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A contest entry. March 25, 2002 was a prompt.
Ah, I Remember As If It Was Yesterday
by Steve Cope

Ah, March 25, 2002, I remember it well
Here it was a mere seven days after
"I lost my voice" with a bad cold that traveled to my throat.
So it seemed a good ideal to use the
Internet as a way to communicate during my ailing days.

I was really tired of the old sites and looking for a place that would help me grow in my skill as a writer.  A passion that I have been wanting to take to the next level. I came upon this site that is now called the WDC and thought about what I saw.  Here in these environs I saw potential and when I tentatively put my first poem up, wow!

The board lit up, as it were, and I was getting all kinds of wonderful feed back and suggestions. Grammatically as well as in form and character development.  I was glad "I lost my voice."  For now here I had a place to speak volumes without having to strain. Then a review came in and
Alan, an encouraging and teaching old sole literally invested his time in my growth as a writer.

At every turn, with every write, there was Alan teaching me, cajoling me, and
Telling me he was proud of my development over the time he "adopted" me, as it's now known.  Under his tutelage and watchful eye I grew and knew I would be at this site for years to come.  When I felt confident enough I submitted a write to a contest and man that was when the real work began.

I was literally taken to the cleaners and flushed down the toilet on that write, or so it seemed.  I felt down and wondered where these mean people came from, it certainly wasn't where I started out.  Oh man I was ready to call it quits and move on and then the email showed a new message.  In that email was an award-icon from Alan who sent me a blue ribbon and told me he was proud of my progress.

From that day forward and until now I have sat before this screen and poured my heart out.  Writing, reviewing, adopting, teaching, and leading others along on their development here at the WDC.  Alan changed my direction way back then and I have been dedicated to do the same for others who come along.  Ah yes, March 25, 2002, I remember it well.  It was a mere seven days after "I lost my voice."

And now seven years later it's still as if it were yesterday.  As you grow here on the WDC may you find your Alan, Ann, Mary, Bill, Steve, or even Tom Jones.  May you take the criticism and create a better write.  May you take the praise and thank them one and all for their time and input.

May you grow and become an Alan, Mary, Tom, Dick, or Harry for another and may you one day say; ah yes, March 25, 2009, I remember it well, just a mere seven days before "I lost my voice".

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