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Character finds a stolen diamond necklace on bus, launching him in to another world
" Have a good day today, make good choices." my mother said as I got out of the car. I rolled my eyes and climb on to the bus. Every day from the first day of kidergarten to now, she has always dropped me off at the busstop saying those words. You'd think she'd be a bit more original.
The name's Carson. Carson Banks. Californian, born and raised. Never been further than seventy miles from my hometown, and that's the way it looks like its going to be. At least until I graduate, and that's not for another two years.
Anyway, so I sat down toward the back, where it was usually more empty, and pull out my notepad. I like writing while on the bus. It helps me ignore the idiot underclassmen who think that they are so cool for making it this far (no offense meant to you if you are one). I plug in my headphones and start writing. Halfway down the first page, I started to feel something pressing into the small of my back. Trying to ignore it, I continued writing. But I could hardly write another sentence before I turned around to see what the heck it was. Not seeing anything, I turned back around and continued writing. Before I even had the chance to pick up my pen, I felt something press in the same spot. Turning around, more irritated than curious, I looked back over the seat and found a kid short enough that he should still be in middle school sitting behind me. I gave him on of those knock-it-off-before-I-break-your-nose looks and moved to another seat. Settling down I continued writing, only to find that the stupid kid had followed me over to the side and was continuing to poke me through the seat. Apparently he can't read faces very well, I thought. So I turned around and asked him with a touch of venom in my voice,
" You got a problem, buddy?" and in a squeeky voice which portrayed his age he said,
" No."
" Then stop poking me, or I'll make you spit and sneeze from the same hole." Trust a freshmen to be as clueless as a half-asleep hamster, because as soon as I had turned around, he started poking me. I really didn't want to hit him, it would totally ruin my writing time on the bus, but I'm a man of my word, and so I turned and forcefully placed my right fist into the center of his face. Then he started screaming bloody murder! You would think that I had broken his nose or something. Well that's what everyone else on the bus thought because then the rest quickly looked back toward us, and those in the immediate area started chanting " Fight,Fight, Fight." But the fight was over as soon as it had started, as the bus driver pulled over waddled to the back where I was sitting. The chanting quckly died off as the driver looked at the kid, then at me. Then pointing at me, he shouted, " To the front of the bus. Then when we get to your school, you will come with me to the Dean's office." As I moved to the front of the bus I glanced back to see the kid trying to smirk through a bloody nose. I'll get back at him.
But not for another week, because both the principal and my parents are restricting me to the confines of my room for the rest of the week. ' So I don't hurt anymore defenseless ninth graders. Yeah, defenseless my foot. So as I paced around my room, ignoring the numerous packets my teacher gave me to work on, I decided that best way to get back at him wouldn't be on the bus, but at school. So the first day I was allowed to go back to school, I go to the furthest seat in the back, just in case some other kid wanted a death wish. I had no sooner sat down when I felt something pressing into me from between the cushions. Knowing that it wasn't another stupid kid poking me again,  I looked down in between the cushions. I saw a faint glimmer, and so I stuck my hand into the crack. It felt like a bunch of rocks on a string. I reached further and pulled out a strange necklace. It weighed about four pounds and appeared to be comprised of diamonds and emeralds. For a moment I just sat there in the seat staring at it, unable to tear my gaze from the numerous glints and flashes that radiated from the sharp-edged facets of the jewels. Finally I got up and still staring at the jewelry walked to the front of the bus. When I neared the front of the bus people around me started to also stare at my find. Two seats away from the driver's seat, he glanced back at me and yelled, " Sit back down or I'll make sure that you do!" 
to be continued.
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