelligence.

When American special services listened to their fabricated conversations they thought Saddam Hussein hadn’t only designed thermonuclear, bacteriological and chemical weapons, but also all the systems to deliver them to the United States. The decision to bring the troops into Iran was taken right after those conversations. “Khamad” started to intercept all phone conversations of the Israeli top authorities…

Ali Mohammed made up his mind to break off that topic. It could draw them away from the main subject and lead the discussion to the most acute political topic discussed at the US Senate. “Khamad” managed to falsify the voices of Lokud party leaders, used mobile phones and called Israeli citizens on their behalf to vote for “Khamad” supporter – a Palestinian Arab – during the elections of an Israeli Prime Minister.

The fabrication of calls via mobile phones and radio stations caused a lot of trouble not only to Israel but to the whole world. It even made the prices for oil go down in 2008. Everyone remembers how Somali terrorists captured more than a hundred merchant vessels to get the buyout. The ships carrying mainly oil sailed not far from their shores. Who had taught them? No one knows for sure but they had exactly copied the methods used by the British Navy. Back in 1914 it skillfully used a radio game and managed to entrap and destroy the mightiest German squadron not far from the Falkland Islands. It resembled a struggle between giants and dwarfs. The German squadron was a dwarf due to the radio game. For nearly a year the world was surprised why merchant vessels of various countries sailed exactly to the place where small ships with a few pirates were waiting for them.

The vessels were immediately captured. The large ocean liners became the dwarfs and the small motor boats were the giants. The explanation was simple. Somali terrorists could tap and falsify voices of people giving radio commands to captains so that they followed to the indicated location… Maybe Somali pirates found systems for radio signal interception on one of the captured ships transporting weapons for an African country. It was a fashion to send weapons and special equipment to African countries at the beginning of the century. It was easy to sell it to gangsters and terrorists that way. When terrorists learnt about it they decided not to pay for it but just capture the sip with weapons and special equipment.
I realize that all traditional identification methods used before in forensic science and security systems based on human biological parameters have a weak point. Criminals can rather easily fabricate them. But all of us relied on human genetics and human DNA, since it is unique and it’s impossible to falsify it.

– Really? – Ali Mohammed was surprised.
- Yes. Still there’s another complicated problem. It is not that difficult to get a human DNA sample. For example, a criminal may ask a cleaner in a barber’s shop to collect and pass over to him clients’ cut hair. Each hair contains a great lot of DNA molecules. They are put into a polymer chain reaction machine. It propagates billions and trillions DNA copies at a high speed. An hour is enough for the device to fill in a bottle with an aerosol and spray it on the scene of the crime. How many thousands and even dozens of thousands of people may immediately be suspected in perpetration? They’ll be detected at once because DNA of all US citizens is registered in a single data base. It may take years to plead them not guilty. Besides rich and famous people are afraid they may be blackmailed if criminals manage to procure their DNA patterns.

Human personality identification is an extremely complicated problem. On the one hand, criminals can easily falsify human biological parameters. On the other hand, it easy to get them, - Yuri Stepanovich summed up his historical excursus.

- But anyway American scientists found the way out and designed a system to detect an “evil center”!. – The US President said proudly. – We can freely fly on planes and not fear terrorists. Terrorists have designed a special medical device that turns breath into a deadly gas.
- Yes, I know, – said Yuri Stepanovich. – “Prata” designed special suits are for first and business class passengers. After their introduction the company occupied the honorable stand in the top ten of the most prestigious companies of the world.

- Are those suits and helmets single-mission? – inquired Ali Mohammed. He had never traveled by ordinary planes of international companies after they took precautions to increase security and prevent terrorist acts.
- Of course, Mr. President. But they are expensive. It’s even possible to go out into the open space in them if a heating device is provided, – Yuri Stepanovich replied grinning.
- See, what an economy for common Americans! – the US President said proudly. – There was a reason the stream of tourists traveling to the United States has increased one hundred times. You just come to the USA and fly without any environmental suits and helmets! That’s a free country indeed!

The President sighed with satisfaction and drank another cup of coffee.
- Have terrorists attempted to use such a refined method?
- They haven’t, but terrorists are ready to us it any time judging by intercepted mobile conversations…
- I am mainly concerned now if your wonderful “Criminal Thought Control Center” can make a mistake and an innocent man will be convicted. The press raised such a wave of negative emotions because innocent people were imprisoned. Why should I say that? You know it perfectly well yourself. I need convincing evidence that the possibility of a mistake is minimum when criminals are detected. And I need them immediately. I have to report to the Congress on the issue, – the US President said strictly.

- Mr. President, the thing is that “Criminal Thought Control Center” functions only in part, – Yuri Stepanovich started carefully.
The President glanced at the FBI Director shocked by the news.
- What do you mean by ‘in part’? We’ve spent so much on it! All the press trumpets the great achievements of “Criminal Thought Control Center” in its fight against terrorists. And you are saying it functions in part!

- You are right, a lot money has been spent., – agreed Yuri Stepanovich. – But those were scientific researches. Besides a human brain is such a mysterious sphere of knowledge. At first we got really promising results in the laboratories. Later it became evident that real life differed from theory. As soon as we started experiments in real life the system started to malfunction and make errors.

- Why didn’t you report to me immediately? – the US President resented.
- First of all, the research started when Samual Gonzales was the President. The press positively interpreted the new forms of antiterrorist fight that promised the world a definite victory over terrorism. That was the main trump in Samuel Gonzales’s pre-election campaign. He needed the Center functioned well before the presidential elections, so that he could present them as his personal achievements in anti-terrorist fight. He was provided with the results…

- People have elected me President and now I have to put things right! – Ali Mohammed replied with bitterness in his voice. – So what? Shall we throw away all the results that cost ten million dollars? What’s the cause of the failure?
- The main cause is that we couldn’t define exactly the area where human thoughts are formed.
- It’s the brain! Where else they may be formed! – The President interrupted him, puzzled.
- That’s what we thought at the beginning. The laboratory experiments proved as if our theory was correct. But when we started experiments on people exposed to various life stresses the results changed. “Criminal Thought Control Center” started to give away a lot of errors.

Out further experiments showed that human thoughts formed not in his brain. The brain is just a kind of an interface to transfer them to another area.
- What area? – Ali Mohammed was frightened.
- We haven’t defined exactly yet, but we suppose it’s human soul.
- So you, the Director of FBI suppose it exists? All international religions speak about the existence of the soul. But you are a law-enforcement but not a religious organization of the United States. Bear it in mind! – Ali Mohammed said sternly.
- I agree with you, Mr. President. However, the research executed by the most prominent scientists and initiated by a Russian scientist V.M. Bekhterev, convincingly proves that human soul exists. We haven’t spent money in vain for the research. Here is a scientific report that proves the existence of the soul. No one has abrogated law of conservation of energy. Nothing disappears forever - it only changes its form!

Ali Mohammed opened the first volume of the research and absorbed in a book. He took the second volume, found some reference – and put the book on the table. There was a great bewilderment on his face.
- It can’t be true! It’s a world sensation!!! I have always thought the Koran was right that the soul existed! – Ali Mohammed exclaimed.
- The orthodoxy also confirms it, – Yuri Stepanovich replied with a slight smile. – That was why we have stopped the researches. We have received evidence that thoughts were formed in a human soul. So to provide the effective operation of the “Criminal Thought Control Center” we should control thoughts in a person’s soul!

- Only Allah can do it! – Ali Mohammed protested.
- Not only Allah, but also St. Peter. The God entrusted two keys to him - a key from heaven and a key from the souls of people who come to him after death. He opens a person’s soul with the key and defines whether a man should go to heaven of to hell. If a man will go to heaven St. Peter opens the door to heaven with his second key. So St. Peter defines all human deeds in life, kind and wicked..
- Does it mean you are now searching for St. Peter’s keys? Do you want open a human soul and see a person’s deeds? – Ali Mohammed asked with even more surprise. He has never heard anything like that.
- Yes, we are really busy with the problem. After of scientific specialists had defined that criminals can falsify modern human identification methods the only thing left fort us was to penetrate into a man’s soul, unique and invariable during all his life.
- They say it is possible to sell or pledge it to Devil, is it true – asked Ali Mohammed.
- Maybe it is, Mr. President, – Yuri Stepanovich replied. – The soul doesn’t change due to that, it just becomes dirty. It remains unique and this is the main fact for human identification.
- You are standing on a threshold of a great scientific discovery! – Ali Mohammed was really excited.
- It’s still far away till the results of our research will be used in practice, – Yuri Stepanovich failed to hide his embarrassment after the President’s praise. – The point is that FBI is a law enforcement organization. We should present weighty proof of a man’s guilt so that the court could give a correct decision concerning his punishment. We cannot act like St. Peter and just subdivide people into good who are bound for heaven and ban bound for hell. We should define exactly the guilt of a prisoner at the bar and the punishment for him.
- What do you mean? Will you execute the Devil’s job, like in Dante’s “Divine Comedy” when the devil sorted the sinners in hell circles depending of their guilt?
- Something like that.
- Brilliant! – Ali Mohammed exclaimed.
- Has the Devil ever made mistakes?
- No one has never complained for several thousand years that sinners are unfairly sent to hell!
- And nobody has complained of St. Peter either!
- The Pope of Rome has recently expanded the list of mortal sins. Now we can find justice on drug dealers and pedophiles!
- I suppose God won’t permit it! We can’t open a human soul and be equal to God, no matter how much effort we spend on that problem, - Yuri Stepanovich replied resolutely.
- So do you think Allah exists?
- Of course he does, and people may call him Allah or God. He is the only one in the world and he unites people.
- But how shall we fight against terrorist if we cannot find a key to a human soul? – the President asked upset.
- We’ll do it with the help of professionalism. Of course, all the modern personality identification means help criminal law experts detect criminals. Our “Criminal Thought Control Center” makes its contribution to it reducing the risk of extremism and helping those who need psychiatric assistance. As for the final verdict concerning the guilt in a crime only high class specialists give it. Maybe God personally helps them so that innocent people are not convicted. Remember Thomas Smith’s case. He had worked in FBI for more than thirty years. Mafia tried to imprison innocent people and plant false evidence, but he managed to sort everything out and catch the real criminals. Thomas Smith wasn’t afraid of the most dangerous criminal leaders and waged a relentless struggle against them.
- But how could he know the person was innocent when all the evidence was against him: fingerprints, DNA, phone conversations? But Thomas Smith didn’t trust them all the same!
Yuri Stepanovich thought for a while, looked over his shoulder at the icon in the corner of his office and said:
- Maybe there exists a God-given talent that opens a human soul with a key…

The US President’s report to the Congress was a great triumph the next day. Press and TV published sensational materials about the great role of FBI in anti-terrorist fight. Soon the new US budget was confirmed. FBI personnel salaries, social rewards and pensions were substantially increased. FBI service became one of the most honorable and well-paid in the USA. The US Congress approved the amendments proposed by the FBI Director to toughen the punishment FBI personnel for actions that could cause the conviction of innocent people.
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